Monday 20 May 2019


So thats a house move for Useful son achieved over the weekend . I have my house back finally , he just has one shedful and his car still here neither are in my way , but the house just looks a right scruffy tip now  plus we havent found the bolts for his bed yet that he informs me are in a western Union bag here somewhere .
The vague plan was to get on with a bit of decorating but thats now on hold because daughter has informed us that she finally has a mortgage with her partner and theyre house hunting and hoping to be gone by summer . That will leave sarcastic son and me and Mr Bah Humbug here so at that point we have to find £25 a week for the bedroom tax. Ho hum hopefully this will be covered by them moving out , not quite sure what problems this will cause with the council , I will cross those problems when we get to them , we have a disabled adapted property so cant exchange or move unless something happens to Mr BH .
But ive realised that i might soon have a fair bit of extra time on my hands once im freed from childcare duties , not a clue what i want to do with that time , im always busy , theres still Mr BHs needs that vary so hugely from day to day , so its a wee bit more complicated than it should be .
Best comment from sarcastic son .....does this mean we can have a tumble dryer when shes


  1. I am sure it will take some time to get used to how quiet it is.

  2. I bet you are really feeling the change . I secretly dread the day all of mine fly the nest x

  3. Hope you enjoy the extra freedom.

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