Saturday 26 February 2022

Of Gardens and Bombs

 Im trying to rally the troops to put in a bit of garden slavery , its not going well as putting in a wee bit of time and effort seems pointless to them , just growing for me and MR BH doesnt involve a lot but i can see that the rest of them just dont get that the biggest cash saving they can make is to grow your own and i have a vast garden that is now mainly unused. I just need the annual garden bonfire to set the spuds in and the spring bramble cull to take place . Im sure there are certain family members who think a hello fresh box is a better idea than putting a few hours in the garden that they can then abandon for granny to weed and water till harvest . Beggers belief really , daughter grows bits in tubs she has a tiny garden , i have space for bulk winter crops here and i think we may need them this year .  On that thought useful son is being made redundant next week may give him a rattle , it seems he needs a 10 year checkable work history at his current job it being local government , he cant supply this because he was a carer for grandad for two years . AAARRGGHH  . 

I do think the people of Russia have got a truly terrible fate awaiting it seems our Pound shop Churchill is broadcasting propaganda to the Russian people in a bid to topple Putin . Really ? I dont think the Russian people have much to say about Putin he is a shameless dictator , much in the way that Boris would like to be . Many brave people are protesting in Russia but they have arrested 1700 people in one night , something that only features in Priti Patels wildest fantasy's here. We live near to a huge airbase and the activity is day and night now , if you live here your used to it but its certainly frightening the incomers . One of our more nutty locals did ask if my bug out bags were ready for when the bombing starts , i pointed out we would be going nowhere , partner cant walk more than a few meters , so here we would stay . Ho hum i really need to get that gardening done 

Tuesday 22 February 2022

World of Confusion

Do you get the impression that Boris and his evil cohorts are flying round doing diplomacy wearing a Buy Your Arms Here tee shirts?  A war brewing must be seen as a big money spinner for many of his financiers . The funding of the Tories has a big chunk of roubles involved so despite our pretty neutral status due to leaving the EU its not our backside having to watch itself from a kicking from Mr Putin anybody would think this had been planned many years ahead ?

So in the real world it does appear we may be heading back to the realms of more DWP wars in this household , last year we submitted our renewal for PIP the disability cost part of Mr Bah Humbugs payments its a whole £27 a week as we are on the lowest rates , so at least this time if this all goes tits up we shant be left with nothing to live on but it will cause untold problems with everything from keeping a roof over our heads to being able to travel for his appointments . After telling us the assessment had been cancelled due to Covid they promptly a month later told us it had to be done straight away , i filled it in back in June last year all 600 pages plus including all his medical records , letters from consultants etc , they acknowledged it back in September , then in December they wrote to say was he still applying ? i rang and they told me he was in the queue and it could be some months . The other day i got a letter to say my carers allowance being stopped due to the end of his claim ? Spoke to the carers team who are pretty good , they informed me that because his claim hadnt been processed it would stop unless the DWP told them otherwise .  So once again we had to speak to the realms of the dead known as the DWP after a shocking 2 hours trying to get through the security and hold system we finally got to speak to a human and had to go through the whole security randomness again . To be told yes the renewal was in the system but there is a huge backlog and it could be at least another 6 months before it progresses  but they will speak to carers and stick 6 months on the case . I then asked what happens if they once again reject his claim and we have to go to tribunal again ? I will at that point be expected to pay back the whole six months carers as a lump we go again , i suppose a year of my life without been in debt to the DWP is to much to look forward to? Im not sure how the scroungers manage it , we can never seem to get a penny ahead 

Sunday 13 February 2022

munchkin tale

 This lovely tale of my grandson was passed to me by one of my spies . Back in the day sex education in schools was a bit odd , ours consisted of a nun ,a box of bananas and endless embarrassment, with a long lecture on keeping your knees firmly together and letting nobody past your knicker elastic . Because boys only want one thing and it was your duty to god to stop them getting it . Totally baffling as it was never explained what the one thing was . One of the older girls who was getting the one thing from one of the school bus drivers explained to our horror . The boys were taken away to watch films on venereal diseases that probably scarred them for life . These days it would seem that they have special trained sex educators that are invited in to teach a mixed class , so my grandson who has a gob on him and is a know it all sat through the film the slides and being a clever little so and so  it got to the question and answer bit . He promptly chimes up with ...So what do gays do ?  Now in the normal scheme of things a teacher would just tell him to shut up , but not this seasoned sex educator of whom i am deeply proud . She was prepared and had a whole very graphic set of explanatory diagrams and booklets and even a little film that the whole class had to sit and squirm through . He is now an expert and is getting the piss ripped out of him at school . What he hadnt forseen was that granny and grandad are really enjoying half term with him , his grandad keeps going on and on about lubrication and you can see the panic because hes not quite certain that we know and hes desperate for his mum not to find out ...

Tuesday 8 February 2022


 I do think im on an endless moan at the moment , but i got up this morning to find that my pension age had risen yet again to 68 !!! shant be fit to go on bus trips and play bingo by then , the fact that i wouldnt want to has nothing to do with it .  My health is very two step forwards three steps back at the moment not helped by an online GP who says its my age and i should expect these things , just petty annoyances . It has been suggested i go to walking group for seniors , having seen this miserable practice trooping round the nearest town, a friend lasted two weeks after being pulled too one side by the dayglo clad leader and instructed to go and buy proper walking boots . She did say she felt out of place because she didnt own a drab north face jacket and proper walking trousers all very over the top for walking round the local housing estates of course, then there was the fact that there was a few men still alive and marching trying to chat up those merry widows who didnt fancy another aging bore to nurse having  finished off the first one. I really dont think that the powers that be grasp that country folk are a different breed we did all this wandering round aimlessly as youngsters for years , the tail end of our lives should be spent sat in a nice warm kitchen , prepping veg in industrial quantities for the kids families . oh and staring out the window with our knitting waiting to spot what language the swearing is from the white van man having broken an ankle taking a short cut over the garden. See even i have fantasies a nice warm kitchen something this house is incapable of achieving, 

Sunday 6 February 2022


 Meanwhile in the real world , just really busy at the moment , having to be Mr BHs hands consumes a lot of time hes still pottering on doing dolls house furniture , with much swearing and throwing stuff everywhere . Then when i get him settled down he can spend hours trawling ebay telling me what i need , then i just yes dear and ignore him , everything he spots costs money that i dont have and i will get it how i want with bits and pieces for pennies eventually .  Plus i have my leg warmer project just awaiting magnet closures that i had to order again because ive lost the first lot i ordered . Gardening season is due to start and my assistant informed me hes coming for the whole of half term , so at least me and the munchkin will be busy . though i may be mainly supervising 

The world around us becomes a more depressing place every day , The daftness in the Ukraine , that supposedly Liz Truss is going over to resolve . That should give Putin a giggle , i think he does as he likes and laughs at us all . Not content with holding the world to ransom over his gas reserves this latest sabre rattle has more to do with the Ukraine being the breadbasket of Europe than any political cause . Meanwhile our lovely Tory government will be rubbing their hands together in glee at the arms sales made whatever the outcome . 

Then we have the Carrie bashing , yet another dead cat story?  Or is he planning on replacing her with his latest squeeze ? Got sick of her organic nappies drying on the bannisters? Or is his bunny boiler missus planning to chop his bits off having got wind of yet another indiscretion .

Then theres this bleedin daft idea of giving every household a 200 quid loan to pay for their fuel , you just know theres a catch and they would make a profit from it somehow .  Someone figured it out , the loan is compulsory to every household BUT it must be repayed by every household , so households not formed yet will also have the payments clawed back despite not having received the  original money . So every newbuild or flats converted from empty office buildings will be profit . Crafty gits till the bitter end