Wednesday 29 April 2015

Highland Fling & Things

I still havent had a chance to go to a single car boot this season and its not looking good weather wise for the Bank Holiday Weekend ...Ho Hum
Managed to pop into Uniques Wednesday rubbish auction ....oops sorry General & Household Sale ,this morning , it was stuffed with all manor of lovelies, but im rammed full of car boot stuff at the moment and just need a nice dry sunny day to get rid of it all , nope we dont do many yard sales in the UK , wouldnt be a lot of good here anyway , its the middle of nowhere and most of the locals are to snotty to .
They had an amazing trunk packed with my 70s favourite curtains , but i could hardly stay for hours and the curtains alone would have been under £5 if they hadnt been in a  trunk that would have fetched £30 .
What I did spot was the sign up for Coleby car boot on Sunday and theres another at Tattershall village Hall on Monday . So maybe next week I will have lots to show and tell ?
Heres my sole purchase for this week a whopping 10p and it was truly filthy , but it had to come home, you cant leave a lonely Highlander just sat there can you .It was a pleasant surprise to find it was full of ancient embroidery transfers and silks , you can never have too many can you ?

Saturday 25 April 2015

A Weeks Worth of Thrift & Politics

I do feel that im rather neglecting the blog and ebay at the moment , to much time spent running around in the real world trying to sort out our financial mess and Mr Bah Humbugs disability , that requires endless forms , medicals , physio, telephoning etc etc etc .
Plus its the season of sorting the veg garden out and this apathetic bunch arent exactly being helpful , currently nuked full of painkillers after yesterdays maul things about and hack down trees day . I managed a whole hour at an auction this week , but the phone never stopped , yet again i needed to go somewhere with Mr Bah Humbug .I managed to get a big pile of 50s and 60s jigsaws for next to nothing , so they will sit and gather dust till i get a chance to complete them.  Ive tons of work but no money for the fuel to complete it , im hoping its nice tomorrow so i can do a car boot sale to fund fuel for next week ,as pay day isnt till Friday .
You see we recklessly squandered what money we did have on filling the freezer and an Approved Food order , im struggling with the concept of full cupboards and ive lost the will to cook , after all shouldnt we be living on junk food and takeaways as benefit recipients?

Im currently howling with laughter at the election campaign , talk about in hiding , we had David Cameron in Lincoln yesterday preaching to his own party , didnt want to meet the public did you Dave? none of them seem to want to actually speak to the voters its always the chosen few who get to speak to them. Does that moment when Gordon Brown lost the last election by calling a voter a stupid bigoted woman when she asked him about immigration stick in their minds ?
I must admit im getting to like Nick Clegg , hes like an evil imp , putting the boot into all and sundry , nothing to lose , so lets tell the truth seems to be his motto .
But let me explain for those of you in other countries , we have a General Election in less than Two Weeks , we cant stand any of the people who are standing for election , they are all well known liars , expenses cheats , PR men and brother stabbers . So its all a big non event , not a single one is worthy of our vote , so once again we will end up with some cobbled together bunch of egomaniacs . UKIP will probably do quite well and someone is going to have to suck up to them , not sure who though . Or we could just end up ruled by the Little Scottish Biddy whos the scariest thing since Thatcher. Milliband doesnt stand a chance in a coalition with her he will served up with a side of  neeps and tatties . She is proper hard core Labour back from the depths, theres nothing New about the Scots.....So yep come next month the political holocaust begins , cant wait .

Monday 20 April 2015

Benefits Land ,,,Yet Again

Its hard work being one of the scum of the earth , life as a benefit claimants taxi driver and minder seems to have eaten every last minute of the past week . we had the glorious Atos medical now run by another company that are American and seem to employ lots of retired nurses , I have this nightmare where my mother decides to come out of retirement and persecute the poor and injured .
Anyway heres the tale for your amusement . The medicals are held in town at a building with no parking and near a busy junction where you carnt drop anyone off ...AARRGGGHHHH
So I have to park Mr Bah Humbug on a wall at a nearby garage with young Baldrick to mind him , you go off to park only to find that the only parking is a 10 minute walk away in a multistory with no lifts . Trot back and drag Mr Bah Humbug down the road to the building . Get to the door which is camera and buzzer access and its blowing a gale , this means hes now coughing for England because you guessed it hes got the man flu from young Baldrick and you cant change the date of the medical its an instant fail if you do . When we get in hes tears streaming down his face, cant breath and cant get his words out , the women on reception asks Young Baldrick to leave because youre only allowed to bring one person with you , we point out hes Special Needs , she looks him up and down and suggests he sits on the wall outside , they have cameras .
Once you sit down you notice theres lots of other groups of three people waiting , then realise there interpreters for the others there , yes we were the only English . The lady who did the medical was lovely , I think he scared her to death , he cried through the whole thing then excelled himself by nearly crushing her when falling off the bed shed asked him to climb up onto .
Did he pass the medical ....well we await the verdict with interest
On a plus note he passed last weeks PIP medical and will now be receiving a small amount of disability payments for the next 3 years any increase to our income is gratefully received at this time , were going to spend it on wild living , our first jar of coffee in months and his luxury purchase a bottle of Heinz
But I have to say that Disability is such a huge time eater , that ive not managed to get to a single car boot sale yet this season , at least we are finally rid of young Baldrick hes gone home till his next escapade , mainly because he and his brother had to be parted last weekend as they came to blows and he rang his mother moaning . I must try this technique when ive had enough of him . Its so nice to go to the loo and not have the seat either up or tinkled on
David Cameron's post election job  

Monday 13 April 2015

Grumpy Old Bird Monday

 Ive not been around for a few days because it was my mothers 80th , now you would think big party etc etc mother and I get along on the grated teeth principle the less we see of each other , the less disappointed we are with each other . We speak on the phone a couple of times a week and if she needs anything she only has to ask , but its still a bit grated teeth . I find her offensively racist, homophobic and just a general hater of the human race , in other words she supports UKIP and believes everything she reads in the Daily Mail !! . I knew this wasnt going to be a good experience, after all i'm now one of the scrounging class she loathes .
My daughter took me and we took the munchkin , his first visit to Great Grandma , that aspect went quite well she was sweetness and light to him , on the phone she refers to him as the bastard!!  I'd already warned her that i would just walk out if she started .
Now she has two birthdays , one in the week to which she invites her friends , the ladies  who lunch , the relatives she likes and who have achieved in life, then  we had to sneak down at the weekend . She wanted to go for a bar meal , we went to a lovely restaurant had a great meal , it was damned expensive but it was what she picked , apart from the muttering when she realised the waiter was a foreigner she was very well behaved . Im sure she picked the place on purpose , the meal came to more than we spend on groceries in two weeks , im just not going to pay the council tax this
Now for the thing that bothered me , yesterday we had 10 for lunch , my daughters mates , kids, the boys, uncle tom cobley and all . I love having a house full , its a challenge on our current budget but I always manage , there was even folks sat on the stairs eating because we ran out of seats.
It just struck me how much happier I am here with my family , the cobbled together , screwball , failed in life bunch of misfits that me and Mr Bah Humbug have given to each other . I love the lot of them and im blessed that they all feel welcome here.
Then I think of my mother counting her money and living alone . Sorry Mum but im singularly unimpressed with how far in life youve got , hard work may have bought you riches but you had children you never had a minute for, who never had friends home , who were browbeaten through there whole childhood for not being good enough , I would sooner have my disastrous benefit scrounger life than put up with you .
Thats my therapy for today , now you can all unfriend me for being

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Fen Trolls v Holidaymakers

The problem with living in a holiday area is that come Easter Break the hoards arrive , dragging there homes behind them in some cases . today ive twice been nearly demolished by geriatric caravan pullers .
 Hey up Mavis does the map say left or right?
Ah well i will indicate right then turn left then
Bleedin locals do they not know were on holiday !!

 Try to get parked in Woodhall Spa , give up theres 4WDs  everywhere , one parent with three wobbly little kids on bikes.
India , India stay on the path!!!
Cant the pensioners move any quicker ?
Bleedin Locals dont they know were on holiday ?

Follow huge 4WD down single track road , they will of course be driving up the middle of the road, prepare for sudden stops without warning .
 Hey up Mavis theres a pheasant on the road , we dont see them at home .
Whys that car behind beeping ?
Dont they know were on holiday?

Go down to Horncastle , theres nothing in the shops , there out the door at the bank , everythings been raised in price , its no fun being a bleedin local in a holiday

Sunday 5 April 2015

£1 Worth of Thrift

A Little light relief from my hellish home life ..What better than the fact ive spent a whole £1 on Bits and bobs that i really didnt need , but they do make me smile and cheer me up a bit . A whole bag full of my pleasure . On a good side i did deposit 3 dustbin bags of rags at the Bridge Christian Shop , baffling to me is theyve had pink and lemon Pyrex mixing bowls in store for 2 weeks and nobody has even looked at them...tempted so tempted

Anyway where else could i get cheap and cheerful fabric but the Moorlands Relate shop , single flannelette rose printed sheet , faded but gorgeous kitty childs sheet and an unusual hippy cotton skirt that will cut up a treat . Theres even a beautifully embroidered tablecloth that was 10p  it has a mark , err it has a pin prick rust spot on the very edge . A little reading material , amazing vintage san francisco trams headscarf  , a future collectable Ikea teddy , I think I will put him away for 20 years after all theyre a kids toy how many will survive ?

Friday 3 April 2015

Never Say What You Think

You know  that  think before you open your mouth speech you give to the kids , the one my mother never had ever ?  Well I had a moment the other day when i told Mr Bah Humbug exactly what i thought and now i feel like dirt, the lowest of the low .
What occasioned this awful moment you may ask , we got up the other morning me, the 3 who were off to work and the munchkin , im pottering around doing morning chores and the youngest is snoring on an airbed in the living room , this is Mr Bah Humbugs special needs son ADHD aspergers and autism
 . Then i hear the boys laughing and sniggering , Young Baldrick had fallen asleep with his nose in his dads ipad they were taking pics and texting them to their dad , they dash out of the door and leave me to deal with the mess .
Now hes been here for 2 weeks and its been a living hell , insolent , surly , falling asleep all day long , picking on the munchkin , his dad picking on him , moaning and gripping that theres nothing to eat that he wants , that hes expected to pick up after himself , actually clean up after hes tiddled all over the seat and floor yet again etc etc etc .
Also theres the fact that we are living on £68 a week  plus the charity of the kids at the moment , im having to scratch cook 3 times a day , the fact that he turned up here with 3 dustbin bags of mucky washing and his mother sent him with a food parcel "because we eat weird" I dont call what he was sent with food !! a treat now and again more like .

I must admit ive been festering well for over a week , moaning he has no money to buy "bacca" was the final straw , I dont approve of the kids smoking even if they are adults, they really do go to the unused bus shelter in all weathers if they wish to indulge .  I did point out that we buy food not fags for wastrels!!!
 his reply mum doesnt let me have any of my money , i get dla attendance and disability and she gives me nothing .
Now I can understand why not , because he isnt capable of dealing with money at all , but the fact that on top of this we are also having maintenance stopped for him and  we have no idea how long hes here for because his mothers not answering her phone , just did it .
So this time instead of keeping the peace , i let his dad give him both barrels . After an hour and a half I gathered up the munchkin from under his bed and left the building . When i got home at teatime they were sat there in surly silence glaring at each other . He has been staying up all night on his dads ipad after we had all gone to bed , the biggest mistake was leaving his viewing history on for his dad to see . his conversations everything!  I gather there wasnt a member of the family he hadnt been slagging including me , he didnt like his dad telling me this and went slamming out of the house . When he eventually he came home crying and wailing about how awful it is here and how horrible we all are to him , he says its because he doesnt like seeing his dad ill and a 101 other excuses .
his dad sent him out and said "what do you think?" And I told him
So now I feel like utter slime .
But the biggest truth is that I can sympathise with his mother 100%