Thursday 24 January 2019

Be Prepared

Quite where to begin with this one . A few days ago I joined a facebook group for UK preppers , seemed a nice enough helpful bunch, ive belonged to a good few US groups of a similar vain , once again helpful useful contacts and ive learned a lot from them about shelf lives and what you can and cant store long term , Now I do bulk shop quite a lot mainly because we live in a food dessert here and were very rural , plenty of acerage of veg around us but nothing but the occasional Coop or Spar type shop available  for everything else or online shop  . Ive noticed for the last few weeks that theres not much stock of basic items in the few local stores , didnt really put two and two together till i joined this UK prepper group and realised that the panic buying for Brexit has begun .
There were people posting there £500 tin shops , moaning about finding places to store stuff , yesterday the first time ive ventured out into Lincoln itself I noticed a woman in the Poundshop just sweep an entire shelf of Fray Bentos pies into her basket  , it took 5 shops to manage to buy Ibuprofen yesterday , its the weird gaps in the shelves you notice .
Read the UK site yesterday and someone said the government wont provide pet food and will tell you to destroy your pets , this did actually happen during the First World War  so today i would imagine that will all go missing from the shelves .
The most disturbing posts ive seen are the people wholesale buying food to sell it a profit if Brexit goes tits up . Yes we know its all a bit Millennium Bug and people will believe any pap they read on the internet.  But in the back of your mind theres a realisation that our Government are a total shower of shit who can organise nothing , so what do you do ?
Well i may plant extra beans this year and ive stuffed a few garlic bublets in a plant pot , I remembered the big food shortage of WWII was onions of all things , they still mainly come from Spain  , so ive got a couple of bags of dried ones in ...ho hum we live in the countryside and are surrounded by cabbages and leeks we will get by , but what happens in the cities when the energy drinks run out?

Tuesday 22 January 2019

Still Here

Well ive come to the end of my 5 day ration of painkillers and im now lucid , feeling the pain rather a lot and a couple of paracetamol isnt touching it , but being as im no longer a weeping scabby mess im cured according to this lot.  Weird mysteries ive discovered, does nobody thing the poor cats bowls need washing? or a cat litter changing ?  At least theyve being fed , well they would have eaten the kids if they didnt feed them . I gather the weird aches and pains can last a while along with spasms and other weird side effects caused by the antivirals and its now a waiting game to see if it comes back .
 Best comment this morning !!  Are you walking to school?  Not this week sunshine not happening .
Second best comment , Theres no big towels left , that didnt deserve an answer .
Another weird mystery how long would they let a line of washing hang out for , I may be back on duty but im just knackered not doing a lot , i may tackle hoovering today just because the sensation of walking on crunchy floors isnt good . Then again i might not ...ho hum

Thursday 17 January 2019

The Bleedin Obvious

So its official , im actually ill.

Finally got to see a real GP our retired sometimes locum whos actually been a GP a very long time . It has proved hard to get to see him , because ive had endless calls to the receptionist for the last month to be told its just a bug, take paracetamol, stay in bed and give at least 4 weeks for the cough to clear , think i got an appointment on a slack day as the place was deserted . It would seem that my amazing skin problems caused by me not managing my diet well and all the Christmas food ive guzzled as the nurse practioner stated, are actually Shingles on a grand scale !!  They gave me antivirals but its 2 weeks to late really, but he said give it a try , probably caused by my bad reaction to the flu jab and being more run over than run down , 3-5 weeks minimum to heal up , struggling to walk sit and move because its mainly my sciatic nerve thats affected ,still coughing but then he thinks ive had pleurisy but its getting there, so not worth treating with antibiotics. 

He did ask if anyone had actually examined me , then raised his famously sarcastic eyebrow when i said of course not everything had happened over the phone .

My minions are trying, very trying . im struggling to stand on my already motorbike, long ago damaged leg for more than seconds  and still feel rather as if ive been hit by a bus, very wheezy and I have badly swollen legs by the end of the day . Ive scared Mr BH to death , hes turned into Mrs Doyle and keeps asking if i want a tea every 10 minutes , we may need all new carpets  because his tremors mean he gets it everywhere . Though when he offered to "cook" me a pot noodle , I think he got the hint
 The washing pile resembles an episode of hoarders , im sure someone will eventually give in and take responsibility or be crushed as they walk past it.

 Im mainly granny napping due to the lovely painkillers and dont care a 

Monday 14 January 2019

Old Biddy Party 2019

So its Monday im bored lets have a natter about the omni shambles that is Brexit .
WTF is going on ? if i had to get my crystal ball out I wouldnt put good money on any of the projected outcomes .  The only certainties I can see is the French making a fortune out of selling rubber dinghies and inflatable arm bands to people who dont grasp just how dangerous and busy the English Channel is. Post Brexit will we have a version of the Homeguard putting up barbed wire and mines on the beaches , im sure theres loads who would volunteer my mother could coordinate 

Then theres the tits in the Hi Vis , where has this bunch sprung from ? pale imitations of the French rioters ?  Explain please

What the hell is a Gammon , I always assumed it was something served with egg and chips in a chain pub ? Explain Please.

Lets face it, get the no deal Brexit over with walk away and get on with building a future , a very strange future with the walled city that will be London  still whinging about how the North sold them out forever from the wonders of a federated Europe and the North just going about its poverty stricken business as usual ...ho hum ...discuss please

Thursday 10 January 2019


For those of us who are in the Lincoln area heres this years first list of Cat charity Jumble Sales , I would hasten to add this is Lincoln UK not Lincoln Nebraska . This prompt is caused by the fact that my daft other half once booked us in at a Steakhouse for a meal , at a place i'd never heard of , he then said its got a weird postcode , mmmm very weird , it had a Zip code !!  The internet is a dangerous place for cripples taking interesting drugs .....he has never lived this one down and it was a few years ago .
  • 12 January Jumble Sale @ Royal Naval Club,Coulson Road 12 til 2
  • 16 February Jumble Sale @ Washingborough Community Centre,Fen Lane,Washingborough 12 til 2
  • 16 March Spring Fayre @ Birchwood Scout Hut,Woodfield Avenue 11 til 1.30
  • 13 April Jumble Sale @ St John the Baptist Church Hall,Ravendale Drive,Ermine East 12 til 2
  • 18 May Jumble Sale @ St Giles Parish Church Hall,Lamb Gardens 12 til 2
  • 15 June Summer Fayre @ Birchwood Scout Hut, Woodfield Avenue 11 til 1.30
  • 20 July Jumble Sale @ Washingborough Community Centre,Fen Lane 12 til 2
  • 17 August Jumble Sale @ St John the Baptist Church Hall,Ravendale Drive,Ermine East 12 til 2
  • 14 September Autumn Fayre @ Birchwood Scout Hut,Woodfield Avenue 11 til 1.30
  • 12 October TBA
  • 16 November Jumble Sale @ Washingborough Community Centre,Fen Lane 12 til 2
  • 14 December Christmas Fayre & Grand Draw@ Birchwood Scout Hut,Woodfield Avenue 11 til 1.30

Monday 7 January 2019

Do I Have A Problem?

I was debating the other day on whether to put some pretty binding on a couple of towels that had frayed at the edges when my son pointed out they were there old PE towels from when they went up to big school at 11 , hes just had his 25th birthday . AARRGGHH
Then my daughter has discovered one of those facebook things that tells you stuff for free on Amazon the deliveries are rolling up daily and i just find this appaling. WHY? just because its free it doesnt mean you need it does it? I have a theory that its how companies are getting round environmental disposal rules. I read the other day that Sweden has an electric generating plant that incinerated bales of clothes as fuel . So why are we producing more?
Locals moaning on facebook that all the waste in the xmas collections is going in the same lorry , bless do they not understand the people on the sorting belts actually have xmas holidays ? so its quicker and more cost effective to just incinerate everything they would usually sort for a couple of weeks a year , i would imagine its all infected with glitter and sparkle anyway.
Then theres Vegangate and the great sausage roll scandal, great bit of advertising for Greggs , my favourite sausage rolls are Linda McCartneys , dont care that there vegetarian im not, just love the wretched things, I could happily live meat free but Vegan is one step to far with a dodgy digestive system and no turning into a wholefood holier than thou doesnt cure umpteen dodgy surgeries and scar tissue in weird places .  There are some lovely classed as vegan foodstuffs out there that i happily eat , but theres also some really dodgy labelled vegan foodstuffs with lots of seeds and nuts that could kill me , plus whats with the miniscule labelling of the contents of foodstuffs these days?  they highlight known allergens? but what about those of us with real obscure intolerances , look at those whove died from sesame seeds in stuff you would never expect . The youngsters who are Vegan seem to rely on heavily processed meat substitutes , where a good Vegan cookbook might be a better idea .
Mardy old bird rant over for today

Friday 4 January 2019

Tis the Season

Ive just spotted the first Jumble Sale of the Year , Dunholme Village Hall 1pm 5th January , not sure if im going we may have a few problems getting anywhere at weekends till after April the main road into Lincoln is going to be shut due to the bypass construction , this will doubtless give Mr BH yet another reason not to go anywhere , he doesnt need much of a reason !! so the extra mileage will doubtless be good enough .
The guests have now departed and the munchkin goes back to school next week so not long till i can get back to some sort of normality . New Year was interesting , I wasnt cooking due to still more of the lurgy that keeps on giving ,  i cooked the instant out of a box buffet from hell , just chuck in oven then, chuck on my endless collection of pretty plates and vintage pyrex , they still stuffed there faces just the same and proved my point that good food is wasted on the boys  ..though even the birds wouldnt take a second Macaroni
Trainee daughter in law has developed the exhausted rabbit in the headlights look that only a breastfeeding mum of a two hourly feed baby can get ,which was a good think as the boys all got a good maul of the baby while she snored on the sofa . Managed to show Young Baldrick that hes not crying for food hes crying because hes got wind and just needs a gentle tummy rub to get it moving without using food to force the pain away ...yep i had a small colicky baby many moons ago .
Best laugh of the day Young Baldrick the child care expert . He was ranting to his dad and the boys on how he will manage to sort out his partners eldest daughter 13 , he knew how to discipline her into behaving etc etc , as he left sarcastic son pointed out he as going to die trying , nobody wins with an angry jealous 13 year old girl . Personally i think hes being looking up  on his phone , how to be a step parent, the joys of Aspergers , she is going to have him for