Saturday 29 December 2018


Glad to see the back of that event , one of those xmas days  when if it could go wrong it did go wrong . The damned oven picked that day to die , it took 5 hours to cook a tiny turkey , that was dried up and unappetising , the top oven gave up the ghost altogether so we didnt get dinner till 5 it was scheduled for 1 . I was drowning in snot dying by inches and nobody wanted to help with anything. One son got hammered cos his dinner was late !!! middle son announced dinner is at his next year , i did point out that could be in a cardboard box with his cat on a string . Mr BH was trying to be chirpy not sure which of his medications hed saved up to achieve that .
But i did get a very nice Dremmel type set that i have lots of use for from Mr BH , I bought him a set of wheeltrims so we were both happy , the munchkin got tons from his mother most of which he promptly broke, declared he didnt want and was thoroughly ungrateful and vile about , very glad to see the back of him as he and his mum went to my exes for Dinner .
So yes xmas lived up to my expectations , im still snot riddled and have a death rattle cant taste or smell anything but snot , breathless and wheezy. Im cooking xmas pud today with yesterdays turkey stew heated up . Somehow ive got to magic a buffet up for New Years Day for the rest of the tribe , including allergy riddled trainee daughter in law  , clean up this shitpit , including the wet room that looks as if theyve been making cement in it and not kill any of this selfish what does a hoover look like bunch.....wish me luck

Monday 24 December 2018


So its turkey wrestling day tomorrow , 6am trip to Tescos for fresh stuff , home for coffee before anyone was stirring , im not to popular because one of the muppets had come in late last night and blocked the car in so i went round them all looking for car keys as you do , just four of us this year , 2 of the lads are here , everyone else is going elsewhere due to me and Mr BH not being xmas inclined.
So I wish all of you a merry xmas , be glad none of you can catch my wonderful xmas lurgy , Turkey and snot tomorrow im afraid . Sadly cant have the new grandchild anywhere near me.

But here is the little scrap, fine set of lungs on him and yes in the footsteps of Mr Bah Humbug hes got the words shortest

Saturday 15 December 2018

Be prepared

No ive not turned into a Scout , but i think my food habits are turning the kitchen into an episode of hoarders .
Somewhat spectacularly Mr Bah Humbug coughed up the money for a xmas grocery shop and not wanting to let him get away with his usual Scrooge like antics I made the most of it . Only last week he was going off his head because i used my cat food money to get a huge half priced ham from Morrisons. I did point out that the cats are very fond of ham and they might let him share it !!
Now ive been squirreling away stuff for xmas for weeks one bit at a time , so I have everything apart from fresh stuff and of all things tin foil left to get . His grandiose gesture was occasioned by middle son stopping for a few days , he will be stopping again for xmas and hes used to a grandad type xmas , different relative every day , xmas heads on people.
Now being crafty I suggested a trip to Grimsby , my favourite butcher being the main reason . Mr BH didnt even notice the boys had craftily taken out his buggy from the car boot , so apart from a potter on his crutches into Freeman street market , which has tons of benches to park him on . we got to steal his wallet and toddle on , the butcher had a big smile for me , we havent been for 4 months and he did me a good deal , tons of beef and lamb burgers from his freezer to mine, a carrier bag of pigs fry because its illegal to sell it , end joints of beef and pork , barbecue mixed grill packs in fact ive enough meat to last the winter with a bit of creativeness , the lid of the freezer is currently weighed down with car batteries its that full , he did say did i want any big turkey carcasses , they supply them ready cooked to hotels who only want the breast meat , but ive got no space otherwise I would have them . he did say hes now got a little Polish bloke taking all the pigs heads and trotters to make brawn , if only i lived nearer i would willingly buy brawn , I used to love it as a kid . Large pork pies from the market  and yet more  peculiar frozen food from the ever useful Heron, they get all the deformed stuff from Youngs that they sell under the excel label , but a trick ive found is that each branch of  Heron sells different boxes of Excel and they have 2 in grimsby , so ive now got a carrier bag of malformed scampi , umpteen fajita sausage rolls and somewhat surprisingly tons of deformed lamb chops this time , next week it may be malformed Pizzas and huge fish fillets you never can tell ,  xmas eve last year it was huge bags of mince pies .
So now the weather can do its worse , we are warm and the DWP cant spoil this xmas , ive bags of food ready to go to other family and friends who have got the miserable xmas we had last year .
Best skint foodie tip for next week , mince is in every reduced bin , nobody buys anything but xmas the week before xmas .

Monday 10 December 2018


Now as many of you realise i' m very grinch like in my view of Xmas, I loathe the whole commercialised season , ive just no interest in it at all , but this year Mr Bah Humbug is excelling himself in being a mardy joy sapper . Not just to me but the whole family , he doesnt want to go out at all and hes turning into my jailer. We havent even been to see the new grandchild because its a "waste of fuel" . Theres "no point in going out " because "I" have no money , meaning me of course .
Now I know hes depressed , hes supposedly getting treatment , they increase his antidepressents every so often , theres nobody for him to go and see because Lincolnshires mental health care has basically collapsed, but hes driving me steadily mad at the moment .
Hes just come in and started going off on one because somebody has moved the red sauce!!! Hes turned into a self obsessed monster the last few weeks , he belittles everything anyone does for him . Im told how useless i am at every turn , then 10 minutes later hes all apologetic and grovelling . Constantly picking on the Munchkin and causing endless rows , this latest phase is proving very hard work . Ive no clue what is going on with him , hes hit a physically quite good phase , hes only needing his crutches when he goes out. his other physical problems problems dont appear to be any worse, the latest pain clinic visit does seem to have improved things a little.
I think ive narrowed it down to his change in pain medication or hes fretting over me not being well , nothing to fret about just the minor niggles of getting older from a female perspective but men can be funny that way . So im stumped , but lifes interesting

Saturday 8 December 2018

Xmas Gift

Well Young Baldrick rang up totally hysterical yesterday . we eventually got it out of him that hes now a dad , never to do things by halves hed just delivered his partners baby !! The ambulance didnt get there in time because its the Lincoln Christmas Market and all the roads are closed up that end of town .  One hell of a shock for someone as far on the autistic spectrum as he is , but i gather it was one of those babies who wasnt hanging around and literally just appeared after a couple of cramps , theyd literally just popped his partner in the ambulance with the baby when he
Baby was due to be delivered by section on Boxing Day , hes a bit small just over 5lbs but he appears to have all his fingers and toes and be healthy , theyre staying in for a few days because mums everyday medical problems make it a good idea , plus a few days may be needed to calm Young Baldrick down he still appears totally shell ..
Dont know what the future holds for this little one, only time will tell , but its the best xmas gift we all could have.

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Texas Chainsaw

Well ive been up for hours , Mr BH is snoring so bad hes drowning out next door , usually they sort of even out to a steady rhythm but even with ear plugs hes like a chainsaw tonight and as i cant move or wake him due to his industrial drug regime , me and the cat are up doing email and having a cuppa.
So what have I been up to , not much im afraid the season of mud has arrived , so nothing outside . Pottering about doing the usual carer chores dodging the mutant piles of washing , had to do a laundrette trip last week with all the bedding and towels Mr generates , washed at home, then chucked into 3 dryers at the laundrette , ho hum more expense. But still much cheaper than if we had a dryer at home . Todays weird fact did you realise that East of England has the dearest electric price , regardless of supplier , you can go on the comparison websites   it says everybody is cheaper but when you talk to said cheaper suppliers they cant offer you a cheaper deal because of your postcode . Ive tried economies of scale dont apply when your rural and cant be a dual fuel customer.
The cat jumble sale was a resounding success tons of weird stuff not just the usual mountains of clothes , it would seem they had a rather large donation from a demolition firm , theyre knocking down some 80s store units in town to build yet more student accomodation and Lidl had a clearance shop for a few months , only thing is when they moved out they just locked the unit up and left the  the builders have frantically donated this to whatever charity would take it  , hence the jumble was a tad comedic , buy one get a bagful free , so there were little old ladies getting a bag of grout knives and tile spacers with there xmas tat , though one little old dear looked totally baffled when she bought a ghastly resin ornament for £1 and was handed a bag of 10 .
I was remarkably restrained , all i came away with was 5 files of ghastly knitting patterns with a couple of dozen salvaged for my collection , a huge pile of posh garden and cooking books to flick through and , put out the flags here folks unopened pack of stair carpet tiles, you know the ones that just go on the treads of the stairs , ive had stair carpet on my thrift list for at least 3 years since the first hole appeared, so for a whole £2 im very happy , now ive just got to persuade the boys to lay them , wish me luck with that one.
Im avoiding xmas wherever i can and once again ignoring everything but preparing turkey dinner , the only presents ive bought have been a tool box and some Poundland tools for the munchkin , were hoping this stops him pinching grandads serious snap on stuff . Well we can hope , for 10 years old hes quite a handy little bloke and will try to fix anything, somehow i think hes not going to be a go to university kind of child , more an oily greasy apprenticeship sort  .... though he did make me laugh when he was questioning his maes dad about working for the water board , Guess thats a good idea ,there will always be poo!