Wednesday 29 December 2021

Middle of Nowt

 So thats the event over with , usual anticlimax lol . Ended up with 6 for dinner a very manageable number .I got 3 little competition prizes xmas eve so that was the extent of my xmas other than a huge bar of chocolate and a chocolate orange . Daughter informs me that next year shes cooking and i can do buffet boxing day . Good job she mentioned it as i had been planning to donate all my buffet dish pyrex in the New Year as we dont have guests anymore .  We have pretty much lost the last of our friends through Covid , not through death mainly through divorce and our lack of risk taking . Society as a whole does seem to be changing . the visably crippled are expected to lock themselves away and be forgotten about , the same with the very elderly. The biggest risk in our lives is other halfs endless hospital visits , not a thing can be done about that , you cant do online MRIs and endless transfusions on line , though other half has mentioned hes more likely to die from sanitizer poisoning than Covid .

On the daughter front she should never mention she wanted a king sized quilt at short notice because this was the result all from jumble sale and family clothing 


Friday 17 December 2021

Wanders In

 So i have a bit of time this morning while i wait for an overnight delivery of  something i need to finish a xmas present ..Well whats to do , Omnicron is among us , but then again so was Delta and doubtless there will be many more yet . Other half got his booster Sunday morning after umpteen cancelations and apart from an oddly swollen arm seems fine , done at the GPs who have suddenly become keen since they upped the payment for them doing them .  The huge surge in cases probably due to the fact that everybody panicked and did a test , i do think that it hasnt just suddenly erupted its just been here a while and been a basic nuisance winter cold cum flu that nobody thought much about and the Tory dead cat society has seized upon it to take the focus away from their endless parties and corruption .  Shant make a whole lot of difference to what goes on around here , still masks , sanitize avoid the human race . Rather wonder if the christmas grocery order will turn up , but its all storecupboard stuff so no big deal if it doesnt , Christmas has been in the freezer since the beginning of October so all i need is a bit of veg . We shant be sat here with the windows wide open despite that daft idea ffs its the middle of winter get a grip .  Though those of the tribe who turn up not prepared to wear a mask around himself will find their turkey poisoned!! 

So enjoy your xmas in whatever shape or form its delivereed in , i may be here again if not see you after the festival 

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Treadle on

 Thankyou for all the supportive remarks on my last post , still bimbling on with stuff ,  not a lot of time just because i ve left a xmas gift till the last moment as usual , nothing changes . Im currently enjoying the puter being in the spare room. being tiny its quite warm in here , plus i can huddle in a duvet if it does get cold , other half is still wearing shorts and has his shirt off . Just debating putting a few tiny bids on at auction , nothing exciting theyre just big lots in a tender auction . Now there are the normal auctions where you just bid against each other , then theyre are my favourites box auctions . there will be a big pile of boxes maybe as many as 20 then you bid against each other and the highest bidder gets to pick how many boxes they want at that price . Then you start bidding from nil again and the winner gets second picks and on and on till the last few boxes are going for pennies. A tender auction is where you just put what youre prepared to pay for stuff online before the closing date and if you have the highest bid they email you a collection date . The one problem with this is that people bid on these big lots and want only a couple of items out of them ,so the auctioneer pops the stuff they dont want in with another buyers lots. I went to Grantham the other week to pick up  a shoebox of dolls house windows and came home with a big Triang dolls house in bits loads of dolls house furniture and parts and a second big dolls house that may be beyond repair , theres also a very old dolls high chair that i tried to give away on facebook  its not suitable as a kids toy these days but i was thinking it would make an interesting plant stand.