Tuesday 2 April 2019

Old Biddy Brexit 2

I thought id pop in for a chat while im defrosting the freezer in a bid to squeeze more food into it .
Brexit ? didnt you thing the best comment on Parliament was the climate change folks gluing there bare arses to the glass of the public gallery ?  full marks for such a cheeky idea
Now ive come to the conclusion that in a vain effort to stop Brexit the bunch of sponging loafers we call MPs will vote nay to anything put before them , shame they didnt vote nay when it came to their own pay rise isnt it ? 
Having stuck the label of scroungers onto every disabled person in the country we are paying these privileged tossers of all parties , with a few notable exceptions . I object to the fact that were paying the gas and electric bills on their private homes when disabled and those on Universal Workhouse sit wrapped in a duvet just to get by . I dont object to them paying millions for a big luxury apartment in the US to use for trade negotiations , its probably cheaper and more secure than using hotels . 
What im trying to say and probably putting it very badly, is that im aware that you cant do Government on the cheap these days but that personnel common sense should dictate to MPs that we shouldnt be paying for their luxury bog rolls while folks are wipping their arses on leaves . We need to elect MPs with a moral compass of whatever party we choose . The current bunch have shown theres little concern for anyone but themselves , millionaires getting us to pay for redecorating their flats is taking the piss.  This is what matters to people , the price of food and keeping their jobs and a roof over their heads , we are past caring what our brain dead superiors thoughts are .


  1. I honestly believe next time round none of this bunch will get re elected. I listened with joy to a radio programme gave details of MPs after life - apparently 70% are not employed 4 years after losing their cushy life. And long term 25% never work again. Take heart - we will get revenge on them personally soon!!!

  2. MPs with the moral commitment and conscience that are required seem thin on the ground. I am scared for our future.

  3. Vix maybe they could provide travel guides for your next holiday?

  4. Good idea - I'm sure they'd have a lot more fun with us than some dirty old pervert!

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