Friday 30 June 2023

Well im having problems with Blogger , all very glitch in the matrix . It wont let me write posts on certain things anyone would think i was being censored by bots ?  Now the best you get from me is poverty vegetables and jumble sales so im not quite shore what is going on, but i start writing a post then it goes all waffy and it wont let me continue. this is as far as ive got in days . Maybe its viral  , but woe betide i try to correct the spelling or punctuation it loses the plot altogether . 
Anyway nothing interesting going on here im building up to a mummy post and youre going to love the latest chapter . Theres a big jumble tomorrow , i need nothing, but i need the stress relief . Weve had more grim family news , so we need to see where thats going ....hey ive got further than its let me go on longer  than ive got all week . So i apologise for the spelling and punctuation , I darent correct it just incase and i will be back ....

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  1. I'm having problems commenting on some blogs, no idea why.