Sunday 31 October 2021

Winter Anyone

 Well its a look out the window day today , pelting with rain and a fine gale blowing , hung a couple of loads of towels out just because it softens them up nicely and i cant abide fabric softener plus its another one of those things you can live without if you have to.  On the subject of washing im still managing to line dry everything due to the howling gales it then needs a night in the airing cupboard folded and done . Fighting heating wars with himself , hes cold all the time because hes awaiting his next iron infusions , he just wont move about at all unless he has to , plus he insists in being in shorts for 90% of the year . he hasnt realised that ive turned down the thermostat to 10 degrees so the heating doesnt actually click on , i may get away with this for months if im careful.  Hes also getting at me for nipping to the loo in Sainsburys and coming out with a jumper and a pair of pyjamas from the sale rail , unusual to spot stuff in a big size , thats a gripe for another day .  Plus our plague visit to the jumble sales last week went quite well , 3 items of clothing , one to wear one needs altering and a third for the amazing fabric , a huge bag of craft stuff, includes Ehrman tapestry canvas , cross stitch kits loads of tapestry wool ,loads of canvas , basically a bag of happy . I got 3 rather nice 50s cookbooks theyre sat airing in the window . Daughter however is taking up the ugly ornament challenge , i was in the lead but she spent a whole 50p on a big lump of brownstone ware that resembles a huge policemans whistle , she gifted it to me and i havent had the heart to tell her its studio pottery and has a bit of value to  i will get round to adding a photo if it ever gets light .  So thats a week of happy , now the visitor season appears to be over . Just have to make it through to spring and gardening time

Tuesday 26 October 2021


 So in our latest bloody good idea  we have the jolly good wheeze of shoving all the overflow shit into the rivers and seas , this does have to happen from time to time in the event of severe flooding . but water companies will no longer have to be fined for it happening . So of course they will do it more and more for  profits.  Well if most of the public can see this then why the curious parliamentary blindness ? Could it possibly be the large donations made to a certain party ?  Then joy of joy we are importing human excrement from the netherlands to spray as fertilizer , well being a country dweller i can tell you that most anything is better than the chicken shit sprayed by Dyson farms , it makes your eyes sting your lungs burn and is like no other sprayed shit for lingering it can be smelt for miles . currently they spray it before they plant winter cover crops, they then spray with weed killer in the Spring then plant endless maize for bio fuel the maize leeches all the nutrients from the soil but its very profitable .  Yet another cracking green policy from our Leaders .  They do say that anything over one side of an A4 sheet is all Boris will read , but our Glorious Leader reader managed to read the Brexit stuff he signed didnt he?

Wednesday 20 October 2021


 This is exciting day two of lash with rain then blinding sunshine , global warming of course . Though back in the day they just called it autumn storm season . Still pleasantly warm , so no heating yet its just reached the crawl under the duvet at 3am wake up dripping with sweat and have to hang your limbs out of the duvet for the spiders to get you time of year . Still not going further than the doctors and its village full of tourists , though ive pencilled in Saturday for a jumble sale or two and picking up grandson for the school holidays . masked gloved and in my rain coat with a fetching aroma of sanitizer of course . Now we are the proud possessors of the latest variant which has some daft greek name but i think its fairer to just call it the Skegness variant because thats where its centered on ...ho hum here we go again .

Meanwhile in my daft thoughts on our poxy government , have you wondered why all the media is harping on about getting your xmas food early ? People dont seem to realise that we may have major difficulties come January when we go full on customs at our boarders and you just know that with our thousand year dispute with the French theyre going to enjoy this no end .  Meanwhile im just glad that Boris cant play a fiddle while we burn . At least with him just doing painting by numbers in the sunshine we have nobody quoting greek at the French just for fun .

Saturday 16 October 2021

Errrm A letter from Saj

 So Sajid  has sent other half a letter , pages of it because hes a clinically vulnerable . Incase your wondering Saj is our latest Health Minister . The replacement for Fondling Hancock , who isnt a hard act to follow . It would seem that any form of shielding has been abolished and you wont be asked to do it again . Now its all down to you !  Bless hes not to go near anyone whos not had the vaccine , all family and friends should take a lateral flow test before visiting him , all visitors must wear a mask and he musnt go into crowded spaces and social distance at all times .  OK fair enough . 

Then we get a whole lecture on mental health , we apparently have a lets talk loneliness web site , theres also Hub of Hope for serious matters you tap in your postcode and then you need to download an app. Your local council may be able to help ?  not ours . theres a whole list of online stuff .  But not everyone has online access and when youve got mental health problems its  government by iphone yet again . The biggest giggle is that you must ask your Consultant at your next regular appointment about having your booster jab , who the hell is managing to get a regular appointment with a Consultant unless you pay ?

There will also be no priority access to online grocery deliveries .

So from an our family perspective how does this work out . Well other half only has contact with the unvaccinated . Vaccination is wonderful but with an auto immune condition and the chance of seeing a doctor to discuss this nonexistant errrrr.  Son has had severe mental health problems the last year his ocd and agrophobia have worsened to the point of life limiting he has been out 3 times in 2 years and its a struggle to get him to even go into the garden , he needs help there is none in this area .  i always wear a mask when going anywhere and gloves despite the comments and will continue to do so . As for the priority access to anything well we never saw any of it because my partner was missed off the list much as my mother was .  So we went out once a fortnight for groceries and medication and other halfs endless hospital trips on top , stalked by the neighbour with a notebook and the threat of the police .

Meanwhile the Covid rates go ever up, the death rates are still quite high but its just the elderly and disabled so it doesnt matter unless they are your elderly and disabled ! Most of the dying have been vaccinated . So here in Plague Island the government motto seems to be carry on regardless , then jump on a plane and spread it everywhere ...Thanks Saj 

Sunday 10 October 2021


 So lets talk about Mummy Dearest , im sure some of you remember her , now at 86 shes been locked up for 18 months in her bungalow getting fouler and fouler , she was missed off the vulnerable list and it has been a nightmare , if an elderly neighbour hadnt adopted her , she quite frankly would have been found when the pile of post was half way up the door , but shes just as stubborn as ever and hasnt run out of booze yet , though shes run out of friends as she tells me everybody is dead or been put in a care home .  Now before Covid she was awaiting cataract surgery and her eyesight has got to the stage where she cant even read the labels on her bottles , shes reduced to wiltshire farm foods or Parsley Box . Now she is due next week to go into hospital to have a cataract removed , but only if shes had her Covid booster and her flu jab , but she couldnt get them anywhere in her area theyre not doing them yet . Well she got a bit annoyed at this having rung her shut up shop GPs umpteen times and being told she must book online , in fact she got so annoyed she jumped in a taxi and went to the surgery . This in it self should have warned them , but she managed to get into the building when a delivery bloke was leaving and once she was in she wasnt leaving she may appear a tiny little old lady who they can bully , but once shes on rant theres no stopping her .  So in no uncertain terms she told them she wasnt planning on dying just to oblige them ,  they could sort out her vaccine appointments now , at which point the receptionist started on the whole you need to book online , mother called her a fuckwit , im fairly sure she picked that phrase up from me and pointed out she lived alone saw nobody and is classed as blind how was she supposed to book these soddin appointments . The practice manager had to be called out to give her the whole you will need to leave because you are abusing the staff . She refused to leave and they said they would ring the police . Well she quite liked the idea of that because she hasnt seen them since she went into isolation but she also pointed out that she was going to the local press next stop . So in the end they sat her down in an office and gave her a cup of tea . They booked her vaccine appointments  30 miles away so now she can have her operation , then they asked her why she hadnt got a fall monitor which set her off on another rant because they may be free but they charge you to come and see whats going on if its set off . They eventually managed to get her back in the taxi by telling her that someone from the council would be coming to do a care assessment ....god help them  And the reason i know all this my cousin was hiding in the waiting room hoping she didnt spot him 

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Mental Health

 Does anyone else think we have got to that perfect storm situation , everyday theres something else piled on to people by the bunch of incompetents in government , lets take £20 a week off struggling folk then tell them in the next breath that their fuel costs are going up £140 .  Fuel , if you have to drive to work youre adding hours to your day looking for it . Telling people to work more hours while the low paid get to keep a mere 63p of every hour worked . Im glad we are old and  decrepit, but for the kids generation its just knock after knock , everywhere they look , no light on the horizon .  Mental Health is getting hammered into the ground , best you will get is a packet of pills from your email to the GP , nobodies going to even ask whats the matter its just accepted that everybody's depressed . Latest one is interest rates the younger generation have no idea where this is leading, those of us who are older remember the interest spiral back in the day , where the repossessions were on every street.

So lets remember its women who suck it up and get on with it mainly ,but its men who end up hanging from trees because they dont ever like to admit theyre broken inside . So hug your bloke remind him your there and the problems are yours as well . Be there for your other half because you never know the life and soul off the party has often had enough 

Sunday 3 October 2021

Dont Panic

 Despite what the press are blathering on about we are not yet starving in the UK , some random grocery items are hard to find and shopping on friday and saturday empty shelves will feature on your trip .  Please support your local foodbank , mainly because our benefit system is a shambles , latest scandal which they are trying to shut down in the media ,is those who have reached pensionable age and the state hasnt started to pay them their pension , it seems there have been thousands of people left in this mess , why is nobody surprised ? did not enough people die due to Covid ?   Then theres the fun with fuel , hasnt affected us much we are rural and our fuel station seems to just have four vehicles in the queue , unless its the night before his delivery and he posts on facebook he has fuel then they come from miles away . I gather its pretty chaotic in the towns . Other half hasnt grasped as i have that we are reliant on oil heating which is delivered by the same drivers that theire is a shortage of , so that could be pretty interesting if the weather changes .  Reminds me of the Join the Fuel Club conversations we had during Covid  when they set it up , i had a whole conversation with some middle class prick from the council , who couldnt understand that we couldnt afford to pay £80 a month for our heating oil all year round and that the money we dont spend on fuel in a summer goes towards building up food for the winter months . Poverty blindness is real and thriving in Rural Lincolnshire . I sometimes wonder what extra they think the disabled are getting money wise . I know we get £27 pound PIP . I know i get £67 for being a carer , then my partner gets single person rate ESA  and they take  £30 a week ofF him for me claiming carers , i consider us lucky to get this and it means we are a little better off than some but it doesnt go far . Apparently theyre going to send us all on government zoom courses on how to manage our budgets better . Cant wait i suppose it may show me where were going wrong , you know in choosing eating instead of heating . I see the press have took up the people will have to make hard choices about heating and eating this winter , idiots some of us have been doing it for years the disabled in particular , we have been lucky in getting a couple of mild winters so it hasnt killed to many .   Anyway im off outside to fit a big motorbike chain and lock to our fuel oil tank , i can already see that theyre going to be targeted by the usual thieves this winter.