Wednesday, 26 April 2017

General Election Broadcast No 1

You just knew I wouldnt be able to resist didnt you ? I know its weeks away but i think its time to throw a few questions out dont you ? So lets begin with the big one .
Why has Mrs May called a General Election ?
Could it be
A The stress may kill Jeremy Corbyn
B Brexit the shitstorm
C The CPS not doing as their told and ignoring the small amount of election fraud in the last election.

Wellllllll    methinks its got more to do with trying to sort out the killing of the Labour  Party than anything , things have  quietened down around Jeremy these days , hes still alive his tofu burgers and sandals have survived the onslaught of the suits . Hes his usual frail shabby little self and he still quietly puts his case with no dramatics . Hes right about a lot of things and wrong about a lot of things but at least he doesnt think the poor should be paying the price for Brexit and everything else that is wrong in this country .

Do we care about electoral fraud ? We sort of expect it , so the daft gits once again tried to fiddle the expenses , this is a national pastime and let him who is without sin cast the first stone . Are we really that daft our votes can be bought by whoever has more suits on the ground and a shinier bus ?

Wee Jimmy Sturgeon , shes like a small annoying wasp these days and has watched Braveheart once too often but im sure it will be fun if someone has to form a coalition government with her . Then the Scots can have an annual vote on whether to stay or go , not that you can go far on a small island , plus think of the economic boost created by rebuilding Hadrians Wall .

Brexit ho hum , well once the French election finishes we may not be the only country telling the EU where to go , negotiating isnt going to work, so wouldnt 10 blokes with axes in a locked room be a better way of  doing it ?

But the highlight of the whole affair has to be Tony Blair telling everyone to Vote Tory , laughed my socks off at that one .


  1. Sturgeon always reminds me of Hitler the way she spits her words out - you'd think with all her money she'd get her face and teeth done - me - I would vote for anyone who would strip Tony Blair, his stupid wife and pathetic kids of every penny they own and put him in the dock for war crimes- so many lads will never walk through the door again and say 'Hello Mum' because he was so far up Bush's backside he couldn't see the wood for the trees and he took us into a war no one wanted - stupid, stupid man - I would love to see him in prison for what he did - whoever does that gets my vote!

  2. I'm not listening/watching anything to do with the election, can't be bothered. So the only information I get will be from reading your election posts!! Should keep me well informed :-)

  3. Love the post and agree about Phoney Tony! However, tricky Nicky won't be forming the coalition with anyone as she's an MSP, First Minister of Scotland and hellbent on taking our country out of the United Kingdom. Like Sue, I'm so disinterested but occasionally see things that make my blood pressure soar. If the whole bleeping lot of them would stop playing games and get on with running the country then perhaps the NHS wouldn't be on its knees, and the education system used a political pawn and forgetting children's futures are at stake. Rant over. Catriona

  4. Well your post is so much more interesting than the party political broadcasts we are been subjected to.

  5. Don,t underestimate Scottish people, we have no intention of being a part of Englandshire a second more than we need to!. We voted stay in EU.
    Now we need freedoooom, sure we may make mistakes, but will be ours, we will all stand together, rich poor as we do now with free university education, free personal care for everyone
    prescriptions, dental and eye care. We are a proud small country where everyone matters.