Monday, 7 December 2020

Plague 85

 So here we are all waiting for the wonder vaccine thats going to save the world ? Time will tell I think , for most i cant see it killing people in the streets but i can see its being used to scare people into herd behavior , I do think our government has spent the last 9 months conditioning people to obey and its becoming very scary. The very nature of coronavirus is to have many strains and to mutate , so will the new vaccine cover just the main ones at the moment , or in a couple of months will it merely kick up a new variant worse than the last . Will Covid just become endemic in the population with the death tolls varying between winter and summer? 

Equally scary is the fact that many like my mother are terrified to go into hospitals and doctors because once your in there you will never see your family again , she has a point, a friend of hers had a fall at home , she lived in a council bungalow the council promptly got rid of all her belongings and relet the property because she had been diagnosed with Covid.  Err the Covid was asymptomatic and she caught it in hospital , she is 90 and has no relatives all she did was break a leg something she was over with in a few weeks but she couldnt be released from hospital because she was still Covid positive . Shes now stuck in a care home arguing with the Council over what has happened , she points out shes fitter than most of the staff and she intends to sue . Well at least its given her a purpose in life .

I did have to venture out yesterday to take a food parcel to useful son , his sister dobbed him in for borrowing off her , he didnt tell us that hed lost his job again due to the Covid lockdown of Liverpool where he was contracting , Universal Credit being what it is hes unlikely to see a penny this side of Xmas , at least he made enough to cover his rent for a couple of months . We met him in Lidl carpark and he came to carry my shopping bless him , Lidl was heaving you couldnt social distance at all , not a toilet roll in the place , its the strange shortages at the moment , quite glad ive bought a nine pack every time i ventured in over the summer . 

Young Baldrick has come out of the woodwork to talk to his dad , i gather when isolating was mentioned he just kept saying he has a lanyard and none of the rules apply to him ........ffs  doubtless he plans to wipe someone out for xmas , ive suggested if he turns up he can eat in the kids Wendy house in the garden . 

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