Thursday, 26 November 2020

Plague 82

 So i have returned , this whole can i type, can i move routine is getting to me im afraid ..really not needed as ive so much to do , everything is taking so long . Mr BH could help by not making such a mess because sometimes the urge to slaughter him does pop up when im feeling grim . Sarcastic son is just locking himself in his bedroom to avoid having to help . Comment from Mr BH yesterday about the amount of cat snot on the windows nearly resulted in his death , doh i can go out and clean the windows at the moment !! At this point sarcastic son emerged and started scrubbing out the shower a chore he was assigned a week ago a small result 

Joyce , Boris is donating all this money to the navy in his bid to take up piracy after Brexit , practically everything heading for Germany etc has to come through the channel so if we are short of anything we can just rob it off of a passing ship . They can also buy lots of nets and ammunition to keep the refugees at bay , though quite why they will want to come here  is a tad beyond me . 

Then we have the latest instructions for lockdown that nobody can make head nor tail of , why dont they just be honest and say that all those rich enough will continue to jet off for xmas , you plebs can all be locked in and die for all we care . They are probably designing a Covid Santa 2020 badge for the poor bloody care workers and NHS staff as a thankyou as we speak .  

Just to make my head explode we had decided just to have the three of us for xmas , dinner is in the freezer it will just be defrosted and warmed on the day if im dying its not beyond sarcastic sons abilities, yesterday i was informed that Mr BH has invited Young Baldrick but only if he agrees to quarantine for a fortnight he hasnt replied yet , im really hoping hes too off his head to respond as that would be the straw that breaks 2020s back  aaaarrrggggggghhhh


  1. Time to lay down the law - NO to Young Baldrick - that's just asking for trouble. Why should you be put at risk? There is no way that you can rely on him quarantining and you know he will just spoil the day - NO!

    Honestly - why don't you just take to your bed for a couple of days and force sarcastic son to help DH - maybe they'll appreciate you after that!

  2. I think once young Baldrick walks back through your door, you'll be saddled and expected to have him at any time by the authorities.
    You're not well yourself, so that little so and so is the last thing you need.
    Perhaps you could suggest to your partner that if he wants to spend Christmas Day with the little so and so, he does it elsewhere as you are not well enough to have to put up with young Baldrick.
    You could then spend a lovely lazy Christmas Day with your own son.
    Whatever you do - try to rest up and take care - I've read your blog for years - you've always come across as a fiesty fighter and I've admired your strength now you sound tired out and not well so take care
    San xx

  3. Please do not let Young Baldric back into your home. It is too dangerous for you and your husband, despite him lacking the sense to realize this for himself. You have coped with so much over the years, and it's way past time you look out for yourself. Take Care. Ranee (MN) (USA)

  4. Thanks for expaling about Boris’ wet dreams. It will be nice to see England rule the seas again although piracy seems a bit beneath you all.