Tuesday 31 August 2021

Tedium Tuesday

 Im informed we have to venture to civilisation tomorrow , just because i need some cheap roof felt for my garden swing and another project im working on . Nobody delivers within my price range , either that or theres none of the cheap stuff available , not that theres many places to try in lincoln . Im currently in the dog house for using his Dremmel to do the hard skin on my feet , im feeling a bit rebellious due to the arival of this odd three wheeled scooter that has arrived its not a trike exactly thank god ,he did have to sell his big trike when he got bad , im not sure how hes going to ride it but his minions are all egging him on . Im merely the tea lady whos opinions count for nothing . 

 Last week i had my first daughter day out for 18 months , we thought we would risk our lives with a trip out to Boston on market day . Well Boston is now practically a ghost town the center has been decimated with closures over the Covid period , the charity shops seem to be thriving however , though theres about half the amount there was . The market is just hanging on , most of the stalls that have been there for years seem to have gone . However the second hand auction looks to be thriving, didnt get into the scrum i dont do crowds these days . I was dragged into the British Heart Foundation , i wouldnt normally bother its so overpriced , however they now have a £1 shop upstairs that is better than the overpriced downstairs , i came away with a couple of studio pottery bits , something ive not bought for years . I managed to resist all the pyrex .  Its strange pyrex is sought of in the USA but you can still pick good vintage bits up here for next to nothing . Ive developed an online interest in watching locker buyers in the States and their online auctions . The prices stun me . Its the postal prices here that kill the trade with the US and Canada . Wish me luck  tomorrow im planning on springing a few charity shops on him 

Monday 23 August 2021


 So lets talk about the shocking shit show that is Afghanistan ...where to begin ? im sick of finding that people that i think of as online friends are ranting on that we cant take more refugees , we should look after our own first , yes we should but they dont want to look after anybody so whats new . Maybe a few of the vast number of MPs of all parties who own rental properties and second homes could find a bit of space? Mr Blair being one of the worst offenders . They forget thats there is a whole wedge of the population who have served in Afghanistan at some point in the last 20 years, they dont forget their debts to the Afghans who helped them survive out there .  I dont care whos fault this war is bloody politicians are just into wars for the vast profits they make for the people who slip them a backhander , maybe somebody should compile a list of who has been paid by armaments companies or worked for them before they became MPs?  Then we have the MP for Israel , whos parents came here from Uganda , she hasnt a ounce of empathy for any member of the human race . The Taliban may make a credible government eventually , there is that heavy religious cult element  but among them is a younger generation who like decent trainers and the latest AK47 ,they haven t all been holed up in a cave for 20 years , theres a lot  of internet savvy younger folks .  When you think we have spent 20 years and many lives interfering in a country that is famous for beating the Russians and now us and the USA , just because of its vast mineral wealth alone they will have to drag themselves onto the world stage with some resemblance of democracy. They have what everyone wants , they want trainers and AK47s so time will tell . 

Sunday 15 August 2021


 The petty annoyances of life , waddling about doing chores last night and im in a heap on the floor , bane of my life ive twanged the tendons in my good leg and im squealing on the floor , ive had this since i was a kid , nobody has ever managed to find anything wrong with it , its just another bleedin nuisance ailment to add to my list . AAARRGGHHH  it is much better this morning now ive got moving . So long as i dont rest for more than 10 minutes i can walk and get on with my jobs , then it twangs again and i cant move till it releases . I can remember being a kid and getting one hell of a slapping for being a drama queen as i was screaming and rolling around on the floor outside Finefare  back in the 70s . Getting the hissed under her breath bollocking from Mummy Dearest about embarrassing her in public yet again. I suppose she trained me well , i dont scream but i do epic swearing when this happens once in a blue moon . Im still getting reminded by my mother that i was such an embarrassment to her as a child in fact i think she mentioned that i still owe her the bus fair home because kicking me up the street hadnt got me to walk on that leg .  Once happened in the middle of a hockey match and i got put in the back of an ambulance and taken to hospital where they informed me there was nothing wrong with it on the x rays  therefore i must as a fat kid be faking it to get out of games . Ho hum 50 odd years later it does this every once in a while must be a couple of years since the last time . I suppose i could Ask GP but its just taken 5 weeks for other half to get on to it to ask for a medication review , it now comes online at 8.30 am and by 8.45 the system is full and thats it for the day beggers belief .

Sunday 8 August 2021


 What to do on a Sunday ? Well im currently praying for rain , in the vain hope im not carted off to the car show that useful son and Mr BH wish to attend . I would much sooner potter round the garden and sort through my hidden heaps of fabric  with a view to the quilt daughter wants for xmas ..aaarrggghhh i need to get started with my hands playing up it will take time . Daughter came to pick munchkin up on Friday becuase he didnt want to miss gym and park run on Saturday morning , we will collect him after hospital on Monday , hes useful for all manor of garden tasks though ive had to put of getting the big shredder i had saved for due to himself and his buying a trike antics.  Ive also found out because he carelessly left the letter lying around , that despite claiming that the vascular surgeon says there is nothing up with him , he is in fact somewhat up shit creak without a paddle and this is why himself has stopped me dealing with the medical side of stuff and is behaving like a desperate teenager with a lottery win . In my urge to be pleasant and due to the fact that im not feeling particularly supportive at the moment , i pointed out that i would be getting a very big skip if he snuffs it and every bit of radio equipment and rusty crap would be gone in days , because he shouldnt keep kidding himself that the kids are the slightest bit interested in the shit he hoards , they would just do the same with everything of mine ive no illusions .  Ive also ordered a new much bigger freezer just to empty the bank account , the seal is going rapidly on our old one and for the cost of a new seal for it i might as well get a new frost free one and bankrupt us , there is a stunning silence on the subject , usually hed be desperately searching the small ads and auctions for a cheap replacement . not a word , not sure if this is because he thinks he would fit in the freezer . In all the years we have been together i have never been so annoyed with him as i am at the moment .

Thursday 5 August 2021

Tad Slack

 I feel as if im rather neglecting you all at the moment , endless bother with himself , yesterday he was screaming at me because he had run out of his prescription  and i had hidden or lost it , didnt make a deal of difference as it was the one tablet we have in common so he could use them till we sorted the matter . It turned out he had ordered them three weeks ago but not told me so they hadnt been collected ...ho hum do i get an apology ?  nope its all my fault .  Every day is like this at the moment , its like a war of attrition and its damned hard work . Im not sure if its the extra stress of our latest dealings with the DWP or if he may have had another mini stroke , i cant even get in touch with the doctors on his behalf  because hes gone online and cancelled my access ..AARRGGHHHH plus our doctors is online only still or the witch at the window , who just repeats her mantra i cant do anything you must use ask GP . Grandson is staying and he just looks on in disbelief as the ranting at me starts , it is specifically all aimed at me at least thats one thing . Im trying to be more proactive and have posted a big list of useful phone numbers on the fridge , which started another rant .  There are still no support workers in this area and social services arent interested till they have to pick up the pieces .  i just really need a break from it all and theres nothing on the horizon .