Friday 25 June 2021


So im sat here listening to stereo snoring . Useful son is here for the weekend and im not sure who snores the loudest him or his dad . So for a change i got to watch the rather misty sunrise as the rain has finally stopped , day of garden chores it would seem, as the green lushness can get a bit out of hand. So yesterday i set out on a mission to get rid of tons of stuff dumped here by daughter in the vain hope i would car boot it all , So i got sarcastic son to load the car and i was in Morrisons having breakfast by 8.30 with other half , trying to figure how to get the mounds to a charity shop . It may not sound hard but i have to find one that will actually take stock , has vehicle access where i can park right outside the shop and doesnt want to go through everything to pick and choose . It was all good clothing a lot of it tagged or never worn . But there was a vast amount of it . I had managed to get rid of 8 bags of books the previous week at another shop . So other half pointed out theres now a Cat Protection shop inside Morrisons , so as he ate his greasy breakfast i toddled across and asked the manager if she wanted a lot of laundry bags of clothes , she said they arent allowed to take books or DVDs at the moment , she has no idea why .  So i loaded a trolley up with difficulty and struggled  into the store , but i made it , so thats another load gone .  Thought id get my fresh shopping as that was the main reason for even going into town only to find that due to a power fault they couldnt open any of the chillers ..ho hum  i get my online shop but getting fresh stuff or chiller items is no good because the dates are always the next day . So I had to go somewhere else that was quiet ended up at M&S yet again .  Then i was changing the bed in the spare room and decided to rake through the cupboards and it turned out to be a bit of a nightmare , so that was another 8 bags into the back of the car , along with an even bigger pile for the bin . It will take weeks to get rid of the bin rubbish , still cant use the skip without an appointment and only one type of waste at a time , plus they are not allowed to help you and you must go alone .  Hope it doesnt rain and trap me in the house again this week its amazing what i achieve when im bored 

Sunday 20 June 2021

Garden of Delights

 Well the never ending rain has reduced me to cleaning the oven for amusement , yesterday i started putting the washing yurt away and then ended up raking through the mountains of clothes i own , i dont think anyone would grasp quite how i have so many . But because im not a small girl and i have on average a 4 different sizes wardrobe depending on whether im swollen or not swollen thats a lot of clothes theres even two suitcases of jeans complete with a selection of belts depending on size range . It does get annoying it can vary two sizes from one day to the next .  I have weakened and bought a denim dress this year just because it was huge and i figured id live in it .  But most of my clothes are from pre 2017 in the days before everything went wrong, in fact an awful lot of stuff is over 20 years old . So ive figured that once again all i actually need this year is underwear and a couple of pairs of leggings due to what i have been only fit for gardening. Cant see us going anywhere much this year , his walking is dire and with the DWP hounding us yet again we darent spend a penny , not a peep have we heard and its been 2 weeks since i sent them the parcel and it was signed for at their building .  We await the verdict with interest as im not sure i can cope with all the shit they cause yet again . I did notice as i trawled through the job adverts on line that the local hospice is looking for someone to deal with the DWP for the terminally ill at 20k per annum , a thankless job as most die before they receive a penny from the gits . Someone did tell me that they are having to do this because of bed blocking they are not allowed to send people home who have no income . 

 On a garden plus note , the rain has caused my clematis to go mental and totally hide the line of "valuable" pile of scrap scooters outside the window . Mr Bah Humbug pointed out it needed pruning , dont think so mate you havent touched them in years and on to your funeral pire they will be going such a ray of 

Friday 18 June 2021

Drippady Doo Dah

 Another 3am wake up , despite earplugs and blackout curtains im still awake at the first crack of dawn . id acheived a freezer defrost and my second cuppa by 6 .  Read all the wonderful factual internet content i could find . it was a tad drizzly when i got up but now it bucketing it down . Ive a cat doing laps because shes convinced that one of the windows or doors has an alternate dimension with sunshine and mice . I had planned to pop the leeks in today but unless it brightens up thats a none starter along with loads of other garden chores i had lined up . I will still venture down for some strawberries before the slugs beat me to them . So now i have to find something to kill the rest of the rainy weather with ...ho hum household chores i suppose , the most despised chores on the planet ...ive a shower room needs scrubbing out and a washing yurt to put away , lifes so exciting these 

Monday 14 June 2021


So in my role as trip advisor on the regions hospitals off we toddled to Louth  yesterday , ermm on a plus point the carpark has been resurfaced and the parkings currently free .  Id deposited Mr Bah Humbug  on a chair near the door , even getting in the building had been fun , he was on his crutches . im so glad he wasnt on his wheels because the ramp going down into the building was so steep he would have gone straight down it in through the automatic door and the toilet and demolished reception like a giant bowling ball !!  I went to the desk and booked him in and explained that he is on the fall register as the woman looked at me gone out .  We have been told that our hospital group has a fall protocol now , in fact hes flagged up on their systems he was redlined just last week at Emergency no problems . She then launched in to the whole Covid speech could i please leave the building etc , i pointed out he would need a wheelchair and a porter to get into the building and abandoned him .  So im sat in the carpark in the sunshine nattering to another woman whos just abandoned her elderly mother with dementia at reception as well , she pointed out that she had parked near the door so she could keep an eye on it because mother is a wanderer and fast on her feet . Two hours later im still sat there and theres only half a dozen cars left in the carpark . So i texted him and just got a load of abuse , so i gathered it was going well . I finally got the phonecall to pick him up and managed to get the car to the top of the ramp . He emerges on his crutches , staggering and swaying and manages to get up the bleedin ramp and into the car at which point his head exploded .  He does a good rant and was calling me allsorts as passers by swivel their heads in astonishment and i just wait for him to run out of breath , it happens much faster these days and the ramp had nearly killed him .  Best line was that the staff are incompetent sexist bastards.  I did eventually get the whole story out of him .  It seems the receptionist didnt press enter when i booked him in . He couldnt get up being wedged in a small plastic chair .and because hes a bloke theyd parked him right in front of the large screen telly with football on . He hates football with a vengence so after 2 hours of it his head exploded , hed ended up having to shout down the waiting area asking what the hold up was . Turns out hed been marked as a no show at the clinic and the doctor was just packing up to go home , their were no available wheelchairs as they were all in use . The big sign saying there would be a two hour wait didnt apply to his clinic . So it was all his fault for not asking sooner .  His 2 minute appointment consisted off the doctor telling him that he doesnt see anything wrong on his scans and ordering more scans .  Im so glad his brother has taken him fishing today as hes still ranting on 

Tuesday 8 June 2021


 So this is one of those weird thoughts that come up at 3am posts .  What is happening to us as a race?  Has Covid caused us all to become selfish and uncaring . I know this is happening all over the world . Will the ever scarcer resources just make us all meaner and meaner to each other?  The eugenics policies of our current government are becoming more and more obvious , the care home fiasco when they quite blatently sacrificed so many elderly parents and grandparents ? They were doing there best . Im no anti vaxer  but they do seem to be pushing an agenda rather than its benefits , just to get the older generation to go out and spend loads of money to boost the economy . Everything that is questioned , its nothing to see here folks .  After listening to the ranting of elderly men yesterday , publicly and loudly going on about sending all the foreigners home in front of groups of our local Romanian fieldworkers i was horrified . They come each year , they work in the fields they go home for the winter . Mr Bah humbug pointed out nobody was moaning about foreigners when he was in A&E the staff were every nationality under the sun. So do we now have worthy foreigners and unworthy ones ?    Am I one of the only ones who can see we are heading into a huge famine this winter , crops havent been planted or maintained  in so many countries .  As we hoard our vaccines and cut down on foreign aid  what will the consequence be . Millions more foreigners heading north to safety and food . Will Patel be mining the beaches and sending in the gunboats ?  Just think on what the next year may be like 

Sunday 6 June 2021


 So i had a heavy days gardening planned yesterday but Mr BH had other plans for us .  Now he has a nosebleed problem always has had , his dad had it his grandad has it the sons have it , its just one blood vessel , his nosebleeds are epic and legendary with no warning far worse than the rest of the family . So id plopped him in the bathroom yesterday morning for his ablutions and pop goes his nose , annoying but nothing unusual , hes quite content to sit there with a jug and a towel and deal with it , then shout me when he needs me . Only he didnt shout for an hour , when i went to him hed lost over a pint but it was steadying down another half an hour and he was down for breakfast and a cuppa . gets to 11.00 and his nose pops again , hes in the bathroom and im getting a tad worried hes filled another jug that hes trying to hide . So i tell him im ringing 111 and he goes mad because he can deal with it , hes very grey and sweating and with a view to his heart problems he needed to see someone . Ring 111 theyre sending paremedics if he gets worse just dial 999 , being very rural they were a while by this time its gushing and were into pint number 3 . ive managed to get him out of the bathroom and on to the bed because he says he doesnt feel well and it has to be bad for him to admit this . The paramedics turn up and an ambulance and he flakes out . I have to say their very efficient and got him hooked up and stuff going into him etc , his blood pressure is through the floor and theyre having a risk assessment deciding whether they need the fire brigade to get him down the stairs but he perked up once the fluids started going in and he managed to get down the stairs and be stretchered out . The whole street is out doing something in the garden by then and hes shouting across to his mate telling him not to panic fishings still on for Monday , as they cart him off into the sunset . Bloody men , nothing but a worry, i had to fetch him home late last night  hes a bit quiet they cant repair the blood vessel again, he needs more minor surgery they just filled him full of fluids and monitored his heart and have told him just ring 999 if it starts again ...guess what he isnt driving and hes not going fishing whether he likes it or not !!!

Best laugh he says is the junior doctor who asked him about his cocaine habit and would he like to be referred to the drug treatment center .

Friday 4 June 2021


 Have we all escaped to the garden ?  the blogging world is very quiet at the moment except for those of you on the opposite side of the world slipping into winter . Meanwhile ive dropped into the world of fishing and gardening . The veg is very late this year but thriving and ive had a couple of days of grandson on garden slave duties and despite there being snow on the ground when the plum was blossoming its looking like a bumper year . Outside in the real world im not sure im noticing  much difference to our lives from the Covid restrictions . We dont holiday we dont go to cafes or pubs in fact we can pretty much not go anywhere due to his dire walking and breathlessness . MR BH starts another round of hospital visits in a fortnight so hes trying to cram as much fishing in as he can so its fish one day, two days zonked on painkillers life at the moment plus BIL had a bit of bad news health wise so ive now got two of them planning their funerals , I expect they are both being a tad  over the top just yet . Its just wait and see time. I expect they will both fall into the latest government wheeze buzz phrase "managed decline "  which i think is government speak for hurry up and die before you get your pension !  or if you love them as much as i do translates to Die Pleb Die . I have just posted off 600 pages plus of medical records and supporting letters and forms to the cold planes of Hell known as the DWP , we await with interest which of their many ploys for losing it they will go for .  The usual its gone to the wrong department , this one had two different addresses to pick from to send it back to , you always pick the wrong one .  We also usually get we havent received it letters at which point they get a huff on because you have proof of postage and tracking information and announce  they will look for it , usually takes 2 weeks to find it . plus ive cunningly indexed it all stamped his National insurance onto every sheet and stuck pretty coloured tiny post it notes into the juicy bits . You never know i could be wrong they may just continue to pay him his state pittance without problems , but i cant see there has been any improvement in their behavior over the last year , theyre still killing the disabled on a regular basis.  You know lessons learned and the usual bullshit speeches it goes on and on .