Friday 31 May 2019


Heres an odd tale for you . we sold Mr BHs old chariot on ebay , hes had to have an upgrade due to his weight ..ho hum
It sold in minutes and they came to pick it up yesterday , lovely couple in much the same boat as us , shes physically not to good and her husband is a very sprightly older gentleman. She was impressed at the number of chairs round the garden to help MR BH get around , she also can get about but only short distances . I was chatting to her other half as the boys were showing her how to get round on the chariot and he was telling me her horror story . His wife ended up in care 15 years ago after a fall ,  on the grounds of having dementia and poor mobility , he and his sons had tried to get her home for years but resigned themselves to  her remaining  in her very nice care home, it shut early this year and his wife quite literally arrived on his doorstep in an ambulance. Social services stated that her care needs could be better met at home.  She had to have a full reassessment so that they could allocate her a new care place ,  It turns out she didnt have dementia at all it was the side effects of her drug regime !!  As he said she was always a bit dippy and sarcastic and he and her sons kept asking why she wasnt getting any worse but nobody was answering the questions at the care home . Social Services and her Doctors just kept saying it was the best place for her etc etc .
When he went to the loo she was telling me its all a bit strange , theyre courting again as she put it . He visited her 3 times a week and got on with his life .  He panics and she wants to be out and about all the ..after all whats the worst that can happen ?

So thats my scary tale , makes you wonder how many people end up in care for no reason due to drug side effects and an odd sense of humour .....Bloody Scary 

Thursday 30 May 2019


So im all of a bother about how to move forward . Daughter has bought a house so the plan is to be moved by the school summer holidays , this means i have to figure someway to move forward on paying an extra £25 a week rent , i figure maybe £10 to £15 a week may be saved in electric and food but that still leaves me to find £10 to £15 each week . Other half wont contribute this is my problem he has terminal ostrich syndrome when it comes to money , he spends every penny he can on his hobbies if it doesnt benefit him he will contribute nothing . He cant help this so no amount of squealing and shouting will change this fact , his utter selfishness is caused by his illness this will get no better . In fact once we go over to Universal Credit im well and truly screwed , everything will be payed in his name , I will receive nothing payed in my name . Ive just got to somehow get them to pay the rent direct to the landlord AARRGGHHHH  if the money lands in his bank account he will just spend it  He currently pays for everything on direct debit the day he gets payed if hes left any money , the parcels are arriving every day.
So change is going to be a bit of a pickle, the stress is starting to get to me big time im afraid , no matter how i do the sums i cant make the figures add up , everytime I think were getting ahead something trivial kicks us in the teeth .
He presents well when he has visitors and guests , but its all front, he panics when you try to get thought out of him , hes a nightmare when his physical problems worsen in any way even if its temporary.  He has to live with the thought of is it today I cant move at all , what joint will give way next or which nerve will be dead when i wake up in the morning , his bones are crumbling away and doing more and more physical damage but its the mental aspects that are hardest .

Saturday 25 May 2019

Jumble On

Just spotted this morning a rummage sale a couple of villages away it hadnt popped up in my search due to it being a rummage rather than a jumble .
It was a jolly good sale as well, im just back , i could have spent a fortune lol not really think the dearest item was a £1 , run by a hoard of venerable ladies if only i was allowed to ebay , i would have needed the van . I left behind gorgeous Rose Denby , Porthmeirion lots of seriously gorgeous Victorian china , even a 1911 Coronation tea pot all 25p an item . So what did i actually buy ?
4 items of clothing a whole £1 , 3 fit and are already in the wash , A huge bag of wool loads of big balls and a couple of brand new decorative tins for craft storage ..Ho hum if nothing else i may get to a car boot tomorrow if im lucky

Monday 20 May 2019


So thats a house move for Useful son achieved over the weekend . I have my house back finally , he just has one shedful and his car still here neither are in my way , but the house just looks a right scruffy tip now  plus we havent found the bolts for his bed yet that he informs me are in a western Union bag here somewhere .
The vague plan was to get on with a bit of decorating but thats now on hold because daughter has informed us that she finally has a mortgage with her partner and theyre house hunting and hoping to be gone by summer . That will leave sarcastic son and me and Mr Bah Humbug here so at that point we have to find £25 a week for the bedroom tax. Ho hum hopefully this will be covered by them moving out , not quite sure what problems this will cause with the council , I will cross those problems when we get to them , we have a disabled adapted property so cant exchange or move unless something happens to Mr BH .
But ive realised that i might soon have a fair bit of extra time on my hands once im freed from childcare duties , not a clue what i want to do with that time , im always busy , theres still Mr BHs needs that vary so hugely from day to day , so its a wee bit more complicated than it should be .
Best comment from sarcastic son .....does this mean we can have a tumble dryer when shes

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Political Old Biddy

Well its another beautiful fishing day on the fens , in theory at least , depends on Mr BH getting up half way human and me motivating myself to do the picnic ..cramp at 4am hasnt improved my mood any.
We had a Labour Party leaflet through the door with Saint Jeremys grinning mug on the front , it would seem we have to vote in the EU election , you know that organisation we left in March? quite why ive no idea . So ive glued a nice halo on the leaflet and placed it next to the Virgin Mary and a selection of Lego men on the mantelpiece. Still have no idea who the actual candidates in this area are , we could be voting for the remaining Chuckle brother for all i know .
The party political broadcasts have been hilarious for all parties , if they dumbed them down much further CBeebies could produce them .All ive grasped so far is that Anne Widdecombe has crawled out of her Shackletons High Seat chair , Another Rees Mogg has appeared from the family crypt and Boris Johnsons sister has the longest arms on the planet .
Theres so many different factions im baffled , but frankly i dont care a toss . best Laugh is the fact that Nigel Farage's bunch have a nice new black logo on the ballot paper pointing an arrow to the box you must tick , how obvious that they expect to be voted for by those who can barely see.
My mother practically drools over Farage, 84 and she has the hots for him , somewhat worrying , but at least with her cataracts she can see where to put her cross now .
So who do you vote for? I always vote it was drummed into me from a young age that people died for that right , but theres nobody leaping out its all very mediocre talentless self serving parasites .
On the Daily Mail subject , I was reading it in the Doctors the other day , it was the only newspaper there and copies of glossy house mags and Golf monthly didnt have any appeal . Horrified the paper copy is ten times worse than the online version it was more like Viz for pensioners ,  racial hatred in a newspaper , every article was a dig at benefit scroungers , foreigners it just went on and on . Once again the only folks who get a daily paper tend to be pensioners , my mother is a case in point.
But maybe we are still better off than the USA, it seems to be having a Gilead moment over abortion, I am  pro choice but im of an age where its an irrelevant choice to me,  I can see that logically the age limit for abortion should be lower , medical advances making more viable babies at an earlier stage possible,  but the endless procreation of the human race is madness and birth control is fallible. 

Monday 13 May 2019


This is a bit better isnt it glorious sunshine all weekend , probably wont last....Days fishing yesterday , I even took of my coat , so its officially summer now , got lots of sewing done , he didnt catch loads but hes in a right state today.  So now i have a mardy grumpy old toss pot to put up with ..ho hum
Lots of garden chores to be getting on with but i will pace myself and do a little bit come in and do housechores in between , already pulled out tons of cleavers from  the raspberries . Come in scrubbed the loo , you know the kind of day .
Went out to the wilderness of Bassingham for a jumble sale Saturday , nice calm little Jumble , came out with a book a jug and a couple of bits of clothing for the fabric ..i never change .  But i have noticed theres more and more stuff at Jumble Sales that is brand new and tagged , very strange .
Popped into Metheringham car boot early yesterday on the way to fishing , bought a plant , and a couple of books that i finished reading at fishing .
Useful son has to move back on to the sofa this week if his flat isnt ready , it needed repairs it seems , but at least it gives him a chance to sort through all the stuff thats stored here . We have found out why the flat was cheap the staircase is so narrow he will struggle to get stuff up there ..hes not to bothered he has a laundrette within a hundred yards , and he uses a microwave more than a cooker , just has to measure any furniture before he buys any bits .
Lifes boring and relatively quiet at the morning it makes a change , just a tax demand to cheer me up today ...thats life

Tuesday 7 May 2019


Theres something about Bank Holiday Weekends brings out the best in this house , munchkin sitting duties since thursday .  Saturday night Mr Bah Humbug managed to fall out of bed somehow , then couldnt wake me up , he woke the rest of the house up but i didnt hear a thing , so now hes lecturing everyone within earshot about what a shit carer i am , he was telling his mate yesterday who said , did he ever consider that im knackered from looking after him . The blank expression said it all .
Hes black and blue but he'll live and hes sleeping well due to the industrial painkillers.
Just to make matters even more fun the munchkin got a stomach bug that he passed on to me, so now im even more shattered,  up since 5 trying to catch the washing mountain up, drinking tons of cuppas just so i can tackle the deep clean of the wetroom I just threw a load of towels and bedding in there at 2am , cant do with MR BH catching this . I was supposed to be at the doctors today so i will ring them and cancel .
so this weekend ive not been far , missed the Jumble and popped into Woodhall first thing to get some bread and milk and it was the Bowls Club Car Boot at 8am it was very quiet so i toddled round and spent a whole £1 on a cross stitch kit , its all very middle class pensioners , really good quality stuff at rock bottom prices , by half past 8 it was heaving and i was heading home .
So the munchkins now stuck at home with granny for a couple of days , they have to be off school for so many days if theyre sick , so if were both a bit more alive tomorrow i have a garden

Friday 3 May 2019

Busy Bee

So the blog is dying of neglect at the moment , housing fun for useful son , hes found a flat , where he wanted to be , then they want a years rent up front  and somehow hes borrowed this , then its endless checks , it would seem that they wernt keen because hes a single male , trying to explain that hes a single male whos main interests are cars and steam engine rallys , not sex drugs and rock and roll  has been fun , nope hes not your average 24 year old male hes just quiet and nice , but we are getting there . I think its this business with the law changing on June the 1st where they will be unable to charge upfront fees , its causing panic among letting agents and landlords so theres very little property on the market at the moment . One bedroom flats are at a premium  due to the bedroom tax , its not a tiny flat its above Victorian shops in the center of town which means its going to be fun moving his stuff in , everythings ready to roll, the usual family and friends whip round , he doesnt need much,theres all his stuff here,another friend has donated a washer  as he says he can manage with a a mattress and a microwave for now . So im just tapping my foot waiting for him to get the keys then i can have my house back

Then you spot a local free ad on Facebook ,  none working sewing machine , so within an hour your picking it up . Turns out to be a 1970s heavy duty singer in a table and it works but then it started running on its own and pothering clouds of smoke out of of the  that woke Mr Bah Humbug up  he does get in a panic but its a familiar problem and the little part is on order for not a lot of expense .  Not a clue what im doing with her yet , ive not got the space , ive got a few machines for various purposes already , you cant denote them to charity because theyre electric  and it would be a shame to break it for parts .  Munchkin keeps batting his eyelashes at it , he killed his posh beginner machine earlier this year , hes still fascinated with all things crafty so once i have the space i may run her in for him .

This week theres a village Jumble Sale Billinghay 2pm church hall Victoria Street for those of us who need our Jumble Fix