Wednesday 28 October 2020

Plague 77

 Well todays headlines seem to be Boris the Pudding Snatcher , whipped up by the usual media culprits . So whats a Covid Xmas going to be ?  Not much different than a normal xmas i would imagine , my mothers head may explode as shes having to write so many letters reporting everyone for having seven people in their house , i do think the ideal xmas present to send her might me a set of night vision binoculars then she can police her neighbours 24 7 . Meanwhile in the real world can you see the police turning up to count your guests, the answerphone playing festive tunes and telling you that your 340 in the queue will be firmly on for that one . Its also being suggested Boris will call in the army , really? what army is this? hes busy handing our redundancy to them all at the moment , Demonic Cummings has done a review and he says all we need is more and more drones and spies lots of spies and all the data available on the internet , technology is the answer to everything , oh and algorithms. You dont need an army when everybody has been stuck at home playing Call of Duty for 6 months   Government by IPhone seems to be the order of the day , the procurement scandals will doubtless be shredded under the carpet as usual , meanwhile theres a Minister somewhere earning millions of points on Hot Deals ordering everything online each day , maybe the military should have noticed that everything is now being delivered by Amazon .                                                                                                                                                        So a perfectly normal xmas then , vile plague spreading relatives turning up , granny locked in the conservatory with her dinner on her lap waving to everybody , the kids looking baffled at the orange and banana in their stocking in preparation for Brexit . Then by New Year everybody has Covid from Uncle its only a bit of a cough 

Friday 23 October 2020

Plague 76

 So ive never been more happy to see a patch of shingles hatch , at least i can be sure that the raging sore throat and chest pain is just the lovely illness i endlessly get , plus movement is coming back in my arm slowly , sarcastic son has had the bad throat its a mystery as he has been out the door twice since March ? rather worried about him at the moment hes had a lot of mental health difficulties in the past and hes very quiet and withdrawn of late , plus i noticed that his pills are now twice the strength when i picked up his prescription.                                                                                                                                                      Im cabbaging happily watching the local internet auctions , its amazing what rubbish you can get for under £10 , havent bought anything theres nothing i need , but you never know .  I would just like to be able to concentrate to read at the moment that is the annoying side of things . so watching online auctions is quite relaxing it certainly can be an eye opener when you see the second hand value of furniture and household goods .                                                                                                                                               Im suitably amazed at the government decision to not pay free school meals in the holidays , talk about a publicity gaffe of epic proportions , wouldnt be surprised to see a u turn on this one the amount of online grief they are getting . Dr Caroline Johnson our conservative MP voted with her herd as usual , bit much when shes a Consultant Pediatrician in the NHS does empathy die at the point you become a Tory, there even getting stick from their own members over this one  

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Plague 75

 Hello its the one handed typist here . Well lifes so boring ive little to tell anyone , still cant do a lot with my right arm , but at least its not getting worse . Its a good job im used to a body that does as it wants , years of shingles teaches you that one . Mr BH just laughs at me , yesterday i got stuck in a jumper and couldnt get out and i couldnt get my bra fastened this morning , hes had to help which gives him a giggle because hes not an awful lot of help and he nearly took his eye out trying to do the bra up . Managed to get into the garden yesterday just picking up branches to go to the burning pile for an hour , it didnt make it any worse so may potter a bit outside later. Other half has had his urgent blood tests cancelled yet again, no surprise there.                                                                                                                                                Young Baldrick is apparently homeless yet again ,  his frantic mother rang because hes been slug out of his houseshare , he couldnt stick to the rules so they have no obligation to rehouse him , she was hysterical and begging us to take him in again , we pointed out that hes nearer his dealers if hes living in a cardboard box in town , eventually after all these months she agreed to send him her empty flat keys ...hooray , now she can find out what happens , im sure she may be more realistic once hes sold all her stuff for drugs and the flats full of drugged up zombies . Her neighbours will doubtless inform the authorities once hes made their life intolerable and he will be on the streets yet again.  Not feeling my normal charitable self at the moment im afraid , just want to sleep and forget about other peoples shit for a while  

Saturday 17 October 2020

Plague 74

Still alive and still  ..just reduced to left hand typing and left hand mousing at the moment , the receptionist informs me theres nothing available for muscular skeletal problems at the moment , take painkillers and rest ...ho hum same with the blood tests , none urgent and none happening. so i have the winter grumps early this year . I should be out getting on with garden projects , lots to do out there , instead its Kindle and Netflix earlier than usual.                                                                                              Both cats are in disgrace , nextdoors food visitor Lily Cat caught a mouse in the kitchen as they stood and watched with total disinterest they have had their treats cut in retaliation and are sulking and planning to murder us in our sleep .                                                                                                                                      On a plus note Keith my ninety something year old Jehovah's Witness turned up bouncing around in the front garden waving , he was well masked up and wasnt knocking on doors hed come to ask my email address as hes now online , his grandkids have been teaching him computers online during lockdown . he was out for a drive and thought hed just pop by, .i think he may have escaped from his family as they generally dont let him drive                                                                                                                         Mummy Dearest is im afraid going batty , shes turned into a one woman covid vigilante and is informing on all sorts of imaginary sins with stern letters to the authorities , she also told me shes electrocuting cats that come into her garden ....can you buy tasers out of the Daily Mail back pages these days ?  Shes also taken against the man at the bottom of the road who owns a white van , hes a drug dealer you know ...really ? i thought he was a builder doing up the bungalow hed bought cheap , but hes stopping her spying on the folks at the bottom of the road with her binoculars so shes written to the police ...sometimes im glad i live on the other side of the country                                                                                                                              

Friday 9 October 2020

Plague 73

 Well i continue as itch bitchy old biddy , irritation is a symptom of B12 deficiency . Got a phonecall from the GPs receptionist saying they may be able to see me in a couple of weeks when the blood test fiasco is supposed to be resolved ...ho hum  by that time there will doubtless be other problems.  In the real world im just pottering around at home looking bored , lots of stuff to do outside but its wet and muddy out there so not feeling it im afraid .  Yet more bleedin problems with my Morrisons deliveries they have changed the date the day before the delivery this time . currently we can only get deliveries after 10pm at night , still lots of stuff out of stock as usual , complain yet again only to get a reply about the wonderful expensive boxes we can have delivered , sorry folks i dont eat a lot of mince , jarred sauces or endless pasta .  Why not change to a different supermarket ? lots dont deliver out here , those that do stop delivering out of town if they are busy , since March we have had a single Tesco delivery slot .  So it looks like i will have to struggle round Lidl next week for a bulk shop , ive run the milk and bottled water down as it was coming up to its use by date , at least i dont need potatoes for the foreseeable future our last Morrisons order had substituted all the stuff that was missing with bags of potatoes , rather odd but something useful for a change which will last us till xmas at least .  Another weird question why have swedes suddenly become expensive ?  Which celebrity chef has conjured up some ridiculous recipe for them ? 

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Plague 72



Image may contain: text that says "IMPORTANT NOTICE NOT"



⚠️ due to national supply issues with the reagent used to process many of the blood tests at the pathology labs, all local practices have been instructed by the CCG to cease all affected routine tests with immediate effect. Only urgent tests will be carried out until further notice 🧪

You may be contacted and advised that an upcoming appointment is affected, for which we are extremely sorry, but the matter is beyond our control.

We have been given no indication as to how long these measures will be in place, and will update you as soon as we know more, so please be aware that our staff may not be able to provide the answers to the questions we are sure you may have.

Thank you for your understanding

So im fairly sure my B12 is through the floor , cramp everywhere , blurred vision , etc etc ...good old self medication is no longer working and i need a booster shot , cant get a booster shot because i need a blood test ....ffs ..this is permanent nerve damage we are talking about  . Spoke to the GPs yesterday , the doctor may ring me . Then this popped up sent by a nurse friend 

Friday 2 October 2020

Plague 71

 Woken up at 5am by an elderly cat who realised it was raining on her doormat , she wasnt too happy and shes a mouthy old bird . Theres a huge flock of starlings trying to do their dance and just getting blown in all directions . Its going to be a sit and look out of the window day with added domestic servitude i think , house is a complete shit tip  as ive been busy with outside jobs most of the week . i have a washing yurt the size of a small bungalow to clear , need to put most of the summer clothes away etc etc etc . 

But i did manage a trip out to the highly exciting world of Market Rasen . I won a £2 lot in an online auction weeks ago and they asked for my feedback said that that i had never received an invoice and they eventually found the lot and got back to me . Other half wasnt to happy he said it was a waste of fuel to go and pick it up but we toddled along anyway . Sheer bliss i got to talk to other actual flesh and blood humans and i didnt rush and managed to visit 3 charity shops, by the time i got back to the car he was fuming id got a couple of odd balls of wool , some Rowan knitting magazines and a couple of big books along with my auction lot of a bundle of unframed prints . I then pointed out that they had a small Tesco and why didnt i do my top up shop while we were out . That was a revelation a fully stocked Tesco , everything ive not seen for weeks so i went a little mad , set him off again when i bought a couple of boxes of bulbs , he went on a whole you cant bloody eat them rant . I gather he had yet another fall while fishing with his BIL last weekend and hes in agony and im getting the benefit , nothing new there .

On a GP note i seem to have achieved, locally there had started to be a few remarks on facebook etc about why our GPS wasnt actually open except for the chosen few ,  so i chimed in and triggered a whole host of stories about the place , none of them good . Low and behold from the 1st of October they are reinstating the testing for chronic conditions for those who need regular monitoring . In another surprise the brown envelope of doom from the DWP hit the map , it would seem that they are giving Mr BH an extra year on his PIP claim , a huge relief as we were gearing up for the battle , we had spoken to the people who helped with the 2017 shenanigans , i have prepped 6 months worth of food for the event . the lovely support lady i spoke to did say we should reapply anyway because they had moved the descriptors yet again , but we arent going to rattle that cage at the moment , we are content to receive something anything is better than the six months of nothing we had last time