Monday 29 July 2019

Over It

Well thats my cares review over with , twenty minutes of my time , 2 cautions and endlessly repeating yes nothing has changed , degenerative condition means he can only get worse . The only good news is that the rules on himself being in hospital have changed , its not more than 48 hrs anymore , i must notify them after he has been in hospital for 24 hours and he is allowed 28 days over a 26 week period , which is much more realistic. Also im one of the lucky 800 carers they are reviewing this year.  Doesnt help the up at 3am worrying about this im afraid .  He ducked the question of what company is doing these reviews..mmm
So what have i been up to other than worrying and paddling ?  Cat jumble Saturday rather a good one , mountains of stuff but not as many folks as usual, the monsoon season could have something to do with it.  Got an unused boxed small George forman Grill for a couple of pounds , other half has wittered about one for months , we will see it may be yet another useless gadget that is harder to clean than to use  I also bought a Tom Tom sat nav for 50p , just because i broke the screen on mine and i may be able to replace it with the 50p one , or basically make one good one out of two bad . A slack handful of linen doilies and a rather nice vintage printed happy birthday tablecloth , didnt even go near the clothes they were practically fighting, the worst ive seen in years , sign of the times i think .
Now i will have to spend this afternoon hovering over my crystal ball looking at the political shenanigans, shuffling and dealing my tea cards or maybe reading my tea leaves if their not on ration , now my minds off other matters 

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Can Things Get Worse

So the brown envelope from the DWP landed on the doormat , this time addressed to me . It would seem i am to be subjected to a Carer Review , Tom from the DWP is going to ring me between 9-11 Monday , then comes a long list of penalties for not being stood by the phone waiting . It then proceeds to explain that this is merely a government information gathering exercise and to check page 5 for more information..errr theres only 4 pages ?
My point is that the whole thing is menacing, theres a whole page of warnings of the consequences of fraud another page of if you fail to answer the questions with replies that match exactly what they have on file you will lose all your benefits . Its a threatening letter called a review .
So i may have to get himself up at 5am to make sure hes safely toileted and ready for the day , just in case he needs help during this hour long telephone debacle.
At least its took my mind off the other debacle we are all about to witness .

Friday 19 July 2019

Coming Over All

So im contemplating a birthday and life in general . Did i ever think life would come to this ? Living in the weird limbo land of being a carer ?
Growing up it was expected that a womens purpose in life was to breed and keep house , my mother was the first working mother i knew, it just didnt happen in the early 60s . I think this was because my parents were married 8 years before i accidentally popped up , my mother was a great practicer of counting days to not get pregnant , she had a green diary with every date in her mooncycle ever . I have never been forgiven for the time she had flu and dad got the wrong day , she reminded me of this the other day . 84 and she still bares a grudge
But the thing that gets me is that everyones a working mum these days , we gained so much liberation down the years that a woman now has all the equality she could want, apart from equal pay . But still its the woman who does the majority of household chores , pretty much all the childcare extras , looks after parents , partners, the bleedin cat and uncle Tom Cobley and all .
So did we gain anything from feminism and equality ?  Apart from that is more deaths from heart disease , stress and mental illness . Our lives are run at full pelt , everybody is tired exhausted and in debt .
So answer this one .  What did men lose from our gains ?  Discuss

Thursday 18 July 2019

Fish 2

Mr Bah Humbug is in mourning , the fishing pit hes used since he was a kid is closing except for residents , the owners have had a lot of trouble with strangers turning up without a fishing license then starting arguments over the matter , it had great disabled access and toilet facilities . So now hes having to trial other sites , which is proving fun .  Many advertise disabled facilities , but really havent put much thought into there provisions .  He does need to be able to get his vehicle right up to the fishing point .  Solid ground at the point he sits is a must and toilet facilities that dont have stairs or a blue bucket bog are also requirements .  Minor niggles like the pegs being knee deep in goose crap, dont help if your not that steady on your feet . His weirdest problem is that the fish musnt be to big or he cant land them and he says im
I do think hes probably at the worst end of the disabled spectrum that can be expected to go to these places , but we actually fished one yesterday that wasnt to bad , apart from the toilets being non accessible for him .
On the wildlife front Big Doris has let her breakfast escape in the hallway , the three furry virgins are all sat around the huge chest of drawers at the bottom of the stairs awaiting the demise of the tiny vole that escaped her ,you have to be a cat person to put up with this bunch you really do

Friday 12 July 2019

Is It Me?

Forgive me for i have sinned , i bought my first item of clothing new this year . apart from underwear this rarely happens , i was in B&N stood at the tills paying for my peppered spam ration , a rare and wonderous  They had several trollys of kids clothing knocked down to a quid at the tills , when a girl pulled up with a trolley full of packs of leggings , she chirped up to the girl on the tills .
Nobodys gonna want these , theyre all for fat fucks . much sniggering ensued you could here the rattle of their tiny braincells . So i picked them up and looked £3 for two pairs excellent .
They seemed rather quiet when i left . But then i did comment.......Fat fuck leggings just what i needed !!
Then in my surreal world I was pottering round doing the hoovering in the passage when out of the corner of my eye something moved halfway down the hall . Weaving towards the hoover was a full size grass snake , not sure who was more suprised me or it . I shrieked and it shot behind the cat litter tray , Mr hobbled through to see what the fuss was , so i moved the tray and showed him . He then proceeded to go full snakes on a plane trying to get to it to beat it to death with his crutch ..bleedin men .  I pointed out it was harmless and scooped it up with the dustpan and brush , they dont have venom but a big one can bite so its a long sleeves and trousers job . Popped him on the grass pile in the garden while Mr wanted to play at photographing it , it played dead for a minute then shot off . I was busy wrangling a furry bundle of fury that wanted to play with it , bleedin cats are great . 

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Prep On

Todays blog is on the behalf of the Monster Raving Preppers Society . Shortly after the cat was crushed by a stack of Frey Bentos Pies Mr Bah Humbug made me stop buying extras each week so now i have to hide what i buy
The cupboards are bulging and i have my eye on the brick shed that the boys have used for gaming once the munchkin and daughter leave in August.
I think ive been very sensible i have amassed a mountain of cat food , now im concentrating on a few extra household products and once the shed is free , it may become bog roll storage .. i managed quite well for 6 months during the Great DWP famine of 2017 , im currently not far from that level of food storage .  Im not a Brexit panic person , we can panic once Boris is trying to organise his version of Brexit on behalf of the Tory Reich .
I do not think we will be without food , just without foodstuffs that would be our first choice and once the panic buyers and those who would like a big telly to curb their hunger pangs finish rioting things will settle down . There will be a lot of unemployment yet again , but dont worry the rich will get richer if nothing else.
Im second cropping the garden this year if the good weather holds till November all well and good , some will need a bit of cover , if we get a cold snap it can go in the compost heap its just the ends of packets for the sake of using them .
Trying to not take the freezer for granted , we do get a lot of power cuts being very rural , but theyre not for long . But it strikes me that its the parts we order to maintain infrastructure that may be a bit thin on the ground for a while. 
Just remember the Reich will only provide for their own and London , they really dont give a toss about anyone else .
I knew there was something i forgot....camping stove gas . ...Off to mumble in a corner and plan what else i need to smuggle in ....ha ha ha (weird cackle from the corner )

Saturday 6 July 2019


This is gorgeous , hes gone fishing with his brother and ive watched the sun rise and been for a walk with the cats mine and one of the neighbours as well  , just debating whether to pop to the fishing pit , slap on a load of washing or sneak out to the car boot before anyone gets up
Nothing much of any excitement happening here , plod along everyday chores , the horror of an early morning trip to Burgh Le Marsh car boot and then Ingoldmells market , the car boot was all market stall tat then we went to the market to look at more tat , came back with three melons a cauliflower and a case of ..glad he doesnt want to go to either again .
Then he won  something he really doesnt need on ebay yet again , that turned into an all day safari because he couldnt drive with his legs playing up and his brother wasnt well either . So they had to rope me in as im the only one with a towing license and you guessed it hes bought a trailer ,  now his reasoning that he can get his bigger improved chariot into it doesnt ring true im sure theres some other purpose and hes acting very guilty .  Plus he actually asked what i want to do on my birthday , something he usually remembers about when the kids prompt him the night before , think he was miffed i said id got a Jumble Sale planned , but he can take me for a posh ice cream after .
So the washers finished , the car boot is calling and  theres loads today.  But  I will  just toddle to the local one , then come home i think and start layering cat litter and knitting patterns , then pot on a couple more tomato plants into the porch , must look for a cucumber plant today .
So thats my boring life at the moment , i quite like it this way .