Monday 8 April 2019

Are We or Arent We?

So are we Europeans this week or not , who knows , what huge differences to my life has all the Brexit business made?  Apart from my cupboards running over not a jot . Foods more expensive but it never goes down in price does it .
So its the school holidays and the munchkin will doubtless drive me mad for the next fortnight , but im well prepared, he can feast on endless cereal and a lonely case of Bacon noodles , theres garden chores he can help with , lots of planting , a huge garden bonfire the first decent day we get and if hes not careful i could easily get the fence treatment out and he and his evil minions can paint
On a positive note after nearly 9 months, useful son has been offered a housing association flat ,he went to look round on Friday and all being well he should hear  this week baring major disaster when his move in date is , then i may get my house back !!!
 Subject to my back and leg ever getting any better , shingles still popping up now and again i can get on with a bit of decorating , only slapping paint around , just need some one coat gloss as i have all the other paint , oh and a load of roller sleeves, the mice having enjoyed the ones in the shed .
Our GPs appear to be going from bad to worse , i was there for a nurse appointment and there was standing room only , big notice on the door saying they had no GPs available and they were working on it . eventually the little doctor who is on maternity leave turned up but she could only stop till her next feed , the other surgery was being run by the nurse practioner , they couldnt even get locum cover as the nurse said they have 6000 patients but never any doctors , noticed another big notice stating they would not be doing any home visits for the foreseeable future ......
So if i vanish it may be because i cant get in at the doctors , but its more likely im doing a house move and gimping myself to death


  1. Hope that you get rid of the shingles soon. I found it wasn't the spots but the utter exhaustion that did it for me. Fingers crossed for your son. x

  2. Shingles is not a good thing too have. Hope you feel better soon...

  3. That is a truly frightening situation - and the poor doctor having to come in during maternity leave!
    Please be careful with the shingles - it can have a knock on effect to your whole system - and if it goes anywhere near your eyes get to a hospital right away and raise holy Hell until you get seen!

    1. my dad had eye shingles multiple times , horrible . It does seem to be very common in his side of the family , im told that sciatic shingles is lucky, doesnt feel it , just keep falling sideways and its been since xmas .

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