Thursday 27 April 2023


 So im lax blogging yet again , problems with mother dearest , problems with hospitals and himself and the bleedin mice ate the second lot of broadbeans i put in .

I really feel life is just one endless chore at the moment , you go shopping and theres nothing you want or need , or its just to expensive . I went to Asda the other night and it was as if there had been locusts, there was just empty chillers and freezers , they had loads of bags of spinach with a yellow sticker that was visibly rotting in the bags ...ughh  im not sure if this is because they have just payed out the latest cost of living payment or just the end of the month , who knows but i think this month could be a problem child with three Bank Holidays  and gardens not contributing a whole lot . All i got from Asda was a few random bits and a load of wraps at 15p a packet so wraps now hve a drawer of their own in the freezer , There were hundreds of packs on yellow sticker, again very odd.

Mother managed to have another psychotic few days and injured herself , so everything moveable has had to be taken from her room the home rang me in the middle of the night and sent me photos of her injuries , its just scatches and a thick lip , pretty much what she used to do to herself when she was drinking . This now means that they have agreed to pay £120 a week towards her care costs and we have another meeting with the hoards and acronyms next week . Had a chat with Dave the nursing co ordinator and he said he hadnt realised we were estranged and didnt understand why i was fighting her corner . Simple she has been a monster all my life but that isnt my mother so why would i let them walk allover her?  she has sufficient money to pay for good quality care , i dont want her money . AAARRRRGGGHHH

Wednesday 19 April 2023

2nd Class

 Sorry i havent been around , its gardening season and i had the munchkin for a week , hes 14 and now towers over are  wonderful within a family of dwarves hes going to be the odd one of this generation , we seem to get one changling now and again .

So heres a strange one , it seems i am viewed by certain members of the family as a second class person  one of those who languishes in a Council House and scrounged all their life my neighbours for the most part take the same view . Some of you wont have followed for long enough to know the whole story.

Once upon a time we wernt rich but we were managing , MR BH was working as a bloke with a very big spanner fixing lorries and farm machinery . He earned a pretty good wage but he only got to keep £40 a week because of his endless spat with The Child Support Agency back in the days when they wrecked many lives and families . I was divorced from an alcoholic dick head and working for the bailiffs , he also managed to shaft me financially, the sale of our house covered all the debts he ran up and i ran away , he didnt bother to pay all of his debts and is still hiding from his many creditors with his 3rd wife . I had a huge debt with the DWP because my ex had claimed benefits for the kids while they wernt living with him , so they came after me for the balance as they used to do. We decided to move in together and we were always skint but happy , we both worked endless hours to clear this mess then he managed to have an accident and break his neck , and mash his legs , they were more concerned about his legs so didnt spot the neck till 18 months later when he couldnt move his hands , admittedly they operated within days and plated him up but it was never quite right and he struggled on , in 2017 he went to work one morning and rang me to say he was parked in a layby and couldnt feel his legs . They found that his discs had popped at the base of his spine but it couldnt be repaired because he had an inoperable benign tumour  so every time he was lifting anything heavy he was bruising his spinal cord . They have since decided he has degenerative spinal problems and umpteen other weird and wonderful things wrong in his bones . He then had seizures and heart problems probably caused by prescribed drugs that have left him mentally a wee bit odd.

So here we are stuck in the benefits trap ,  its not going to change till the day he dies and believe me hes got a whole range of things that can kill him . Im just the zoo keeper of a bloke who has endless bowel and bladder problems constant nose bleeds of epic proportions , shouts because his volume control doesnt work all the time and dont even go there about the weird neurological stuff when he cant speak what he means and just a jumble of words come out , thats the one that makes him really angry because he thinks we are just not understanding what hes saying . hes now back at the hospital for nerve degeneration so hey ho .

So there you are dont judge the fat folks you see racing around on mobility scooters , dont judge the neighbour whos barely coherent and in their jimmys all day , you dont live in their skins , you dont live the daily humiliations of their lives and you never think that life can change in an instant ... thats todays rant over with ...Thankyou  

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Mother Dearest

 So after a pretty good Easter its back to earth with a bang Tuesday . We had a zoom type meeting today with my daughter and social services , her physio and her rehabilitation nurse . ERRRRrrr well it was interesting . despite the consultant declaring that she has mixed dementia in writing it would seem we cant get control of her affairs , she would have to give written consent for Power of Attorney which she wont give to anyone . So because she is classed as self funding i will be liable for the cost of her care as next of kin . There is a 2 year waiting list for the other means of getting control of her finances . So every thing is up in the air at the moment , i stated laughing when they said i would be liable and they would take me to court if they had to . I told them fine , i own nothing and my only income is £70 Carers  Allowance go ahead . i got the usual lecture on how she is my responsibility . Then they decided that the social worker would visit her this afternoon and do a financial capability assessment and ask her to sign a document they need .

This afternoon i got a call from the home Mummy Dearest had gone off her head at the social worker and because she was getting so worked up they asked her to leave  Once again shes refusing her medication and her hearts allover the place 

Daughter was their again at the weekend , she was asked to fetch her new clothes , nothing fits her anymore she is visibly wasting to nothing and is rarely lucid at all . Sadly i keep wishing that nature would resolve the problem 

Monday 3 April 2023


 Its officially Jumble Sale and Spring Fair season around Lincoln and ive had 3 Saturdays on the trot so ive gone a little bit mad , at least by my standards , New summer wardrobe purchased , lots of household bits and bobs that id broken replaced , This week i got a huge storage bag full of snowflake Pyrex and a couple of worktop savers , it was a good job i had daughter in tow or i would have struggled to get it to the car , The bag of Pyrex had 8 tea plates 4 side plates , meat dish , 2 casseroles, two jockey bowls , two different sauce or gravy boats , 3 nesting glass mixing bowls and of course the 2 large worktop savers . This mountain cost me £4 so well worth the trip out and it does as replacements for my disintegrating plastics caused by our evil microwave . Not sure what the problem is, the plastics all say microwave safe.

Then there has been a bit of success at the box auctions we had two  3000 lot sales when the sales are that big its a fair chance there will be days of half decent stuff and one day will be all the couple of pound a box rubbish which i love, part of the fun is trying to guess what is on offer in the lousy photos , so i won a couple of lots , one is a large vintage tapestry Crinoline Lady fire screen that is already in use because my fireplace is truly hideous , But the other lot was described as knitting and sewing and just showed a plastic crate nobody wanted it so i bought it , to my surprise when i got there it was a large plastic crate , a huge pile of books on cross stitch , several carrier bags of ribbon etc etc etc . When i opened the crate it was a weird mixture , there is a heap of brand new cross stitch and embroidery fabric all modern , plastic canvas , a bag of dressmaking patterns from the 60s to 90s , full set of knitting needles , 300g of vintage DK bright yellow, lots of little kits etc it really is crammed . I usually just give stuff away to my circle of skint crafters . So is their anyone out there who is skint and has needs?