Monday 4 March 2024

Think A Head

 So this morning i got a trip to Heron due to himself wanting me to post some stuff to the DVLA  that requires signatures and stuff so we ventured to the strangely sunny climes of Horncastle. Heron didnt produce any surprises but they had a big dump bin of yellow sticker stuff so ive stocked up on various bread stuff . brioche buns , different breads and current loaves and they has a stack of out of date Doritos something i dont usually get because himself would start to look like Pringles and Doritos given a chance , but fishing is starting this week and 10p doritos might shut him up moaning about what he wants for the food bag once ive picked the stickers off he will be non the wiser  . i didnt get him the pies he wanted because theyre now that damned dear i can make them cheaper , i have a stack of pie filling in the cupboard so im going to do a bit of ugly baking this week .

In the news...WELL ,,,what the heck is Sunak on about all the terrible extremists we need to be protected from ?  Is this a ploy to avoid an election by any chance ?  i keep expecting them to say we need a Unity Government  due to the terrible dangerous times we are living in , either that or the money that backs both our main political parties is crapping itself after George Galloway became a MP  , surprise surprise nobody fancied any of the candidates they offered . George Galloway is a well known grifter but he makes no bones about it, ,he will do anything that pays his mortgage, maybe he will be the most honest bloke in the Temple of Horrors known as Westminster?

Then there was the bloke from Kellogg's having his Gerald Ratner moment in front of the world , for those who cant remember that far back Gerald Ratner had a huge chain of high street jewelers selling  crap to the masses  who went on air and said he sold earrings for 99p, cheaper than a M&S sandwich the public were horrified that hed sold them tons of cheap crap and that was the end of his company . Mr patronise the poor Kellogg's  pointed out that if you couldnt afford proper food you could eat 2 bowls of his cereal a day . That has gone down like a ton of bricks as well , hope it hits his profits 

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