Friday 26 April 2019


Well im away with the fairies at the moment so dizzy walking about is fun after 3 weeks i was offered a nurse appointment by the GPs , saw the little boy nurse practitioner because we still have no GP cover . So it seems my latest blood tests have showed up something strange , but being as my blood tests my whole life have been strange its not a worry to me .
So it would seem that my liver function and kidney function are perfect but my blood sugar is sky high , the three dont happen so hes baffled , but hes decided to double my diabetes medication which if they do this leaves me in a right state , so im currently spaced out and dizzy , plus attached to the toilet on a scary basis , got to go back on Monday for more blood tests. I did suggest he read back in my notes , which theyve found some more of after 18 months . So hes scrolling through the back story theyve found , he goes oh shit and says you need to see the GP and a hospital referral...Thankyou  ive been trying to get a referral for over a year ....might take an awful long while to get that GP appointment
In the interim im binge watching Torchwood and getting on with a mountain of mending and a bit of puter but not much because it seems to make me more nauseous ...ho hum
But my part of the garden planting has been achieved the rest can be left to the munchkin , hes a remarkably capable veg gardener for 10

Sunday 21 April 2019


Is this some miracle? a gorgeous sunny Bank Holiday ?
So its been a potter in the garden , car boot sale , eat loads kind of holiday , think thats the plan for today as well . Good Friday the munchkin came to help with the only digging that i do, i asked him to dig 3 potato trenches which he has helped with before , left him to it came back to 3 graves with a mole in the bottom still digging frantically but he was happy so i left him to it then quietly filled them in after he had gone, so thats the Orkney Blue and Pink Fir apples in . relayed the ground cover for the strawberry bed and popped in 30 runners , kept a few back in case some dont take but most appear to be perking up already.
Other half has been fishing with his brother , had to laugh his brother hooked a duck . left them to it and went to Stickney car boot even at 8am it was packed out , walked miles bought little , took useful son to carry and bought not a lot , a couple of plants and something thats been on the wish list for ages a 1970s Woolworth swing ball unused and boxed , proper metal one that the cat thinks is wonderful and should amuse Munchkin once hes back .
did the little village car boot yesterday , came back with a trifle bowl to replace the one i broke and some knitting mags with kits in and wool  , i quite like cover kits when we go fishing its enough to keep me amused for a few weeks .
The boys have promised me some labour today so more garden chores may be completed , a very steady Easter

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Steam Lack Of

So so bored at the moment , useful sons never ending housing problems , not being able to move for his stuff .
Plus just to add to matters Young Baldrick problems are just bubbling under the surface waiting to erupt
Other halfs "wanna go fishing every day"  which he isnt physically up to , plus once a week is a pleasure 3 times plus is a bloody chore .
Being endlessly skint .
Neighbour problems, bunch of ableist bastards . It would seem we are the streets scroungers.
Tied down with the school holidays and the munchkin, no we cant afford endless bleedin day trips out , but hes well enough to fish, not well enough to do anything else anyone else would want to do...grrrrrrr.
Yes ive hit the annual hate the world season , tourist season has arrived , cant buy a bleedin bread loaf anywhere, cant get parked anywhere, caravans !!
Food waste, we dont have the money for food waste . But nobody seems to want what we can afford to eat these days , but a certain greedy git is mowing through 3 times the amount of food everyone else is , yes you will eat lots of tinned food , quit moaning and actually help with the garden tossers im struggling big time .

Think I need medicating ..or a new family

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Infinite Brexit

Do you get the impression that we will all go to our graves tapping our feet waiting for Brexit to take place? Its obviously been decided that if they drag it on forever more Leave voters will die and the youngsters will  all be gagging to be totally  European, dont be surprised if the next move in this endless saga is to bring in the vote in for 16 year olds most of whom would vote for anything that doesnt  upset their phone contract. 
In the real world , useful son went to pick the keys up for his flat only to be told that he couldnt have it because he has insufficient income ..beggers belief that the Housing Association would let it get to this stage before deciding this , they informed him he cant bid on further Housing Association properties unless his income doubles , but even if he gets a job at minimum wage it isnt enough for him to be able to rent even with Housing Benefit, because the Housing Benefit will only afford him enough to pay a Council Rent and theres no available one bedroom properties  in this council area ..AARRGGGHHHHHH

A Mother Tale
My mother in her infinite wisdom , decided to tell me the tale of her bothersome vagina last night , i was crying with laughter on the phone so she got a huff on and hung up on me .
Relationships between my mother and the medical profession tend to be a bit fraught due to her having no filters on her mouth , after her recent brush with them and her alzheimer's assessment which reached the diagnosis we as a family had reached years ago that shes just a right old bag who likes her red wine to much .
 Anyway back to her vagina ..apparently its turned into a prune , this has been caused by her giving birth to me????
So she decided to go to Superdrug in need of a cure asked the teenage assistant where to find lubricant , then went off on one because the assistant gave her a funny look. From what i can gather said assistant sent her home with some weird sexual lubricant that contained glitter she then went to the hospital the following day for her Consultant  to ask her why shed dosed her lady bits with enough glitter to lubricate a xmas tree . At this stage in the conversation im crying on the floor and just couldnt help myself  and said have you considered a tin of WD40 next time... She hung up

Monday 8 April 2019

Are We or Arent We?

So are we Europeans this week or not , who knows , what huge differences to my life has all the Brexit business made?  Apart from my cupboards running over not a jot . Foods more expensive but it never goes down in price does it .
So its the school holidays and the munchkin will doubtless drive me mad for the next fortnight , but im well prepared, he can feast on endless cereal and a lonely case of Bacon noodles , theres garden chores he can help with , lots of planting , a huge garden bonfire the first decent day we get and if hes not careful i could easily get the fence treatment out and he and his evil minions can paint
On a positive note after nearly 9 months, useful son has been offered a housing association flat ,he went to look round on Friday and all being well he should hear  this week baring major disaster when his move in date is , then i may get my house back !!!
 Subject to my back and leg ever getting any better , shingles still popping up now and again i can get on with a bit of decorating , only slapping paint around , just need some one coat gloss as i have all the other paint , oh and a load of roller sleeves, the mice having enjoyed the ones in the shed .
Our GPs appear to be going from bad to worse , i was there for a nurse appointment and there was standing room only , big notice on the door saying they had no GPs available and they were working on it . eventually the little doctor who is on maternity leave turned up but she could only stop till her next feed , the other surgery was being run by the nurse practioner , they couldnt even get locum cover as the nurse said they have 6000 patients but never any doctors , noticed another big notice stating they would not be doing any home visits for the foreseeable future ......
So if i vanish it may be because i cant get in at the doctors , but its more likely im doing a house move and gimping myself to death

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Old Biddy Brexit 2

I thought id pop in for a chat while im defrosting the freezer in a bid to squeeze more food into it .
Brexit ? didnt you thing the best comment on Parliament was the climate change folks gluing there bare arses to the glass of the public gallery ?  full marks for such a cheeky idea
Now ive come to the conclusion that in a vain effort to stop Brexit the bunch of sponging loafers we call MPs will vote nay to anything put before them , shame they didnt vote nay when it came to their own pay rise isnt it ? 
Having stuck the label of scroungers onto every disabled person in the country we are paying these privileged tossers of all parties , with a few notable exceptions . I object to the fact that were paying the gas and electric bills on their private homes when disabled and those on Universal Workhouse sit wrapped in a duvet just to get by . I dont object to them paying millions for a big luxury apartment in the US to use for trade negotiations , its probably cheaper and more secure than using hotels . 
What im trying to say and probably putting it very badly, is that im aware that you cant do Government on the cheap these days but that personnel common sense should dictate to MPs that we shouldnt be paying for their luxury bog rolls while folks are wipping their arses on leaves . We need to elect MPs with a moral compass of whatever party we choose . The current bunch have shown theres little concern for anyone but themselves , millionaires getting us to pay for redecorating their flats is taking the piss.  This is what matters to people , the price of food and keeping their jobs and a roof over their heads , we are past caring what our brain dead superiors thoughts are .