Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tiny Plus

One of the advantages of a never ending stomach bug is that you get to read a lot while sat on the throne ! demolished 3 books so far while pursuing other matters .
Im getting there , just have to be a little careful till it settles down , so ive been practicing the working from home routine , lots of phonecalls to the office while going no further than the 2 computers i have running plus the ipad,  multiskivving at its best .
Mr Bah Humbug has got a new agency helping him in search for disabled employment The Shaw Trust , he spent a happy 3 hours being assessed by them the other day , bit of a strange experience he said , they think he should start his own business because of his years of experience as a fitter of all things mechanical , but we sat and discussed it and did the figures, his health is only going to get worse , we have no capital and we have a credit score so far into the -figures that nobody in their right minds would give us money , plus having worked self employed for a lot of years I know you end up working for peanuts to pay other peoples wages and not getting paid for work you have done. Mentally if he failed he would be back at square one . Two erratic incomes wouldnt pay the rent im afraid , so we are not sure where we are going with this .
They say it doesnt matter if he earns nothing because tax credits will make it up ????  Sounds a bit suspect to me or are we just honest and the rest of the country is all doing this , he has a meeting with someone next week who will explain how to play the benefit system correctly .

Heres my little plus of the day , Geetas Chutney and Spice Mix freebies from a tick the like button on facebook , once im feeling a bit more normal this will make its way into bacon sandwiches galore and the spice mix should make something for an Indian evening im working on

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