Wednesday 5 February 2020

The Excitement

It was a Jumble Sale Week , two in one day . Another cat one with mountains of stuff  and then a church nearly new out in the villages , So i came home with a huge shoe box full of Thimbles , something i dont collect but i had spotted a few nice Edwardian ones among all the white bone china and i was well pleased on sorting through them all to find some that are desirable on ebay , even if im ever allowed to use it again. They dont take up much room so thats a bonus .  More books on 1930s crafts and the village Jumble on the way home yielded a nice big Laura Ashley cushion . Total spent a whole £4 way over budget , but the munchkin and his mum turned up and he was starved and needed cake .
We were feeling brave and ventured to Grimsby yesterday , glorious sunshine with an icy biting wind , sat on the seafront watching brave folks walking their dogs while we nursed a coffee . Ventured to the Value For Money warehouse and got a mountain of different cereals ready for the school holidays .Popped to the market ,  pork hocks were £2 each , theyres enough for a decent dinner on them so a couple have made it into the freezer . Large bags of bones £1 so its make stock day today .
All the swans have left the river and moved onto the fields theres hundreds of them having a social down there , in an act of mean spirited cruelty when one of the Southerners walking his dogs asked about using the public footpath down there i told him it would be fine , the swans really love dogs .


  1. As Dick Emery would say 'OH YOU ARE AWFUL, BUT I LIKE YOU!'

  2. Sounds like a great day, never any jumbles around here.

  3. So if the dog gets hurt by a swan you'll think that's hilarious?

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