Sunday 30 July 2023

Checking Out

 im seeing lots of people on about folks checking out , nothing creepy just people refusing to accept that life is crap , blindly doing stuff that fits the norm despite nothing being particularly normal since Covid . If you live rurally our big problem is lack of access to cash . The cash machines are empty most of the time , we are a tourist area and this month and next are the worst, the population explodes with holidaymakers , access to local shops is virtually impossible and the little coops and sainsbury locals cant fill the shelves fast enough so the shops are frequently pretty sparse , so you have to online shop and a lot of shops dont deliver rurally or they dont deliver half your order . Plus having everything delivered carries a premium like it or not . 

Since Covid everything is being turned into holiday cottages , new builds are all huge, filled with a couple of  retirees from London wondering why the locals are a wee bit peeved at their wonderful eco homes, their Tesla Betamax and their urge to moan about the smell of shit and the constant plane noise. It never ceases to amaze me that people move here who think that a couple of major air bases either side of you arent noisy, usually during the week , day and night . We get the Battle of Britain Flight trundling about and the red arrows practicing  as well , we think nothing of it , you just go to bed with earplugs , theirs a website tells you when theyre night flying , except when its something urgent . Ive long faced the fact im a misfit , i can go days without glancing at my phone , without feeling the urge to shop , i can erase 400 emails without even glancing at them then go out and hoe the garden which is my plan very shortly.  

This business with my mother and elder care has opened my eyes to the horrors of being made to socialise and conform , my mother was miserable drunk and antisocial long before she went totally batty , her social workers insistence that she needs to be forced to comply with their ideals of little old ladies gratefully sitting in a circle enjoying visiting war time sing along folks baffles me , individualism isnt allowed in elder care even very expensive elder care, 

Dont live long enough to need care should be everyones motto   

Monday 24 July 2023

Wander In

 ive not abandoned blogging just feeling im boring people to death at the moment, life is very boring and pedestrian at the moment with just a couple of highlights ,  we went to Wheating Steam Rally , havent been since before Covid , i did a big picnic and we took useful son because i cant unload his buggy even if he kicks up a stink and steam engines are his thing . We got rain showers and blinding sunshine but as usual little thought is given to me i was on my feet for 8 hours and spent 3 days barely able to move

Then i had a big birthday and they proved they know me well , no spa days , no flowers no balloons. Himself insisted we went out for dinner then was baffled that all i wanted was a giant battered fish from the chippy , i knew it would make me ill but it was worth it . Daughter kidnapped me the following day and made me go charity shopping and to the garden center . I managed to get a couple of 50p books from Tesco and  a selection of dead plants from the garden center . Then as a surprise i got to meet up with a friend i havent seen in the flesh for 8 years , we went for a bar meal and because it was tea time it was virtually empty .  

My big presents consisted as a mini chain saw and a dehydrator and tons of chocolate . So no fuss , i was so glad , i had planned to run away if they did the normal birthday stuff , im just not into crowds or fuss . Now they are gutted that im not out there with a chainsaw and dehydrating myself into a coma , but the monsoon season has arrived so not a lot i can do about that  

Wednesday 12 July 2023


Where does it go , i seem to be getting up at the crack of dawn and dropping into bed at 10 and ive gone in 30 seconds , at least the tyranny of watering everything is taking a rest for a few days due to the thunderstorms . I need to find a cheap replacement for himselfs garden gazebo that he likes to sit under, a dust devil off the fields  mangled it and took a couple of branches off the big sycamore at the front the other day ...bleedin weird weather 

The gardens finally sprung to life weve had 2 strawberries but the plants are throwing dozens of runners , the birds ate the few raspberries im hoping the autumn ones fill the gap, but ive still some in the freezer from the glut last year . The third lot of broadbeans have yielded a couple of pods , most of the bush beans never germinated . The fruit trees have just a few visable but they glutted last year so not surprised . On a plus note the corn cauliflowers cabbage and squash are doing well so plenty of veg for the winter . 

Ive also got a big patch of his scrapyard  to add to the garden , he promises me it will be cleared by the end of the holidays  ho ho ho , we shall see . Im not holding my breath . 

Out in the real world , groceries are still unpredictable , im working from the winter wish list and strangely the hardest thing to find was nutmeg  , no idea why it had vanished locally so had to order on line . The new season sweet potatoes are starting to appear . very small and oddly shaped but still around the £1 mark , the huge ones are to hard for me to cut and he gets a moan on when im power sawing veg up

So thats my boring life at the moment eat sleep and garden , what are you all up to? 

Monday 3 July 2023

Mumsie Chapter ???

 Where to start ...Well we have had two zoom meetings over the last few months , the last to assess whether mother needed nursing care or just dementia care , the NHS decided she only needs dementia care , so we receive no further funding at her current elder prison . Because of this we the family are responsible for the cost of her care , which would be fine if we wernt stuck in the at least a year or more likely 2 year  queue  for the court of protection to get control of her finances ...AAARRRGGGHHH we do not have the funds to hand to pay her current very good home , so the local council have informed us they are moving her to the cheapest council approved elder care prison they can find , which will probably kill her this week , they did give us a shortlist of 4 homes 2 are bleedin miles away from her visitors, mainly other elderly relatives so that it takes it down to 2 one is a big Victorian house the other is a smaller modern facility , so we sent our cousin on a look round, as other family matters are eating our lives. He says the Victorian mansion doesnt have individual bathrooms and he saw a patch of damp on a wall but looking at its reviews it gets loads of 5 star ones on different online sites and i quite think Mommy dearest would like being the lady of the manor . The modern development has some pretty shocking reviews  amid the good ones and she would get an individual toilet  , so its all very ho hum .  Anyway because shes having another psychotic phase they have had to double her medication so shes sleeping pretty much all the time at the moment, so this may be the only time they can move her easily, so we await the next move from the Council at this time. All this because she didnt want to sign Power of Attorney !!!!