Tuesday 1 October 2013

Work Work Work

I just hate it when ive a busy work week , ive projects piling up , ive a quilt to finish, a crochet cover , a blind, cases to cover and a blog to write !!  Ive bought nothing but a quilt cover for the fabric ,ive  tramped the streets of Lincoln in search of a bargain during lunch  but nothing, you can tell the University is back in business every shop is picked clean .
 I thought id try the fringe of town charity shops , Nomad Trust yielded a glorious rose duvet cover for a project in the pipeline , little steep at £4 but king size and very Cath Kidston , they do get quite a lot of little furniture items ideal for repurpose freaks  that they plonk outside , but nothing today .
 The Bridge Community Venue on Newark road had a sale on , dont be put off by the fact that theyre Christians , they do a budget sandwich and a cuppa for a couple of quid and they have a nice little shop as well.

Heres another Ehrman kit currently in http://stores.ebay.co.uk/katiesrecycle  yep i had to steal a photo because ive lost the one out of the kit , maybe I should start a xmas list .
Lightbox , posh camera, camera phone that works...lol  Then again maybe i'll just  muddle along as usual


  1. I am overwhelmed with shops that are full of items. The joys of living in a retirement area! Greetings from Florida and I'm your newest google plus friend!

  2. Oh...but forgot to say that the kicker is, that since I retired to Florida to a small home I no longer have room for all the wonderful items I see. A little O. Henry-ish wouldn't you say??

  3. Welcome...Thankyou for listening to my deranged ramblings , downsizing is a nightmare I did it 5 years ago , but im still buying yet more stuff that may come in useful..lol Kate