Monday 3 April 2023


 Its officially Jumble Sale and Spring Fair season around Lincoln and ive had 3 Saturdays on the trot so ive gone a little bit mad , at least by my standards , New summer wardrobe purchased , lots of household bits and bobs that id broken replaced , This week i got a huge storage bag full of snowflake Pyrex and a couple of worktop savers , it was a good job i had daughter in tow or i would have struggled to get it to the car , The bag of Pyrex had 8 tea plates 4 side plates , meat dish , 2 casseroles, two jockey bowls , two different sauce or gravy boats , 3 nesting glass mixing bowls and of course the 2 large worktop savers . This mountain cost me £4 so well worth the trip out and it does as replacements for my disintegrating plastics caused by our evil microwave . Not sure what the problem is, the plastics all say microwave safe.

Then there has been a bit of success at the box auctions we had two  3000 lot sales when the sales are that big its a fair chance there will be days of half decent stuff and one day will be all the couple of pound a box rubbish which i love, part of the fun is trying to guess what is on offer in the lousy photos , so i won a couple of lots , one is a large vintage tapestry Crinoline Lady fire screen that is already in use because my fireplace is truly hideous , But the other lot was described as knitting and sewing and just showed a plastic crate nobody wanted it so i bought it , to my surprise when i got there it was a large plastic crate , a huge pile of books on cross stitch , several carrier bags of ribbon etc etc etc . When i opened the crate it was a weird mixture , there is a heap of brand new cross stitch and embroidery fabric all modern , plastic canvas , a bag of dressmaking patterns from the 60s to 90s , full set of knitting needles , 300g of vintage DK bright yellow, lots of little kits etc it really is crammed . I usually just give stuff away to my circle of skint crafters . So is their anyone out there who is skint and has needs? 


  1. If I lived nearer I would love to go to your jumble sales - they sound exciting x

    1. if you ever have craft needs just ask its amazing what i can find