Tuesday 8 October 2013

Found Something

Finally something to cheer me up a little pile of vintage Womens Weekly and Bunty, Jackie and Mandy a donation from a friend , I do have a few in the real world .
 Those were the days , theres a Marc Bolan centerfold  that wont be going far , he was my first love , a bloke with eyeliner and a bad perm ..lol . Somehow none of the boys in my little village were going to live up to that , its bad enough being into Northern Soul  when youre surrounded by folks who listened to Led Zep and talked tractors . 80s Bunty is still fun , but i thought i was to old for that I was more Fab 208 and Just Seventeen . I can remember being called all the freaks under the sun for having Melody Maker in my school bag.
Does anybody remember this obscure 80s band , just look at her hair its a perm and electric socket crossed, I so wanted big hair , but never achieved it .
So thats my weekend took care of not much listing till then , ive a 60 hour working week this week in the real world  , plus i get to read loads of magazines till then . Womans Weekly Anyone?

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