Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Starting The Year With a MEH

2016 is proving to be nearly as fun as 2015 was .. ive been crawling around the house with a niggly stomach bug since New Years Eve , so never got to celebrate, not that i do anyway , having had a fair bit of abdominal surgery over the years a crappy little stomach bug that everybody else is over with in a couple of days can leave me a bit rough for weeks , so im feeling very sorry for myself . Not helped by Mr Bah Humbug favourite "just pop to the Drs" mmmmm in the 5 weeks till a non emergency appointment it will be better , he forgets that now hes disabled his appointments are same day , plus theres the fact that theyre incapable of reading my notes and will try to palm me off with antibiotics , which is a very  bad idea , plus theres the usual lecture about how i should be trying the statin wonder drugs , read further sunshine i was one of the first people given them many moons ago and ended up unable to walk move or do much of anything . Maybe i could point out to the latest gormless locum that being as they stopped my epi pens in a cost saving exercise its a bad idea to take anything more than a paracetamol and no a course of penicillin wont just give me a bit of a rash sunshine , last time some numpty didnt read my notes , i ended up with anaphylactic shock . I once ended up in an ambulance as a child from stroking a guinea pig!! So thats my self pitying lecture for the day , pass me a loo roll and send me to my chamber .

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