Sunday 28 March 2021

Plague 107 Spring

 So Spring is officially sprung ,glorious sunshine  and a wind thats colder than a witches tit as my Gran would say , plus horizontal April showers . Theres something about an English Spring its all flowers and whatever clothes you put on you get the wrong ones . Ive 4 Tomato seedlings sprung to life that i have to manage to get enough light to which without windowsills is always fun , plus the cat loves bowling plant pots Arrrrrggghhh.     Mr BH is still snoring in the distance which is unusual for him , i would imagine the clock changing has scuppered his usual morning shouting for me, so while im sat here tapping my foot I thought id do the Daily Mail online because i have to speak to my mother later and its useful to see what tripe shes going to throw at me .                                                                                                                      It would seem Boris is looking forward to a pint and a haircut , we could wish. Bless hes one of the lads isnt he ? theres an article about his affair  with Jennifer Arcuri and what a stud he is . Dear god in heaven what would any women see in that blustering blob , apparently they had so much in common mentally?  worrying statement of the year so far ?                                                                                                      Theres more Muslim hatred over the Batley teacher showing a Mohammed cartoon to the kids , I would just like to point out that those protesting are neither immigrants or illegals as my mother will doubtless go off on her send them all back rant . Most of those involved are 2nd or third generation English and may be more conservative in their views than most .  There are Christian minorities that have equally extreme views in this country and pretending that their arent doesnt help the issue .                                                     A whole section of Meghan hate , how they manage to spew out so much bile about her beggers belief . Piers Morgan getting his usual hate filled pennyworth in . Never has a man scorned been so sour                Im sure my mother will be ranting about not being able to go on a proper holiday despite never having been abroad because its full of foreigners or going anywhere because it was a waste of money . Her idea of a proper holiday was a week in a Torquay hotel that resembled Faulty Towers back in the 70s , that and a couple of trips to Butlitz Filey and Prestatyn were the big events of my childhood and im still scarred by them . The voice in the distance is calling ..............................byeee

Friday 26 March 2021

Plague God Knows How Many

 Well its been over a year since they locked us up and nothing much has changed other than the fact himself wants me to order more garden chairs ready for all his visitors ...mmm, next door is busy scrubbing the patio for the first pissed up parties of the season .  Me? i just need the grandson for the heavier garden jobs , managed to cripple myself doing the first lawn mow of the year and that was just the one lawn , spring having officially sprung im a tad busy . We start another cycle of tests and hospital next week for himself .

So out in the real world a broken down tanker looks to have buggered up the whole world , dont think anyone could have thought this one up . Anyway if your waiting for a wish parcel it may be a while . Old Boris is looking a bit rough even by his standards these days . Maybe Carrie is making her wedding plans ?  Bridezilla at her best . Not sure whos funding it . Israel ? Russia? Saudi ?  woe betide the scroungers at Number 10 pay for anything themselves.  It was pointed out that one of the effects of Long Covid is needing the little blue pills for men . So that might explain the woeful condition of Boris ? You do begin to wonder which of the many scandals surrounding the Tory Party will bring Boris and friends down , theyre currently at the nothing to see here stage , denial of everything , media model . I suspect the great betrayal may come from within , the Tories are well known backstabbers and if i had to make a guess Madam Patel would be the main suspect  she wants the top job so badly .  With no opposition ,watching the Tory Reich implode and rebirth  on a regular basis  may be thre only political fun we get 

Friday 19 March 2021

Plague 106

 So im back....just so busy with other half and trying to kick the GPs into some form of activity , he now has referrals for 3 different departments , they have finally admitted he doesnt need a camera shoving any ware for a while , that he isnt an alcoholic  and that being fat doesnt cause anemia  . Its like wading through treacle and we have finally managed to speak to the actual doctor , the one who actually knows who he is and is able to read his notes . His iron levels are now so low that hes awaiting some sort of transfusion , so hes sleeping a lot , which isnt such a bad thing . There off to do the little procedure on his nose to stop the nosebleeds that arent helping matters . They have even said that in normal times he would have been admitted last year . They cant give a timescale on any of this . The GPs also admit we were missed from the vulnerable register , hence everybodys sudden interest now they have realised that bugger all has been done for him for over a year , best concession he can now can get his Covid tests sent out to him , we have trailed out 13 times in the last two months  The same thing has happened to my mother , who if it wasnt for a neighbour adopting her would have had no help at all . Her GPs assumed she was dead !!! till she rang them and dripped them with sarcasm about her jab.

Still waiting for a bit of warm weather gardening season is tapping its foot and waiting patiently  

Friday 12 March 2021

Plague 105

Im very lax on the blog front at the moment , just not enough hours in the day im afraid , plus its freezing in here now the heatings on its one hour a day ration again , the luxury of nearly a month of 2 hours a day was almost to hot to handle at least it was for my other half,  im blue and shaking and hes there with his shirt off moaning hes sweating to death , he just says you need to move more and moan less . He really has got a   But the simple fact is that mouldy towers is just not a warm house , its a 50s prefab wooden with 3 inch thick walls its much better than it used to be, now we have double glazing and the new boiler , but warm it isnt . Its frequently warmer outside so ive got on with the first of the garden jobs , mainly all the chopping back of bushes etc .

On the Covid front im being harassed by the vile receptionist from our GPs , had yet another spat with her the other day , she rang me to inform me that i should attend for my jab on Mothering Sunday as if this ws my treat for the day , i told her no thankyou and she went off on a whole rant about being inconsiderate to other people , when i could get a word in edgeways i informed her i was waiting for my other half to his second jab because i am his full time carer and who looks after him if it makes him even worse than the first did . I also told her i would like to speak to the GP not her as i have immune problems and other complicated medical reasons why it may be a very bad idea . Then she started to lose it . I got the whole people are dying because of selfish conspiracy theorists like me , she was on speaker phone and my other half was holding a cushion over his face to stiffle the laughing .  So i just pointed out that being as she wasnt a medical professional it must be very hard for her to understand my medical records , she hung up . Other half says hes not sure how i always stay so calm . Im not going to be bullied by the Witch in the Window its as simple as that , if she wants to be twatish with me shes picked the wrong person i will eat her for breakfast 

Friday 5 March 2021

Plague 104

 Contrary to popular opinion ive not wandered off into the Covid riddled hinterlands , still here folks !!Just been a tad busy . Mr Bah Humbug had his first jab and it made him rather sorry for himself . We were surprised when he got offered an appointment at one of the other satellite surgerys , so it was a trip out and stand freezing in the cold for him , the standing is what has caused him problems his wheels wont fit the path to the back door of the little surgery. To his amazements our actual doctor was doing the jabs in his hazmat suit . Its such a tiny surgery you had to sit in the car park for 15 minutes after the shot . So hes been in agony with his back and gained a stinking cough and cold for his effort , trouble is coughing isnt good with broken ribs and heart problems , hes scarily breathless and they do say the second jab is worse?  i was offered the jab and have declined for the present i cant look after him and be ill myself , ive been awaiting a reply from ask GP for well over a week as i needed to ask some questions about having it and the auto immune problems i already have, but with a long history of severe allergic reactions of the ow shit variety . I may give it a miss for a few months .

We had two days of Spring weather so the annual gardening mayhem has begun , now im tapping my foot to get outside , so much to get on with at least i dont have to tackle the conifers this year . only thinking of using half the veg garden this year its just to much work on my own without grandsons help .