Tuesday 23 February 2021

Plague 103


trolls thrive on attention , therefore ignore the bleeding thing , its opinions are of no interest , I couldnt give a stuff whos who , nice Flis is more than welcome just ignore the other . THE END

So heres a Royal rant . Prince Phillip died on Saturday at least according to Twitter ,  then it was pointed out he was sat up in bed watching footie at the time .  His death may have been misreported  because he actually said "id sooner be dead than have Charles visit "  Or he may actually be dead and in a chiller awaiting a State funeral during Harry and Meghans interview on Oprah , hed think that was a grand idea , taking one for the Firm 

Someone did point out that Meghan might be the most media savvy person ever to steal Harry away . hes been bred specifically to be the ideal consort for a future politician when she runs for public office once the kids are big enough to be presentable on a podium . Harry is trained to stand with his hands behind his back and mumble and look interested practically from birth in practically any situation . Their will be no scandals , no running off with the office staff , lots of adoring looks for the missus . He is the perfect Labrador husband , just let him watch rugby on his giant telly and he will be contented . 

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Plague 102

 Here we are again the snows cleared off so we now have Lincolnshires prime export endless mud , still pottering around but had one of those vaguely surreal conversations with our GP the other day or should i say we had a trail of emails as it would appear they dont even talk to us anymore . Having rung the doctors earlier to ask about the results of other halfs tests ???  We are instructed to go onto Ask GP  all results are there...

But its empty 

Then you havent had any tests 

 They were done over a fortnight ago , both ends and biopsies 

The request was sent in January , you cant have had the tests yet .

Could we speak to the doctor please 

You will have to speak to ask doctor .

Couple of hours later email from doctor we have found your test results , you were given them at the time 

He was knocked out and i wasnt allowed in , so how did they give him the results ?

He will have been told and given paperwork 

The paperwork is a sheet telling him to contact his GP in 10 days for the results 

Well we cant tell him anything other than he is no longer on the cancer pathway , he will have to wait for a clinic appointment .

So what is happening about his other small problem , that you insisted is so important that you asked if hes considered palliative care? 

He has no other problems 


Oh the referral from November , well thats up to you to chase up we just send in a request .

Who do we contact , we have no idea who or where he has been referred to 

This is the phone number 

So endeth the contact with Ask GP , i then spent a happy hour on the phone chasing up his referral , he should have a telephone appointment sometime before April ...ho hum 

Friday 12 February 2021

Plague 101

 Ho Hum , nothings changed much apart from the addition of piles of white stuff , watching our youngest cat get over her absolute horror of snow has been fun we usually only get token white muddy mush so at 3 years old shes discovered the fun of chasing snowballs she can never catch and trying to catch big snowflakes while diving and attacking ancient cat who isnt very impressed at all .

Ventured out yesterday under protest , other half was climbing the walls and it did give a snow free day . But i dont feel the need to go anywhere at the moment , just a Lidl and M&S trip , . M&S was a queue down the road job all the pensioners having been housebound due to the weather they had decided to go out and get a trolley full of wine ready for the next snow all i wanted was an indian in a box and a few odds and ends . Then i realised they were all piling round the Valentines Day stuff  something i wouldnt have even thought of if i hadnt gone in .  Ended up venturing into Iceland Warehouse on the grounds that its always empty in a week , bought the worlds biggest bag of chicken nuggets which should keep other half happy till spring and some other weird chicken product hed seen advertised .  Then it was the usual argument because i didnt want fish and chips , im more than happy for him to have them and to take some home for son , all the years hes been with me and he just forgets that greasy food makes me ill , unless its the right day which happens maybe twice a year .  It developed into a wee bit of an argument , with him screaming at me and i just wont bite back . Hes been in a lot of pain the last couple of weeks since the hospital visits and hes takin it out on me as usual at the moment . Hes got really bad word salad and endlessly repeating himself , he just needs to sleep . But the problem got bad yesterday when the woman in the next car tapped on the window to see if i was alright . I just nodded yes and then got his chips and drove home in thundering silence , at least he has finally given in and settled into his heavy duty painkillers , keep having to wake him for medication and cups of tea..lol 

Friday 5 February 2021

Plague 100

 Sorry no prizes , flags etc  just more boredom from the fens ..lol  Sue we made it to 100!!  Im just glad we are all still here bimbling on . nothing exciting  happening , still going nowhere , dying to go out and start spring garden chores but the garden is totally waterlogged . Only a wee bit of chain sawing to tackle, that and the annual bramble cull at the very bottom .  Seed wise i start nothing very early , i need a new weed burner as the flint has died on mine , all seeds and compost are ready to go . 

On the bane of my existence my mother, we had a bit of a run in the other day .  Now i wasnt joking when i said she had got some kind of cat taser from the back pages of the Daily Mail . The other day i was stalking her on her local facebook pages and it seems somebody in the next street has had a cat injured by someone firing paint ball bullets at it , then a whole thread started it seems that in the few roads around her there has been at least 6 cats coming home covered in paint . Does anyone still get a daily paper and flick through the sale booklets ? can she possibly have got her hands on a small paint ball gun ?  She hates cats always has , she doesnt do the internet so it would be hard copy she got it from . She really is a horrible human being and would think nothing about hurting animals , hurting children never bothered her back in the day . Anyway she went off on a whole shes had her injection now everybody else can die rant  and eventually i lost it and told her to shut the F up , prompted by her slagging the neighbours who have been doing all her shopping and fetching and carrying for her . It just turned into one of those days when i wish i was adopted so i hung up. Back to not speaking again i think for a while , daughter can deal with granny for a week or two ..lol

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Plague 99

 I was wondering where Anonymous was this week , so this week its throw in a bit of plague denial in to the mix.  Sadly thats not something we sponsor its real and its out there . Our useless lying government however just arent helping, how many weeks is it taking to shut our borders properly  10 months and theyre dithering , so what if some second rate celebs and influencers get there botox trapped abroad.  Between that and all the folks popping off to Turkey and Thailand for surgery and dental care , priorities do seem very odd at the moment ,apparently your allowed to travel for medical reasons .

 I did like the idea of a Celebrity Premier Inn near Heathrow where they quarantine all the influencers and second rate celebs , chuck them a few ready meals and film them all . they could be quarantined for months due to there inability to stop rutting with one another . We could watch their extensions rot off while their lips melt, a couple might starve due to lack of a vegan option , as they waste to skeletons their implants would at least survive , in years to come it could become a tourist attraction rather like a Heathrow Pompeii..

Next laugh spotted , the sales of books by the yard have gone through the roof  either rented or bought . There are companies that supply books for film sets etc that are making a mint because people want to look intelligent during their zoom calls . The hours of fun that could be had just planting that one perfect book in the background shot. Why am i thinking of Matt Hancock at this moment ?  The presenter who had a dildo on the shelf behind her , must have teenage kids , in fact this may have sparked off a whole new lockdown pastime instead of elf on the shelf .