Tuesday 23 April 2024


 Still here still trying to fit in a bit of blogging , its that garden busy time of the year , so much to do so little dry weather to do it in . It would seem that all i do is burrn off endless sticky bud that the cats drag round in their fur its the winner of this wet year so far along with sycamore seedlings i seem to have 10 million of those also needing burning off . Now i know that sticky buds or cleavers are edible and yes ive tried steaming it , but its got to be the most boring veg on the planet , green mush pretty much sums it up .

The fruit trees seem to be drowning in blossom but there doesn't seem to be a great deal of  bees about due to the arctic wind. time will tell , gooseberry bush that i butchered last year has gone mental and i have actual ripening strawberries that i need to get the mesh covers on ...yet another job for the list along with planting out leek seedlings , first of the corn ready to plant out as well but it will need to be covered . Last of the main crop potatoes popped in last week , but may shove a few more in if i find any .

Ive jumbled myself into a coma the last few weeks and still have change from the original £10 i started with , 2 car boots attended at Metheringham ,with their usual strange bounty . loads of decorative tat if thats your thing, im there for plants and more large Kilner jars for my dried stuff , i did get an Ikea one this week , some 50s recipe booklets and of course a big bag of wool for my granny square fetish. 

So life continues here on the fen edge , boring bland and for the most part pretty uninteresting , hope your all having a productive spring ?

Tuesday 16 April 2024


Once again the new tablets made me a tad ill for a few days , theyve settled now but appear to be doing nothing  whatsoever for the problem they are supposed to miraculously cure , cant wait for the inevitable phone call from a medical professional telling me im not taking them , its such a regular occurrence i expect it ..lol

Anyway lets look at the edited highlights of the world news , was it just last week that the Israelis killed the British security team looking after aid workers , news for 3 days and now gone from our eyes , plus four aid workers of various nationalities, they had an enquiry sacked a couple of folks probably gave them each a medal and moved them to another spot to accidentally kill more folks.

Then it would seem there was a fair bit of rioting in London this weekend , didnt happen did it? well at least not in the major press outlets . How long can they keep taking no notice of the voting public ? Just dont mention the war seems to be the motto . Then the RAF are knocking Iranian drones out of the sky in our name ? What an utter shit show the world is at the moment , how the hell they think they can hide everything in the days of the internet is beyond me , just look beyond the BBC and the Daily Mail its all out there along with an endless supply of utter rubbish , but the truth is somewhere and its all very unpleasant   


Friday 5 April 2024


grumpy old woman post............... Told you my dealings with the doctors were getting worse . so i trailed out for my health lecture on tuesday , get  there after 3 detours diue to a water main collapse, resurfacing and homeless and lonely traffic lights in the middle of nowhere just parked in the road !!! I then have to sit in the plague riddled  waiting room for an hour, full of coughing kids and old blokes with a death rattle.  To be told they are changing my medication yet again !!! Some new wonder drug that they licensed for heart failure thats done wonders for those with type 2 diabetes , im not allowed to drive for at least two weeks till it kills me , she hands me a booklet telling me the tablets may rot my skin off , my pee may become acid and i may have blackouts ...oh be joyful ...then she starts lecturing me on my sex life ?  baffled by this stage , i pointed out it was a vague memory at which point she said oh your a lesbian? Now ive so far had three days of splitting headaches , my psoriasis is itching so i want to rip off my skin , im dizzy every time i stand up and my blood sugar is going up . Two weeks of this should be fun im currently sat on a carrier bag waiting for my fanny to fall out ?