Monday 3 July 2023

Mumsie Chapter ???

 Where to start ...Well we have had two zoom meetings over the last few months , the last to assess whether mother needed nursing care or just dementia care , the NHS decided she only needs dementia care , so we receive no further funding at her current elder prison . Because of this we the family are responsible for the cost of her care , which would be fine if we wernt stuck in the at least a year or more likely 2 year  queue  for the court of protection to get control of her finances ...AAARRRGGGHHH we do not have the funds to hand to pay her current very good home , so the local council have informed us they are moving her to the cheapest council approved elder care prison they can find , which will probably kill her this week , they did give us a shortlist of 4 homes 2 are bleedin miles away from her visitors, mainly other elderly relatives so that it takes it down to 2 one is a big Victorian house the other is a smaller modern facility , so we sent our cousin on a look round, as other family matters are eating our lives. He says the Victorian mansion doesnt have individual bathrooms and he saw a patch of damp on a wall but looking at its reviews it gets loads of 5 star ones on different online sites and i quite think Mommy dearest would like being the lady of the manor . The modern development has some pretty shocking reviews  amid the good ones and she would get an individual toilet  , so its all very ho hum .  Anyway because shes having another psychotic phase they have had to double her medication so shes sleeping pretty much all the time at the moment, so this may be the only time they can move her easily, so we await the next move from the Council at this time. All this because she didnt want to sign Power of Attorney !!!!


  1. Hi Kate, please do not pay for anything or sign anything to say you will. The only person they can make pay is your mother. If she does not have any money etc they can put a charge on her property which will be claimed on her death. If there is not enough thats there hard luck. Councils try to trick relatives into paying but legally they do not have a leg to stand on. May I suggest you get in touch with age UK. It is important you know your rights. Don’t part with a penny they will have all the money you have.

    1. we are flatly refusing to sign everything , they have tried again today , im not worried i have no assets and i get 78 pounds a week carers allowance , what can they do ?

  2. I’m no expert, but an elderly neighbour of mine went into our local care home and the authority paid until such time as her house was sold. If the care home she is in meets her needs then surely as she will eventually be paying for it, she should be able to stay? Perhaps get advice from Altzeimers UK or Age UK or a solicitor regarding Guardianship? Best of luck…

  3. im afraid not because we wont have legal guardianship till we go to court , the huge backlog is being caused because councils get priority in the queue

  4. Chris is correct: Sign nothing! Ensure the cousin scouting the facilities signs nothing! The providers will be paid for your mother's care eventually -- which is more, we fear, than can be said for her family.

  5. The money for your mother's care will ultimately come out of the sale of HER asset. Let the council leave her where she is. They can go to court and get her house sold to pay for her care. You the family are not liable to pay anything.