Wednesday 15 May 2019

Political Old Biddy

Well its another beautiful fishing day on the fens , in theory at least , depends on Mr BH getting up half way human and me motivating myself to do the picnic ..cramp at 4am hasnt improved my mood any.
We had a Labour Party leaflet through the door with Saint Jeremys grinning mug on the front , it would seem we have to vote in the EU election , you know that organisation we left in March? quite why ive no idea . So ive glued a nice halo on the leaflet and placed it next to the Virgin Mary and a selection of Lego men on the mantelpiece. Still have no idea who the actual candidates in this area are , we could be voting for the remaining Chuckle brother for all i know .
The party political broadcasts have been hilarious for all parties , if they dumbed them down much further CBeebies could produce them .All ive grasped so far is that Anne Widdecombe has crawled out of her Shackletons High Seat chair , Another Rees Mogg has appeared from the family crypt and Boris Johnsons sister has the longest arms on the planet .
Theres so many different factions im baffled , but frankly i dont care a toss . best Laugh is the fact that Nigel Farage's bunch have a nice new black logo on the ballot paper pointing an arrow to the box you must tick , how obvious that they expect to be voted for by those who can barely see.
My mother practically drools over Farage, 84 and she has the hots for him , somewhat worrying , but at least with her cataracts she can see where to put her cross now .
So who do you vote for? I always vote it was drummed into me from a young age that people died for that right , but theres nobody leaping out its all very mediocre talentless self serving parasites .
On the Daily Mail subject , I was reading it in the Doctors the other day , it was the only newspaper there and copies of glossy house mags and Golf monthly didnt have any appeal . Horrified the paper copy is ten times worse than the online version it was more like Viz for pensioners ,  racial hatred in a newspaper , every article was a dig at benefit scroungers , foreigners it just went on and on . Once again the only folks who get a daily paper tend to be pensioners , my mother is a case in point.
But maybe we are still better off than the USA, it seems to be having a Gilead moment over abortion, I am  pro choice but im of an age where its an irrelevant choice to me,  I can see that logically the age limit for abortion should be lower , medical advances making more viable babies at an earlier stage possible,  but the endless procreation of the human race is madness and birth control is fallible. 


  1. Great post, I personally like the political poster with Kermit the frog on, it says Vote Muppet, you'll get be anyway.

  2. morning you provide gardening services?

  3. Only had a green party bit of paper as yet. Although I voted for the local green bloke in the district elections won't be voting for them next week. I will vote - like you it's something that took a lot of people years of fighting for - so it's a must do but gawd knows where my cross will go.
    As for abortion not being allowed even in cases of rape or incest = a terrible decision.

  4. You are awesome! Made me giggle xx

  5. Great post as always Kate, what a right flipping mess we are in. People look at our government and laugh.....hysterically! I can't vote despite contacting the electoral role people 3 times to say we've moved! Live Hesters comment.

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