Wednesday 26 April 2017

General Election Broadcast No 1

You just knew I wouldnt be able to resist didnt you ? I know its weeks away but i think its time to throw a few questions out dont you ? So lets begin with the big one .
Why has Mrs May called a General Election ?
Could it be
A The stress may kill Jeremy Corbyn
B Brexit the shitstorm
C The CPS not doing as their told and ignoring the small amount of election fraud in the last election.

Wellllllll    methinks its got more to do with trying to sort out the killing of the Labour  Party than anything , things have  quietened down around Jeremy these days , hes still alive his tofu burgers and sandals have survived the onslaught of the suits . Hes his usual frail shabby little self and he still quietly puts his case with no dramatics . Hes right about a lot of things and wrong about a lot of things but at least he doesnt think the poor should be paying the price for Brexit and everything else that is wrong in this country .

Do we care about electoral fraud ? We sort of expect it , so the daft gits once again tried to fiddle the expenses , this is a national pastime and let him who is without sin cast the first stone . Are we really that daft our votes can be bought by whoever has more suits on the ground and a shinier bus ?

Wee Jimmy Sturgeon , shes like a small annoying wasp these days and has watched Braveheart once too often but im sure it will be fun if someone has to form a coalition government with her . Then the Scots can have an annual vote on whether to stay or go , not that you can go far on a small island , plus think of the economic boost created by rebuilding Hadrians Wall .

Brexit ho hum , well once the French election finishes we may not be the only country telling the EU where to go , negotiating isnt going to work, so wouldnt 10 blokes with axes in a locked room be a better way of  doing it ?

But the highlight of the whole affair has to be Tony Blair telling everyone to Vote Tory , laughed my socks off at that one .

Saturday 22 April 2017

The Change of Life

I had one of those conversations yesterday , in Little Tesco while staring at the uninspiring choice in the markdown bin
There was a gentleman probably in his late 50s with his little wire basket politely waiting like myself for the trolly bashers climbing over each other .
We looked at each others baskets , mine consisted of everyday value pot noodles and everyday value fish fingers , which for 65p for 10 are suprisingly nice if a bit skinny .
He had everyday cat stars and milk . He said
Did we ever think everyday would come to this?
Then he rifled through the markdowns sighing , we both settled for reduced sausages 65p a pack , tesco cheap Richmond copies but I can chop them and add rice, tomato, spices that are kicking about and with a pack of wraps its tea for 4 adults and a child .
This got me thinking , our food budget hasnt increased in years it cant , but things are getting very desperate , MrBh is having his PIP reassessed that is our only reliable income , it will drop by half because the goalposts have changed again and we will then have endless appeals , without any income in that time and with no help from our GP , this takes at least 6 months , hes his usual blase self about it . Im just frantically gardening , the big problem is now he has this diet plan hes supposed to stick to , his food costs twice as much , im losing weight again and munching iron and multivitamins everyday because i have a huge supply discarded by my health nut daughter , fruit is now off the menu he has to have it each day and hes so damned picky its making life hard . Once the garden kicks in things will be much better , but they dont call this time of year The Hunger Gap for nothing .
The GP suggested Weight Watchers for us both , we can both go it seems free,  he needs to lose 10st which would make him the size of an adolescent or a lollipop head , i did laugh according to her chart i should weigh 7st 6 her dreams i think , but if things dont improve she may get her wish, without Weightwatchers.

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Petty Annoyances

Thankyou all for the sympathy and condolences on the death of the Ginger One , still sadly missed by all . People keep asking me where he is , he was locally infamous as a cat flapper and food stealer and for walking to school howling .
Are we getting another cat , the verdict is mmmmm , both me and the munchkin are lost without him, but a house cat wouldnt work with the kids always running in and out , Ive looked at rescue cats , simply cant afford one im afraid , plus we cant meet the criteria for them   , its made me realise why some rescues are flooded out with animals . theres a big difference between the mythical perfect happy ever after home and the reality of cats . They will live where they choose and do as they want i'm afraid .  We shall see , maybe something furry will come our way ?
I managed a Jumble Sale cum Summer Fayre at the Birchwood this week courtesy of my daughter and spent a whole 80p on tablecloths and £1 on a set of huge curtains for Young Baldrick , he stopped here for Easter Sunday and helped his dad with stage one of finishing the greenhouse construction started 4 years ago its going to be a long job as i now need decent fence treatment which is costly

. Then theres reopening the ebay shop , that is taking far longer than planned due to endless software and compatibility issues , even the pictures arent working , im sure i will figure it out or my IT expert will
Thanks to the election work is on hold as usual , im waiting to see if my cheque lands with interest , if it doesnt i think i will retire ...I wish

Wednesday 12 April 2017

A Week of Negative

Thought our good luck wouldnt last for long . Sadly we lost our Ginger furbaby to a car on Saturday , 9 years of furry pleasure gone in a second , hes been such a big part of everybodys life for so long now , the munchkin is sure he is going to rise on Easter Sunday . Mr says thats it no more , the garden is a furry abbatoir we have buried 4 in 10 years , we live on a quiet country lane but cats have no road sense . I just cant stand the silence , he was very in your face . I cant stand not having a single cuddle from anyone , in fact its driving me mad .
Then I got the stomach bug from hell , so now im wandering round like a drained corpse from hell , tons of work I just cant do, and a Bank Holiday coming up, with no funds and a house move for Young Baldrick who has been given a council flat , with a £150 grant to furnish it , a challenge im not feeling  the whole family is giving bits and bobs but will he care ? well hes taking his medication regularly so he seems much more with it , the big question is whether he will keep taking it once hes loose in the community. He will continue to get a bit of support with maintaining his tenancy , but its whether he can manage to keep away from the drugs once hes on is own , or if he is going to get back in with the same crowd as last time only time will tell

Friday 7 April 2017

A Week of Positive

Things just keep getting better and better , well in my little world they do . This week we had been stalking a new washer in the Argos sale only to find the sale had ended and it had gone up £50 in a day!  So we looked on the comparison websites and found that although the prices were lower in some places once you added the "installation"  delivery and removing the old machine they all came to the same price , the point is we didnt need installation,  delivery or removal but you cant not have them . we stripped the old washer down took out the drum to use in the garden , recycled some of the parts smashed up the plastics and popped them in the bin , kept the door and we were just left with the shell for the travelling wombles to take when theyre about . How they have the cheek to charge for installation i dont know a chimp can do it , but one i emailed stated they just abandon it on your doorstop if you dont pay for installation , plus you cant just collect a washer from a shop these days ..
Anyway i told Mr Bah Humbug that enough was enough and i was off down to Terrys Auction Room to get a washer whether he liked it or not . So for the stunning total of £30 i have a washer , far from new but it works a treat and if i get a year out of it I will be well happy. I will keep my eyes peeled for a newer bigger one when im flush . I ended up staying at the auction all afternoon just for a bit of me time and as usual as the afternoon wore on  the crowd and the internet died a death , they had five flatscreen TVs from house clearances and they were going cheap so with the rest of the washer budget i bought a TV for the bedroom nobody wanted it because it was so thick with dust and weve been without one for nearly a year since one of the kids cast offs died , cant say ive missed it at all but his lordship likes TV when he cant sleep . Got it home dusted it and Mr Bah Humbug started moaning it was to big for the bedroom because its the same size as the one in the living room , he says This is weird theres an awful lot of stuff on this control and its got tons of different sockets on the back ,
 He went on the internet got the manual and then said

How does this always  happen to you ?


Youve gone and bought a posh make smart TV with onboard everything.  how much ?

£22 with free dust !!

He was speechless , doesnt happen often .

Monday 3 April 2017

Just Because

At last a couple of tiny pluses in my lackluster world.  You know the like comment and share competitions on Facebook , well I got this little beauty sent to me by The Search Press to review and im glad to report that this is a  modern crochet book I actually got on quite well with , it does written and charts plus a gorgeous photo and after a play with a few wool scraps , not the right weight or type , I managed to make a flower square that sort of resembled what they thought it should look like , I love crochet for its mindless quality and the fact that if you drop a stitch you wont get miles and hours along before it becomes very obvious . So I plan to have a few more plays with the designs in this one .

I toddled to Methringham car boot yesterday on the way to the Coop , i managed to get my shopping and a big file of knitting patterns with change from £3 , the tatty gem among the mostly 70s and 80s patterns is this War Knitting by Bestway  you can knit an ARP jumper !!

The Coop was having a bit of a clear out on the veg front yesterday so its wilty veg witth everything for the next couple of days , then a root in the freezer to see if theres any fruit left at the bottom to disguise the rhubarb because ive run out of jam and its munchkins holiday club this week Note to oneself,  must also bake buns he was moaning there were none today