Tuesday 25 January 2022


 So having managed to keep himself home for another week and avoid our plague ridden hospital. Mr Bah Humbug has stolen my big project , daughter had got her friend to drop off a huge dolls house in bits that had been lurking in her friends garage for years . It infested my living room for a couple of weeks boxes and boxes of it . Her plan had been to flog it online but on looking at the fact that it was broken filthy and even immaculate modern dolls houses of this size are worthless she asked if i wanted it to break for spares . its  totally the wrong scale to be any use to me for that. So i decided to build it up and have a think of what to do with it . The cat has currently claimed it . Other half however is in love and has taken to doing it up on his good days, however this means i have to sit with him and be his hands , he has the shakes and mine keep swelling up so its going well....lol  However the problem is that he wants to throw money at the project where i would over the course of the summer picked up bits and bobs on my travels , all my crafts and hobbies cost me pennies . So it ended in an argument and hes off in a huff looking at kits that cost 100s that can be his project ...ho hum do i never learn.

Meanwhile mumsie is sending me round the bend , she is very perky at the moment . She had to go to the hospital for her eyes yet again , but the appointment was for a Saturday . The ambulance car picked her up as we have finally got them to provide transport for her having pointed out she lives alone and is 87 and partially sighted . They get to the hospital only to find its in darkness and theres nobody at the clinic so her driver potters off to find out whats going on , then another old dear is delivered for the same thing . So after much discussion it turns out they dont have clinics on a Saturday at this hospital they should be at another hospital miles away but that clinic is cancelled . So out of the goodness of his heart the actual consultant is going to come down and see them after hes finished his rounds but it may be a while . She had to wait a couple of hours but at least she got her injections .  Her comment on speaker phone so my other half heard this .... Filthy foreigner with a germ riddled turban , why hasnt he been sent back with all those Polish .  Other half commented its folks like her make you ashamed to be British .

Wednesday 19 January 2022


Still pondering the meaning of my life and getting nowhere ..lol  So todays is starting out as one of those days . Himself has arisen with one of his epic nosebleeds . So the day wont be going to any plan . Hes as mardy as his arse and keeps shouting at me because i wont let him go back upstairs and i have the washer on and the noise stops him thinking ,?  The ambulance folks have instructed me he must stay downstairs when he starts bleeding in case he yet again hemorrhages and collapses , plus if i keep popping in i can monitor how much hes lost rather than him craftily chucking the full jugs down the loo and pretending hes fine .  The paramedics and ambulance folks that come from EMAS are a lovely bunch and they have showed me how to deal with him . H has the proper plastic nose clips that i bought a box of from Amazon because like so many things the NHS doesnt supply them anymore . But he just gets angrier and angrier like a toddler whos thwarted . So currently he hates me . To be fair weve just had a bit of an annoying shitter of a week , endless petty annoyances . Brother in laws family have all got Covid  , Son in law has got Covid , Son has got Covid ,so hes seen no one and hes stressing.  Then he had a GP appointment yesterday cancelled yet again because there was no GP, but the call came just as he was sat deicing the car so that set him spluttering again . Its a fact that the more he gets annoyed the more likely the epic nosebleeds are and the worse the nosebleeds the more likely he is to end up in the back of an ambulance sat outside casualty because they have to monitor his heart . Its all a bit daft but Covid means they cant admit him and they cant cauterize his nose. So we will be running this hamster wheel for god knows how long .  So the meaning of life is pretty pointless at the moment. on a plus note they have pointed it out hes gaining points on the jump start pacemaker fitting list That the consultant pointed out he needs but he cant meet the criteria yet because he hasnt had his heart stop long enough for it to be classed as a heart attack!! 

Sunday 9 January 2022

First Jumble

 Somewhat to my surprise there was the first jumble of the year yesterday , i debated a bit then thought sod it , if i died from going to a jumble it would be a fitting epitaph and i needed cat food  and a couple of other bits , so thats the trundle out for the week , ive lost track of the days and time at the moment , trying not to be on the puter so much .  Typing is aggravating the pain in my arms , so ive discovered the joy of watching weird you tube video's  , mud larking and metal detecting this week..lol . Anyway back to the jumble , it was heaving i bought a few bits , yet another denim dress , guess they were a big girl fashion item that didnt catch on . Covered far to much flesh i think , but theyre ideal for pottering around at home , hardwearing and easily repaired when i do something dumb . A huge bag of clothes pegs which had a load of Lakeland duvet clips which are great when your washing can blow down the fen most of the year . Yet another cross stitch kit , posh make poppy fairy . The man seemed surprised when i wanted a pile of those beige fabric shopping bags with designs printed on , i use them as donate bags , just because you cant afford carrier bags these days and theyre easy to carry . This jumble was somewhat epic as they had loads of tied up lucky dip huge bags for £1 all clothing they said they didnt want to store donations all winter because they get damp and smelly which seems like a good reason . The buy to sell ebayers were buying 10 sacks at a time , not for me, im not short of fabrics to use at the moment plus im struggling to carry stuff....anyway this afternoons job is catch up on everyone's blogs , youre all leading far more exciting lives than me at the moment ........