Thursday 26 November 2020

Plague 82

 So i have returned , this whole can i type, can i move routine is getting to me im afraid ..really not needed as ive so much to do , everything is taking so long . Mr BH could help by not making such a mess because sometimes the urge to slaughter him does pop up when im feeling grim . Sarcastic son is just locking himself in his bedroom to avoid having to help . Comment from Mr BH yesterday about the amount of cat snot on the windows nearly resulted in his death , doh i can go out and clean the windows at the moment !! At this point sarcastic son emerged and started scrubbing out the shower a chore he was assigned a week ago a small result 

Joyce , Boris is donating all this money to the navy in his bid to take up piracy after Brexit , practically everything heading for Germany etc has to come through the channel so if we are short of anything we can just rob it off of a passing ship . They can also buy lots of nets and ammunition to keep the refugees at bay , though quite why they will want to come here  is a tad beyond me . 

Then we have the latest instructions for lockdown that nobody can make head nor tail of , why dont they just be honest and say that all those rich enough will continue to jet off for xmas , you plebs can all be locked in and die for all we care . They are probably designing a Covid Santa 2020 badge for the poor bloody care workers and NHS staff as a thankyou as we speak .  

Just to make my head explode we had decided just to have the three of us for xmas , dinner is in the freezer it will just be defrosted and warmed on the day if im dying its not beyond sarcastic sons abilities, yesterday i was informed that Mr BH has invited Young Baldrick but only if he agrees to quarantine for a fortnight he hasnt replied yet , im really hoping hes too off his head to respond as that would be the straw that breaks 2020s back  aaaarrrggggggghhhh

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Plague 81

 So im enjoying the morning silence , MR BH is snoring for England in the distance , he had his scans yesterday and hes drugged up to his limits at the moment having injured himself trying to get on and off a non adjustable bed at the scan center , he will be fine just his everyday problems .                                         Has anyone else noticed that the rest of the world has ceased to exist ? the only news we seem to see is local Covid stuff and nothing else , even the papers are much the same is the world still out there?  We are been fed endless can Boris save Xmas at every turn while theyre not mentioning the following week and the beginning of the Brexit shambles , the only worry i have on that front is any loss of electricity supply as we have no fire places and are reliant on electric to run the heating , other half having unstable angina he has to stay warm and temperature change is a well known trigger for attacks , i keep bidding on cylinder gas fires online , but no luck so far .  But they do say that the whole of Europe could have power outages this winter if the weather turns grim , because everyone is at home using far more energy .  Having oil heating its surprising how few people realise that the pumps run on electric . Must remember to order some more hot water bottles , though shopping online is such fun , I ordered a memory foam pillow wedge the other day and when it turned up it was child sized a very small child at that , it had no resemblance to the pictures online where you could prop yourself up in bed with it , so back it is going , i will have to join the queue down the road at the only post office for miles , more hassle ...AARRGGHHH

Friday 13 November 2020

Plague 80

 So here we are at number 80 , still bored , still baffled , had to take a few days off due to shingles in my mouth , thats a particularly horrible one it springs on you when your run down to the ground. So im back in the land of the living looking round the squalid pit of iniquity that is my home , tempted to burn it to the ground . Mr BH has been busy and we are now officially chav scroungers he ordered a huge telly to amuse himself during the winter , knew there was a catch , he can now cast stuff from his laptop onto the TV so endless tedious racing and fishing instructionals on TV , oh joy , as he says hes got the boys to put the old TV upstairs for ,me , trouble is there he sits in the one warm room in the house , while i freeze upstairs bless him . I would be more impressed if he had replaced the holy stair carpet before one of us dies  but hey ho , listening isnt a strong point .                                                                                                                 Meanwhile out in the real world , it was our prescriptions  run yesterday , the only folks you see about are the very elderly the shops seem to be packed with them , Woodhall doesnt seem to be short of tourists despite this half hearted lockdown , lots of bikers about as usual . I do think living out here in the armpit of nowhere we are very privileged,  theres no public transport , shops are few and far between  etc etc so theres far fewer transfer risks for the virus , except from the endless delivery vans we see nobody . everything is more expensive even the electricity is a higher rate than other parts of the country so its swings and roundabouts , giggle of the day was the doctors ringing to tell Mr Bah Humbug that hes to go to the local maternity clinic for his kidney scan the hospital isnt doing them at the moment .                         Todays question is what are your thoughts on the whole wonder vaccine score ? mine is i wouldnt want to be anywhere near the front of the queue for it  and dont you think that its a tad odd that theyve removed the right to sue if anything goes wrong . Thoughts please 

Monday 9 November 2020

Plague 79

 Life is so tedious ive not a lot to say, Mr BH having finally got his blood tests has been referred for urgent scans, he may have liver problems due to lockdown drinking????  he doesnt drink . Our GPs are great for years we have had this problem every cycle of bloodtests he gets hauled in and told he should admit he has a drink problem , he hasnt drunk for over 10 years and back then it was the occasional one. My tests still arent happening , just yet more repeat prescriptions. Still a tad shingly , bane of my existence, not getting an awful lot of sleep so a wee bit tetchy , trying to get outside and do one little job each day a bit of pruning, strimmer under the washing line, sweep up leaves  etc etc etc etc then put my feet up at 3pm and try to find a bit of TV to watch , we were so bored the other day We watched the very first episodes of Take The High Road , it was bad to start with and it hasnt aged well . Son has given me his TV codes so loads of choice but theres not a lot that we both want to watch , id like to thank the pillocks who have started xmas adverts early this year while they have a captive audience Mr BH is ranting even more than usual . Still got problems with my arm i can type now but not for long and scrolling is just painful , cant concentrate to read which is driving me mad, im a positive crock of shit , not rundown more runover ...The highlight of the morning is going to be gazing at a couple of wrens harassing the cats , they get so angry and noisy out among the fog the cat s just chitter at them , theres so much vermin they dont show more than a passing interest in the birds 

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Plague 78

 Well its back to the winter fun filled existence yet again , lockdown isnt any different from our normal life , pretty boring and pointless sums it up . Mr BH finally got to go for his blood tests , the nurse informed him hes the only person shes seen who has actually lost weight during lockdown . He promptly crapped himself when the receptionist rang him to say hes low in iron yet again and the doctor wants to know why ? well hes been waiting to go for cautery for his never ending nosebleeds for over a year  now , his nosebleeds are of epic proportions and he needs cautery every couple of years. Nothing happening on that score at the moment so yes he has anemia.  From what i can gather they are working their way through the practice alphabetically trying to get all the government extra cash for actually doing something ,  maybe the doctor could try reading the patients notes and it would all go a bit quicker ..wild suggestion                  Actually ventured to little Tesco in Lincoln Saturday dinner , plenty of loo roll etc , actually got what i went for, a big pack of tinned cat food for old cat , i always try to buy cans whenever i can at least they can be recycled easily , lots of photos in the local press showing it had been stripped by locusts by Sunday Lunch , here we go yet again.  Well stocked on the grocery front , have a Morrisons delivery expected , it should be interesting in the extreme , i can get away with a trip to the butchers every couple of weeks . At least it has been confirmed that he can still go disabled fishing , usually hes packed up for the year now but him and BIL say theyre off to continue till xmas subject to the weather . Then theyre off to save up and renew some of his dads permits , they have used them all this season and its cost them virtually nothing in fees . So thats the tedium that is life at the moment , im off to watch the raindrops run down the window for a bit of