Sunday 20 June 2021

Garden of Delights

 Well the never ending rain has reduced me to cleaning the oven for amusement , yesterday i started putting the washing yurt away and then ended up raking through the mountains of clothes i own , i dont think anyone would grasp quite how i have so many . But because im not a small girl and i have on average a 4 different sizes wardrobe depending on whether im swollen or not swollen thats a lot of clothes theres even two suitcases of jeans complete with a selection of belts depending on size range . It does get annoying it can vary two sizes from one day to the next .  I have weakened and bought a denim dress this year just because it was huge and i figured id live in it .  But most of my clothes are from pre 2017 in the days before everything went wrong, in fact an awful lot of stuff is over 20 years old . So ive figured that once again all i actually need this year is underwear and a couple of pairs of leggings due to what i have been only fit for gardening. Cant see us going anywhere much this year , his walking is dire and with the DWP hounding us yet again we darent spend a penny , not a peep have we heard and its been 2 weeks since i sent them the parcel and it was signed for at their building .  We await the verdict with interest as im not sure i can cope with all the shit they cause yet again . I did notice as i trawled through the job adverts on line that the local hospice is looking for someone to deal with the DWP for the terminally ill at 20k per annum , a thankless job as most die before they receive a penny from the gits . Someone did tell me that they are having to do this because of bed blocking they are not allowed to send people home who have no income . 

 On a garden plus note , the rain has caused my clematis to go mental and totally hide the line of "valuable" pile of scrap scooters outside the window . Mr Bah Humbug pointed out it needed pruning , dont think so mate you havent touched them in years and on to your funeral pire they will be going such a ray of 


  1. When Steve had his stroke he was awarded ESA for a year, that has now finished and the aim was to get him a year's NI stamp paid so he'd get his full state pension. Online his pension is shown as being the full amount. He's received a letter and he's only getting about 70% so we've no idea what's happened.

    1. great isnt it , theres no straight answers anywhere these days , they tell me i dont qualify to receive my pension till im 72 because other half is younger than me !!

  2. The worst thing about applying for any kind of financial help is the lack of real people, everyone who can make a difference is hiding behind covid/working from home (aren't many of us? so what) so they just have phone recordings saying they are very busy and best to email - so you get no acnowledgement or timeline. It's shameful really that I can row over on a boat from France and real people will fall overthemselves to give everything needed for survival but live here for 60 odd years and sit patiently waiting for a response to an email to get the same basic needs and nothing happens.