Sunday 26 June 2022


 Excellent Jumble Sale yesterday , got a whole summer wardrobe a bag full of books and two pizza bowls  for the grand total of 3.50  , so that brightened my mood , daughter and grandson turned up and despite her grumping she ended up with a bagful as well . I think i was the only mask wearer there , despite Covid slaughtering the village where i live thanks to the maskless Jubilee , just common sense to me when your elbow deep in a scrum over used clothing . Got it all home and found that two of the tops were still tagged and unworn, out of a bagful only one item didnt fit so went in the charity bag and one other needs a stitch to a seam split ,

Just to annoy himself i toddled off to the car boot this morning nice and early only to find just before i reached it a car upside down blocking the road the local hobby firemen had just arrived and a solitary community hobby bobby scratching his head , the folks were standing in the road shaken and having a fag , cant think why anybody local would have an accident there unless they nearly scored a deer or somebody on the wrong side of the road and had to take avoidance tactics , bit odd really but it did mean i had to an extra 16 miles round just to get where i needed to be , comment from himself because i took so long ...well thats you grounded for the week for wasting fuel , you should have come straight home...ha ha ...he will be sorry for that one .  All i got from the car boot was a box of plants just because i always need more plants.  Strange thought of the week , will we ever be able to afford meat of the size to need the huge gorgeous meat plates you see at every car boot ?  

Wednesday 22 June 2022

the truth is Out Their ...somewhere

 Well todays scare the  are throwing Polio in the sewers of London . along with new scarier covid and monkeypox . How do you know what to believe ? theres so little truth out there  thats its drowning in a sea of rubbish . Every where you look its the wonders of the Royals , lying scum from our government , back to the 70s . Cant we just have a nice mainly normal summer ? where you get a bit crispy , say never again and do the same next year ? 

My neighbours have obviously decided to just sit in the front gardens and get hammered every evening , the clank of the bottles going in the recycling sounds worse than a pub , then they get up in the morning as crabby as their arses swearing and shouting at the kids as they drive them to school . I still cant figure out why no one in this village will walk their kids to school its a mile and a half away I miss doing it , instead of going to the gym just walk a bit more. 

My neighbour keeps dropping big hints about cutting her huge front hedge , sadly its not happening shes only a year older than me and has just retired , pay the lads or get a gardener , or maybe just get the exercise and do it herself she has a toyboy whats the problem with him doing it?

Right im afraid im turning into Victor Meldrew , im off out now its cooler to cut my hedge , doubtless to the neighbours taking the piss out of me as they sit with a scooner of wine ...i may be in a better mood another day


Friday 17 June 2022


 Hottest day so far so i thought id better check on Mummy Dearest , she was in fine form . like most lizard people she loves the heat . After shed finished her main rant and was drawing breath i managed to get a word in edgeways . It would seem cause for concern has been raised by a neighbor with Social Services and she ended up with a visit from the Social Workers , she did make them sit in the garden in the glaring heat while she cuddled her air conditioner in the conservatory bless her . She has refused to tell them where we live and our phone numbers , she doesnt want to see us at all . She is perfectly lucid just somewhat blind at the moment . which if she will just pay can be quickly resolved in one eye , so i wasted my breath and told her not to be so stupid . It would also seem that a complaint has been put in about her useless GPs and for the first time in 3 years a doctor is going to do a home visit  on Monday .  Social services i think crapped themselves they have been notified about her so many times and done jack diddly squat about anything . She says that they didnt like it when she told them that physically shes fine its just her eyesight is the problem . Plus last week she got lost on her trip to the hospital because she couldnt see the numbers on the buses it takes 5 changes to get to the hospital and sometimes she can get ambulance transport and sometimes not , She ended up in the wrong town and a very nice gentleman in a turban chucked her back on the right bus . She also told them she wasnt paying for a daily carer to come in because she can do her own cooking and cleaning just fine . Then she tell me she managed to lock herself in the garage the other day because she hadnt put the door up far enough and had to sit there till her neighbour came home and she could shout him . Just for fun i explained about managed decline , so the GP will hate me when he visits . So long as her drinks cabinet is full she'll survive  pickled and shrinking into herself as most of the females in our family do . Taking no notice of anyone and doing as she pleases is her motto at the moment and frankly i dont blame her at 89 

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Onwards and ?

 So i got up early and cut our huge very long front hedge this morning i was finished by half past 8 ive just abandoned the clippings till someone takes pity and clears them up or more likely i do them at dusk . gooseberries to pick shortly they are laden this year , may have to freeze them we dont eat much jam now .

ive left an awful lot of bids at the auction this month , tiny bids i will be amazed if i win anything and buggered if i won them all , but the charity shop would benefit. im positively full of beans this morning not sure how long it will last so have to make the most of it

For those who question why i stay with my other half i believe you commit to better or worse and in sickness and health . you dont just walk away , you get on with it . theres no help for himself other than his transfusions hes 3 months overdue now and hes a nightmare , nasty snide and snappy , not sleeping then overestimating what he can manage . ive got the challenge of trying to sort out whats going on later , with our ever helpful GPs. our gps doesnt belong to this company but another one equally as bad !!

so thats the coffee break over with ive gooseberries to pick bushes to prune and a mountain of mending for the afternoon with some really bad TV during the heat of the day . The Horror channel has a lot of Hammer and bad 70s films on and im loving them .

Monday 13 June 2022

Oh My

Well that was an eventful weekend ,  managed to get the tent up with the help of his mate and having arrived and took a ton of painkillers because i just happened to have a major flare up and was barely able to move . Nothing went right i managed to scald myself knocking the kettle over and his mate was horrified i couldnt even feel it , the total lack of any concern for me by my dearly beloved shocked him even more . Other half admittedly was a horrible colour and surrounded by his back slapping mates at least he wasnt daft enough to drink on top of his pills , hed ridden on this new to him 3 wheeled monster all of 5 miles and hed struggled . i eventually managed to get the gate staff to understand that i needed vehicular access 24 7 in case of emergency   so we ended up in a quiet corner near the main gate . it was sunny but blowing a gale just to make matters fun . It managed to blow his scooter over and he realized there was no chance he could have shifted it on his own , good job his cronies are a strong bunch .  At 2am his mate was squealing in his tent , weve known him years,  he has PTSD from being in the military a lot of years ago and from time to time things set him off , i think it was a combination of the wind through the tents and the crow scarers in the fields behind . Once he was settled with a cuppa himself decided he didnt feel well and needed to go home so at first light im driving him home having abandoned everything at the campsite watching all the deer in peoples gardens eating the bedding plants ..he slept a few hours and by 7am announced he wanted to go back . So i went back with him so i could cook breakfast , hes enthroned holding court with all the folks he knows and im trying to get some sleep . fat chance........he announces he wants to go home after dinner because they have a Paul Weller tribute act on that night and he bloody detests it . So he sits and holds court while i have to pack everything up AAARRGGHHH nobody offered to help with that did they . ive been asleep for 24 hours since i got back apart from the inevitable nursey duties and im fit to drop and its only Monday !!! 

Monday 6 June 2022

Back to Reality

 So thats the weekend shenanigans over with its been easy to avoid just dont turn on the TV and have guests who were as interested as us in the party. so domestic slavery has occupied my time .

 So what has this weekend taught me ? we need a house with more than one loo and id nearly faint when they all decided to give me a break and order Chinese and i saw the price , my first thought was had we bought a fortnights groceries . The kids cleaned the house sheds out for me and did a couple of garden jobs so im well pleased . The comments about why i dont have a dishwasher its like the dark ages baffle me , theres usually only two of us why would i need a dishwasher ? The other winge is why do i only buy cheap pop and why is there no alcohol . Off on safari to the Coop you can go if you require that. im afraid our budget doesnt run to it . Im sure adult children struggle to understand how skint their parents are , well the ones who have done well in life do anyway. Yesterday i ,managed to get useful son signed up to his local community grocery hes been left with 22 pounds universal credit this month and they havent paid his housing costs either its all a mistake apparently by Universal Credit and will be resolved in his next months payment , fat lot of good that is this month . Hes back to work in the next month now the parties finished so we will help him till then .

 Then MR Bah Humbugs mate turned up and told us we are going on a scooter rally next weekend all paid for by his mates , cos they miss him , i was struggling to plaster a smile on as this could be a bit of a nightmare physically for both us , but hey ho what the hell im sure he will enjoy it , hes already said hes going in the car so he can be nuked off his head with class As all weekend . i will merely be nurse and the only sober member at the party so doubtless i will have to a casualty run for him or one of his mates , theyre all getting to that age where they think they are geriatric teenagers and things go very wrong.

Just been shouted at for the mountain of bedding waiting to be washed , well its bleedin monsoon season and it can wait till the weathers better its not stuff we need ....bleedin men!!!