Friday, 18 December 2020

Plague 87

 So now the next door neighbour is plastering allover facebook that she has had a Covid test and taken to her bed . If she does indeed have Covid she may have wiped out most of the village , shes at the pub all the time , round chatting with anybody she can strike up a conversation with and was proudly heard the other day saying that the whole village is her family and bubble . We are not spying on her she has a bit of a mouth on her and makes sure the whole street hears her business . We are not welcome on any of the village facebook pages , she is the administrator of them all and i always get rejected requests to join , so a friend told me about her covid drama  it is therefore official that im an evil nosy old biddy , please bear in mind that its not the first time shes taken to her bed with suspected Covid .

Ventured into the outer realms of Lincoln yesterday , did a top up shop for the stuff that didnt turn up on this fortnights delivery . Got a women having a go at me for not using hand sanitiser , so i purposely took off my gloves and wiggled my horrible scabby mutant hands at her , she practically ran . Psoriasis and hand sanitiser dont mix well , add stress and im a bit buggered at the moment . The shops were brimming with stock just the usual random gaps here and there , nobody appears to be buying much xmas food yet its all dated after xmas so we may have a wild frenzy next week . The only shop that was busy was M&S food . Big queue but i needed fruit , if i order from Morrisons it seems to have one days date on it and to have been kicked round the warehouse . M&S was full of pensioners with trolleys full of bottles and posh biscuits .

Had a wrong number the other day and it was Kelvin wanting to talk to IT , i had him going for a whole 10 minutes before he twigged i really wasnt IT .  I did point out i was a little old biddy from the fens at which point whoever was in his office collapsed howling . I guess i was on speaker phone . I did wish the poor lad a Merry Xmas 


  1. My neighbour is married to a retired policeman and apart from the first lockdown her grown up family are in her house every day. I'm convinced they run a business from their home and all 3 of them are involved. The cars are there everyday!!!Some people think rules are for everybody else for them.

  2. Just had a bit on main news about "individual responsibility" but it does not sound like neighbours are news watchers!

  3. My neighbours do not think the rules apply to them either x