Tuesday 1 December 2020

Plague 83

 So here we are yet again Teir 3 lockdown , not sure what possible difference this will make to us whatsoever , still go shopping once a fortnight and hopefully get a delivery from that wonderfully reliable retailer Morrisons , the little girl who delivers thinks shes figured out what the problem is and why we get such weird deliveries . There system shows things that are out of stock at the nearest Morrisons which is Lincoln , but our deliveries come from Spalding store bleeding miles away so it cant marry what its sending up with your order , they have certain substitutes that are universal and others where the crap system just puts in random items for shits and giggles , apparently it only happens in the villages around here .  The other home shopping problem im trying to figure out is why i keep seeing an Iceland delivery truck in the village but we cant order from Iceland ? 

I did pop into Lincoln last week , a few shops are open and M&S was heaving with pensioners in fact Lincoln seemed to be inhabited with the very elderly laden up with xmas stuff , probably getting done before they release everyone . I cant think of any reason to go in again before xmas . 

Young Baldrick didnt reply to his xmas invite thank god and being Teir 3 is as good as any reason for him staying away. Evil rumour has it hes shacked up with some bird making babies , bring back Jeremy Kyle hed be a regular guest .

Next Door but one has Covid shes still at home but very poorly shes an ex double transplant patient who had the grandkids round for a birthday party two weeks ago the day before their mother tested positive , such is luck 

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