Tuesday 26 January 2016

Year of The Lurgy

So 2016 is turning into the year of staring into the toilet bowl and thinking ..I must put more descaler down there . Just nicely got settled down from my xmas bout and im at it again , still feeling sorry for myself 4 days later , battered and bruised inside. One of the joys of abdominal surgery is the adhesions that can form afterward , the only time mine give me trouble is when im sick , so im hobbling round with a tummy thats bloated to 9 months pregnant and waiting for the inevitable revolting deflation , its going well as i can now keep the pills down...lol Though Mr Bah Humbug was a little horrified the other night when he spotted my belly button had shifted to the right by six inches , he should have seen me when i was pregnant many moons ago , my lump was totally lob sided ..lol
He once asked me what the problem was with my belly button , its sort of a mangled crater at its best , it got an infection after the fourth laparoscopy and it well ...it fell out , they patched it up as best they could its functional i suppose , though once your born why we need it baffles me ,a friend who has Crohns  asked her surgeon to remove hers when he was tidying up her scars , she thinks it would be an an ace trick to whip her top up at parties and show shes an alien ?
I suppose spectacular ill health once your over it gives you a rather tainted view of the medical profession , im afraid i avoid them like the plague , its not helped by the weird conversations you can have with them . Many moons ago i fainted at work and they insisted that i go to hospital it was 3am and they had quite obviously just got the teenage zombie out of bed who was masquerading as the on call surgical junior .
 Think not sunshine , long gone
Mmm Gallstones
Try again no gallbladder
Mmm could be a blockage xray

one xray later
Did you know theres quite a lot missing in there ?
Staff Nurse . Have you tried reading the notes?

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Thrift 2

Twice in one week , this time I spent a whole 45p with Mr Bah Humbug shaking his head in despair. The Pyrex he could see a use for but my other little gems baffled him .
I had a feeling the little Edwardian scene in the photo frame was original , on taking out it was a 1905 postcard announcing a birth , to someone in Waddingham , which has a lot of family connections with my people . Then there was a little bag of patches the two tiny iron on ones will be used on something of Mr Bah Humbugs just for the embarrassment factor , serve him right for still, despite being a cripple, making holes in everything he owns . The third patch is gorgeous woven ribbon that will be staying for a while .

Meanwhile this morning it was wake up to a hellish frost , knew it wasnt going to be nice this morning as we went to bed last night to find the cat curled up in the duvet and there was no 5am howling to go out , in fact hes just been down for his breakfast then gone back to bed ...its a hard life.

Sunday 17 January 2016

First thrift Buy of 2016

Toddled to an auction with my daughter the other day and we bought nada , nothing . There were tons of stuff going for little to nothing and the auctioneer did say theres going to be a cold snap so the dying season is upon us , cheery chappy isnt he?  Next thing you know David Bowie had gone and taken Alan Rickman with him , somehow I dont think there goods and chattels will be going through Trevs auction room .
So heres the big unveil of the first thrift purchase of 2016 !!!

yes I spent the last 50p in my purse on a jug , a very nice jug that i thought looked very wintery , it just looked odd stood sad and lonely among a big batch of denby and stoneware that the Bridge Community Venue has in at the moment , it was signed but not legible , turns out to be Glynnware by Denby made from 1948 to 1958 , not popular so they sell on ebay for a whole £5 . I had planned to photograph it looking cute in the overnight snow we were forecast ,that seems to be missing from this village . So it got photographed in the planter beside the front door , posing with a lonely casserole lid and plate that never made it to the bin .
Then buddha butted in and wanted his photo taken as well , yes I did use a redundent megablocks truck to plant him and a couple of strawberry plants in . Why ever not ?

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Kids !!! Who Would Have Them

Sometimes I just want to run screaming into the distance and wish that both me and Mr Bah Humbug had been neutered at age 16 .
So heres the latest edition of the misery saga, one day we will return to having a life , cooking and crafting...honest
Mr Bah Humbugs youngest son, known to long term readers as Young Baldrick , his dads favourite child , ADHD , high functioning autism , jam jar glassed ginger kid , has got him self in a mess occasioned by our nanny state at its best .
He finally while living with his mother reached the age where there are no more training schemes or college courses he can attend , mainly due to having been thrown off every one due to poor attendance . So he was told he must sign on for Job Seekers Allowance , now the problem is that unless you talk to him for some time you dont realise he has problems , hes also registered blind but you wouldnt know unless he tells you , he just seems endlessly clumsy , he has no depth perception at all .
So in November just as he turned 19 he was referred to an assisted living program , he has been deemed by the nanny state as fit for independent living , so they sent him to live in a bedsit at the YMCA, despite his mothers protests , this was full of other teenagers with various problems both physical and mental who had left care . Now during this period I stalked him through social media , he was visibly struggling , he looked like a drugged up skeleton , had gained a girlfriend in the same block who turned out to be a fully fledged crazy person and had him beaten up for being late for a date ! he is very trusting , thinks everyone is his best friend and loves everyone . Now that he is 19 nobody has any say in his life but him , he is judged fit for independent living , he received no help beyond getting him the bedsit .
January 2nd he rang us to say he was homeless and had nothing to eat , could he come to live here ? an hour long sobbing fest to his dad on the phone . His dad said he would ring him back after he had spoken to me .
My response ...ring his mother , get the truth of it all .
It turns out he has been sanctioned for non attendance at the job center , he lost the housing due to this , they managed to get him back into the bedsit with the councils help but a couple of days before xmas the scheme lost its funding and they all got home in the evening to find themself locked out and on the streets . He spent xmas at his mothers because all the agencies involved were on xmas break.
January 2nd she threw him out , her tenancy doesnt allow him there due to the problems with his behavior in the past ,once he moved out he couldnt go back , hes now sofa surfing round his friends. He cant claim a single penny because hes of no fixed abode , he cant get help from agencies because he cant remember what day of the week it is. Ive spent hours on the phone trying to sort this bloody mess out all occasioned by the powers that be deciding hes fit for independent living when he quite blatantly may never be without a lot of support which they dont have the funding for .
He cant come here , the council wont let him because hes 19 and has a criminal record for endless shoplifting , not that we have a shop within 5 miles !!
There is much more to this saga , but its all depressing bang your head against a brick wall , so called caring establishment bullshit . All occasioned by that one decision that he is fit for independent living

Thursday 7 January 2016

Tiny Plus

One of the advantages of a never ending stomach bug is that you get to read a lot while sat on the throne ! demolished 3 books so far while pursuing other matters .
Im getting there , just have to be a little careful till it settles down , so ive been practicing the working from home routine , lots of phonecalls to the office while going no further than the 2 computers i have running plus the ipad,  multiskivving at its best .
Mr Bah Humbug has got a new agency helping him in search for disabled employment The Shaw Trust , he spent a happy 3 hours being assessed by them the other day , bit of a strange experience he said , they think he should start his own business because of his years of experience as a fitter of all things mechanical , but we sat and discussed it and did the figures, his health is only going to get worse , we have no capital and we have a credit score so far into the -figures that nobody in their right minds would give us money , plus having worked self employed for a lot of years I know you end up working for peanuts to pay other peoples wages and not getting paid for work you have done. Mentally if he failed he would be back at square one . Two erratic incomes wouldnt pay the rent im afraid , so we are not sure where we are going with this .
They say it doesnt matter if he earns nothing because tax credits will make it up ????  Sounds a bit suspect to me or are we just honest and the rest of the country is all doing this , he has a meeting with someone next week who will explain how to play the benefit system correctly .

Heres my little plus of the day , Geetas Chutney and Spice Mix freebies from a tick the like button on facebook , once im feeling a bit more normal this will make its way into bacon sandwiches galore and the spice mix should make something for an Indian evening im working on

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Starting The Year With a MEH

2016 is proving to be nearly as fun as 2015 was .. ive been crawling around the house with a niggly stomach bug since New Years Eve , so never got to celebrate, not that i do anyway , having had a fair bit of abdominal surgery over the years a crappy little stomach bug that everybody else is over with in a couple of days can leave me a bit rough for weeks , so im feeling very sorry for myself . Not helped by Mr Bah Humbug favourite "just pop to the Drs" mmmmm in the 5 weeks till a non emergency appointment it will be better , he forgets that now hes disabled his appointments are same day , plus theres the fact that theyre incapable of reading my notes and will try to palm me off with antibiotics , which is a very  bad idea , plus theres the usual lecture about how i should be trying the statin wonder drugs , read further sunshine i was one of the first people given them many moons ago and ended up unable to walk move or do much of anything . Maybe i could point out to the latest gormless locum that being as they stopped my epi pens in a cost saving exercise its a bad idea to take anything more than a paracetamol and no a course of penicillin wont just give me a bit of a rash sunshine , last time some numpty didnt read my notes , i ended up with anaphylactic shock . I once ended up in an ambulance as a child from stroking a guinea pig!! So thats my self pitying lecture for the day , pass me a loo roll and send me to my chamber .