Wednesday 26 February 2020


A few months ago my daughter designated me as Weird , ive never really thought of myself as weird , but i suppose she now spends so much time with her partners family that I fail in comparison to normal people like them .  Grandson asked why my house is so messy "because i like chaos , its my comfortable " that shut him up.
Today im creating utter chaos by dragging out the freebie Singer I repaired but havent had a chance to play with machine . thats a tomorrow project i will run it to its limits to see how much it can do . shopping bags for foodbank  and to give away at carboot this summer , these will be practically no cost other than time , ive a stack of curtains and furnishing samples to use up and endless bags of weird coloured thread to use up .
Sarcastic son has commented that hes decided my funeral pyre will be made up of knitting patterns and craft books , i have pointed out that he needs to check on ebay before doing so as he may be torching his inheritance, later found him looking up how to burn a body and knitting  he insists hes just preparing for Corona virus but he did  get designated most likely to end up a serial killer in his school yearbook so maybe i should worry? 
I have also succeeded in baffling Mr Bah Humbug , he opened the wardrobe to find a purple ball gown , that generated a wtf moment . well it was 30p from the jumble last week it fits, its glorious , i will never have any occasion to wear it , but what the hell im weird they had all better get used to it

Friday 21 February 2020


So yesterday i pottered off for the ritual nurse visit  diabetes checks ,  somewhat oddly my blood pressure is low and so was my blood sugar , she seemed quite chuffed . I was more concerned and pointed out that this just doesnt happen , ever .  Oh well book an appointment if your that concerned , heres the leaflet for the new System its fully automated online now . Ask Doctor has arrived we barely have to answer the phone now . I pointed out that it doesnt work on my ancient ipad , but its specifically designed for the android system comes the reply everyone uses that now .  Errrr not me , i have a dumb phone and its for emergencies and incoming calls only. Met by a totally blank expression and oh im sure you know someone who can book it for you . Not the point really is it .
I did ask why i was summoned in a month early for my check up , apparently they have nothing on at the moment so are pushing ahead with stuff . The place was deserted nobody in the waiting room very odd its usually packed . Then it clicked , Ask Doctor has been running for 2 weeks already .  We are the rural back end of nowhere , packed with the very frail and elderly, many who have no online access , many cant use the internet , many have dumb phones as well . If you phone the surgery all you get is Ask Doctor , you cant speak to a human and it just takes you in circles back to going online to book anything .  How long till this latest dumb scheme kills someone ? 

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Political Anomalies

Im sorry ive gone all political again due to a couple of questions raised by my peculiar taste in media reading .
Question one : Why are they all ranting about the pay raise for the House of Lords per day that takes the pay to more than a single person gets a month on Universal Workhouse ?  Im sure they all deserve said pay rise . But isnt this easily cured , just apply a benefits cap to the Lords or even in a spirit of communism make it a means tested benefit.  Then of course none of them will bother to show up , except those who use it as a care home for parking aged politicos for the day .
Question Two : Eugenics , why are those who really shouldnt be allowed to breed and who nobody in their right mind would be willing to breed with so keen on eugenics for everyone else , perchance are they a superior brand of weasel ?
Question Three: Do you see the comparison between Boris and Henry the Eighth ?  Surrounded by sycophants and with an ever growing ego . I found it chilling when he sat round that cabinet  table with his acolytes getting them to recite his campaign pledges.

Friday 14 February 2020


Watch it shes got that head on , im beginning to think that Himself and sarcastic son are ganging up on me ..I think its more we have been stuck together far to much this winter , due to scrimping to pay for vehicles.  the weather, more of which i gather we can expect this weekend. I think im just bored out of my mind and sick of all the crap in the house due to the leaky brick sheds they cant repair till Spring .  No its not a good day to repair his shed roof either !!!
Munchkin is joining us for half term , having already scared his new childcare givers away . they just havent grasped that you just feed him endlessly and nod your head and hes quite easy going , hes just not a child who wants organised time , hes very independent.   I will provide him with a sewing machine and he can amuse himself for hours . That and supervised ipad  will be good if the weathers foul , if not he will doubtless be out the door and haunting the village for his old mates if it resembles sunshine . Thats a thought hes eleven, grandads shed repairs shouldnt be beyond him , bonus . Im sure him and his equally practical mate will manage with a bit of supervision .  I always think practical children should be encouraged at all times . 
Thats the thing with raising boys , some are academic but useless, others are practical, others are good at painting your nails .  Why do we try to ram them into a one size fits all mould . Modern education is geared way to far in that direction , where exam results are the only badge of merit , some kids are hands on practical people .  Im more impressed by a man who can fix stuff and grow food , maybe im just an old hippy at heart

Sunday 9 February 2020

Its A Tad Breezy

Its a lovely day for looking out of the window . Himself is asking for a slap . can i not go out and repair the felt on his shed that is flapping in the gale , guess the answer to that one . But theres thousands of pounds of tools in there getting ruined if it rains , he hasnt been in there for at least 2 years so id be more concerned about the mice getting wet . There was enough grumping yesterday when i got the boys to take down his big portable radio mast , what will he do ? Please bear in mind theres half a dozen smaller masts that he can plug himself into , plus he has a battery back up system for when the power goes out . MEN!!
In the spirit of being prepared theres a pork hock slow cookered overnight , now pulled and added to a pint of gravy , stuffing and apple sauce also ready , just popping some part cooked baguettes in with the skin off the hock for crackling ,  then thats tea sorted if the power goes you just wrap the slow cooker in towels it will happily stay warm for hours that way .
Just heard the loft hatch pop up and i need to go and tape the letterbox down . Its quite warm so no need for the heating . I can go and crochet till dark and then an early night I think , hope everyones keeping safe .........Update next doors trampoline has just smashed through the fence , its there fence so no worries im sure the cats will enjoy it

Wednesday 5 February 2020

The Excitement

It was a Jumble Sale Week , two in one day . Another cat one with mountains of stuff  and then a church nearly new out in the villages , So i came home with a huge shoe box full of Thimbles , something i dont collect but i had spotted a few nice Edwardian ones among all the white bone china and i was well pleased on sorting through them all to find some that are desirable on ebay , even if im ever allowed to use it again. They dont take up much room so thats a bonus .  More books on 1930s crafts and the village Jumble on the way home yielded a nice big Laura Ashley cushion . Total spent a whole £4 way over budget , but the munchkin and his mum turned up and he was starved and needed cake .
We were feeling brave and ventured to Grimsby yesterday , glorious sunshine with an icy biting wind , sat on the seafront watching brave folks walking their dogs while we nursed a coffee . Ventured to the Value For Money warehouse and got a mountain of different cereals ready for the school holidays .Popped to the market ,  pork hocks were £2 each , theyres enough for a decent dinner on them so a couple have made it into the freezer . Large bags of bones £1 so its make stock day today .
All the swans have left the river and moved onto the fields theres hundreds of them having a social down there , in an act of mean spirited cruelty when one of the Southerners walking his dogs asked about using the public footpath down there i told him it would be fine , the swans really love dogs .

Monday 3 February 2020

Brexit 1

So now we have Brexited , well that was a bit of an anti climax , not a firework or a party to be seen on the edge of the Fen . Meanwhile the world thinks the whole country was out partying in the streets as all the news crews headed to Parliament Square for Nigel Farage and his shenanigans, the news crews probably outnumbered the party goers , not because there arent lots of Brexit supporters  but holding a street party in January in London wasnt going to do it for most .  Just grateful that the bloke over the road who must own a firework factory is a Remainer and didnt terrorise everyones pets yet again.
Boris has been trying his aspirational speeches  , i have wondered if Cummings has inserted something akin to an electric shock dog trainer about his person somewhere,  that could explain the sudden arm flinging and muttering that keep happening.
For shit and giggles I thought id try to take the Habitual Residency Test on YouGov  it would seem i have no right to be in this country and must leave straight away , excellent not sure where im supposed to go as i was born and bred here, Im buggered due to my lack of a passport and my lack of medical records lost in the computerisation debacle . So when they decide to deport me will i just fly round the world as every other country decides im not theirs? Or will they put me in a nice warm immigration center with TV and 3 meals a day ? got to be better than being in a residential care home.  Thanks to the problem with my medical records i may also find im not eligible for NHS treatment as it does say that if you dont have continuity of records to show you have been here long enough to qualify they can refuse you . I merely have a page from 1991 and one from 93 plus the last 3 years  ...ho hum  i will bring you the fun filled joys of Bexit from time to time