Friday 29 March 2024


 Having the time to blog is a problem at the minute , im hobbling about on a tiny patch of shingles damaged leg , bleedin painful but harmless . got problems with my doctors who now have outsourced there repeat prescription service to yet another company , who send you out an appointment time then nobody rings . Much like the statement on Ask GP that i have not been replying to there text messages that occasioned a phone call from one of their mythical GPs berating me for not answering , she was not very happy that i offered to email her a copy of my phone records showing that there have been no calls or messages.  if i could go to another practice i would , but if youre rural theres no choice . Tuesday ive got to go to another practice 15 miles away for a 10 minute appointment with somebody to show me how to behave when dealing with my health .  Why has it become so hard to just die in your own time without too much intervention because we must all want immortality . All a lot of people want is a quiet painless death. It doesnt matter if your 60 or 90 . i think the mummy experience has made me very bitter and twisted , the latest palava is that because the Local Cheshire East Council have cancelled their contract with mothers home from the 31st March her fees have gone up to £1640 a week!  the home wants us to tie into a three year contract , as mother is classed as terminal and we have no idea how long she will go on the answer is no. They are not happy and are threatening to evict her, but the bill is being paid every month and daughter is driving them batty just by saying no to a long contract , the state pays 90 something each week towards her care the rest has to be funded by mothers estate ...ho hum im not that nice a person so i cant wait for my touch your forelock and be grateful Tuesday appointment ....see you on the other side peeps 

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