Sunday 18 December 2022

This is the End

The Last Post as i sign off for xmas 

Someone Robin Hooded Iceland overnight yesterday and im sure there will be more of these incidents this week, society seems to be going downhill at a rapid rate . Ive seen folks shoplifting much more this year  . We have heat and light still , but im still ignoring the whole event where possible , plenty of food in the cupboards the only extra is a cheese pack . Though im storing daughter and sons turkeys things . Sons freezer packed up and daughters is rammed full . Sons baby is due to be started off the day after Boxing Day , the hospital is only booking slots for the days they have enough midwifes for so you have them when they tell you these days .

In the world of Grinch ive had 2 xmas cards this year , one i have no idea who its from . A friend bought me a cheese advent calendar much appreciated but now i feel guilty because i cant afford to buy her a gift . every spare penny is having to be saved for fuel to get son to his girlfriends for the baby , theres no public transport available and they are more than skint despite working . im hoping to get them electric for xmas .

Mother Dearest is fading slowly shes over the flu but has yet another infection , you still take a week to get any news but things have been relaxed so that you dont have to book appointments to visit and they are allowed to ring you if they are well enough . Somebody put in an official complaint it would seem , nothing to do with me but i think my daughter may have had something to do with it .

So enjoy your xmas whatever you may have planned , i will be warm and well fed at daughters subject to grandson giving us his raging cold  

Monday 12 December 2022

Jingle Bells

 well its very xmasy outside heaps of ice and freezing fog so im debating making plum loaf in the microwave , ive got some ancient eggs and last years dried fruit , nothing that a bit of tea and a splash wont rehydrate , always a good experiment . its surprising but im still drying washing outside when the fog lifts , just have to remember to turn it , mainly because it doesnt dry in a house with a mould problem . couldnt afford to own a tumble drier anyway . On that subject its a kindness if your neighbours have kids and you can afford it to offer to dry school uniform in your tumble if you see it hanging in the fog .

As far as we are aware mother is still alive in Jurassic Park , nobody answers the phone which i can understand as they all have flu, mother included , so theres no visitors allowed . My cousin says they are training attendants for the ward in the event of strike action , if mothers feeling perky im sure she will love administering bed baths to everyone in memory of her nursing days 

im my usual xmas Grinch im afraid ive done dozens of the thousands of xmas competitions on offer , mainly gardening and craft stuff , theres never clothes of a decent size and im afraid beauty products long passed me by . i did find one for DMS so you never know ? So far ive won a Guinness Christmas jumper , i usually win 3 things so im waiting patiently . 

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Tis The Season

 Well it feels like the season of misery and depression , Mr BH had his on the phone PIP reassessment the other day the girl was nice enough but he was sobbing he really doesnt like to even think about his prognosis let alone chat about it , i was allowed to sit with him and to explain that because we had to fill the forms in during the Covid Lockdown we were unable to get consultant letters they required and he is now awaiting being assigned to new consultants because everyone dealing with him has gone home to their own countries . Why is he not seeing his GP each month ? because nobody has seen any of our GPs for months , they give him an appointment then cancel it the next day because the surgery has no GPs ...AARRRGGGGHHH. Why had i sent a copy of his medical records in ? because i couldnt get the letters . Why has he not been by the consultant about his heart problem diagnosed 18 months ago ? we are still waiting . Has he seen any consultants ? nope he just gets telephone consultants about his iron problem with a bloke based in Mumbai whos very good . Is he still having blood transfusions regularly ? No because there is no blood so hes having infusions till they get some blood not helped by him having a rare blood group .  An hour on the phone now we await the verdict which can take weeks ,hes so depressed he suggested we end it all if it has to go to another tribunal .

 Hes down in the depths and instead of weetabix wars we have crumpet wars , i got a small batch of yellow label Asda stuff to try because daughter shops there so she could pick things up for me . The crumpets are foul and hes not eating them he says they are a bit stodgy but excellent value for money so i will eat them . There grotty frozen sausage rolls were good but i dont think they have any meat content , a bottle of Cola was so bad ive used it to clean the toilet , we will keep wading through the offerings , but im getting comments about why am i not shopping for xmas ? because theres no money due to the electric being so expensive aaarrrggghhh