Friday 29 March 2024


 Having the time to blog is a problem at the minute , im hobbling about on a tiny patch of shingles damaged leg , bleedin painful but harmless . got problems with my doctors who now have outsourced there repeat prescription service to yet another company , who send you out an appointment time then nobody rings . Much like the statement on Ask GP that i have not been replying to there text messages that occasioned a phone call from one of their mythical GPs berating me for not answering , she was not very happy that i offered to email her a copy of my phone records showing that there have been no calls or messages.  if i could go to another practice i would , but if youre rural theres no choice . Tuesday ive got to go to another practice 15 miles away for a 10 minute appointment with somebody to show me how to behave when dealing with my health .  Why has it become so hard to just die in your own time without too much intervention because we must all want immortality . All a lot of people want is a quiet painless death. It doesnt matter if your 60 or 90 . i think the mummy experience has made me very bitter and twisted , the latest palava is that because the Local Cheshire East Council have cancelled their contract with mothers home from the 31st March her fees have gone up to £1640 a week!  the home wants us to tie into a three year contract , as mother is classed as terminal and we have no idea how long she will go on the answer is no. They are not happy and are threatening to evict her, but the bill is being paid every month and daughter is driving them batty just by saying no to a long contract , the state pays 90 something each week towards her care the rest has to be funded by mothers estate ...ho hum im not that nice a person so i cant wait for my touch your forelock and be grateful Tuesday appointment ....see you on the other side peeps 

Monday 18 March 2024


 Why is it the little things in life that really get your goat ?  Hotdogs, you know , the ones in a glass jar they have now gone down to 5 in a jar , what possible use are they ? You get 6 hot dog buns in a pack and if you live with a greedy git like me , thats 4 for him and 1 for you and a bun full of fried onions , shouldnt be a huge thing but its just yet more shrinkage nonsense . We dont even eat them that often

Mothers Day has come and gone but in a blinding flash i thought id get mother one of those fold out bouquet cards mainly because she wouldnt be able to chuck them at the staff, at worse she could inflict a paper cut . Anyway my cousin visited this weekend and found a pile of cards unopened sat on the side in her room , he opened them all but when he got to the bouquet card she told him to get rid of it , she didnt want paper flowers . One thing i know is that ive never being able to do anything that pleased my mother even tin the days when she had her marbles . I once sent her a bouquet at Christmas and her neighbour found it boxed on top of her dustbin the same day because she didnt want cheap petrol station flowers in her house . They were far from cheap they had cost a weeks grocery money . So if anyone has any suggestions of what i can get her for next months birthday ?  Himself has suggested a stake and a pile of kindling 

Friday 8 March 2024

Seen It All

 So i was forced to go to town because i needed to treat myself for mothers day , himself wanted to go for a meal and we ended up at the usual Brewers Fayre  himself loved it  , i just had some wedges and the most cold  rock hard club sandwich i had to force down , it had three crumbs of chicken and three miniscule bits of transparent bacon, lashings of nasty mayo and a hot fried egg tossed on the top a slice of tomato and a load of salad leaves . URGGGGGGG himself started kicking off because i was struggling to eat it and the toast had been microwaved and had gone rock hard and rubbery . It was a shame because its always clean and the staff are lovely . But i was ungrateful because he had taken me out for Mothers Day . He then took me to the garden center , i really took my time wandering round just to get away from him , basket on arm i was people watching to kill time and let him calm down . I noticed a very smart older gentleman in the delicatessen part , always worth a wander to look for yellow stickers  he picked up a couple of bottles of wine and we carried on meandering for the dead plant section right at the very back near the bins where they have now hidden it , im rooting through the dead stuff but they havent exactly marked the dead stuff down and i notice hes sat on the edge of one of the raised beds , he takes a bottle of wine out of his basket opens it and glugs the whole thing down and pops the empty among the plants , then he does the same with the other bottle , looks at me and smiles and strolls away . I was gobsmacked ..well at least thats one way to get round the security tags.  I didnt buy a thing so himself was not amused, but at least i got a glimpse of the secret life of pensioners 

Monday 4 March 2024

Think A Head

 So this morning i got a trip to Heron due to himself wanting me to post some stuff to the DVLA  that requires signatures and stuff so we ventured to the strangely sunny climes of Horncastle. Heron didnt produce any surprises but they had a big dump bin of yellow sticker stuff so ive stocked up on various bread stuff . brioche buns , different breads and current loaves and they has a stack of out of date Doritos something i dont usually get because himself would start to look like Pringles and Doritos given a chance , but fishing is starting this week and 10p doritos might shut him up moaning about what he wants for the food bag once ive picked the stickers off he will be non the wiser  . i didnt get him the pies he wanted because theyre now that damned dear i can make them cheaper , i have a stack of pie filling in the cupboard so im going to do a bit of ugly baking this week .

In the news...WELL ,,,what the heck is Sunak on about all the terrible extremists we need to be protected from ?  Is this a ploy to avoid an election by any chance ?  i keep expecting them to say we need a Unity Government  due to the terrible dangerous times we are living in , either that or the money that backs both our main political parties is crapping itself after George Galloway became a MP  , surprise surprise nobody fancied any of the candidates they offered . George Galloway is a well known grifter but he makes no bones about it, ,he will do anything that pays his mortgage, maybe he will be the most honest bloke in the Temple of Horrors known as Westminster?

Then there was the bloke from Kellogg's having his Gerald Ratner moment in front of the world , for those who cant remember that far back Gerald Ratner had a huge chain of high street jewelers selling  crap to the masses  who went on air and said he sold earrings for 99p, cheaper than a M&S sandwich the public were horrified that hed sold them tons of cheap crap and that was the end of his company . Mr patronise the poor Kellogg's  pointed out that if you couldnt afford proper food you could eat 2 bowls of his cereal a day . That has gone down like a ton of bricks as well , hope it hits his profits