Friday 19 July 2019

Coming Over All

So im contemplating a birthday and life in general . Did i ever think life would come to this ? Living in the weird limbo land of being a carer ?
Growing up it was expected that a womens purpose in life was to breed and keep house , my mother was the first working mother i knew, it just didnt happen in the early 60s . I think this was because my parents were married 8 years before i accidentally popped up , my mother was a great practicer of counting days to not get pregnant , she had a green diary with every date in her mooncycle ever . I have never been forgiven for the time she had flu and dad got the wrong day , she reminded me of this the other day . 84 and she still bares a grudge
But the thing that gets me is that everyones a working mum these days , we gained so much liberation down the years that a woman now has all the equality she could want, apart from equal pay . But still its the woman who does the majority of household chores , pretty much all the childcare extras , looks after parents , partners, the bleedin cat and uncle Tom Cobley and all .
So did we gain anything from feminism and equality ?  Apart from that is more deaths from heart disease , stress and mental illness . Our lives are run at full pelt , everybody is tired exhausted and in debt .
So answer this one .  What did men lose from our gains ?  Discuss


  1. I don’t think men have lost anything. For most men women are for cookin’ and fuckin’ and they sit on the sofa farting and scratching their privates. And believe me, being old and living with a really miserable fat, fatulant, shouty cunt is no fun, I have countless friends living horrible sad lives shackled to these ghastly men. No, women have made a rod for their own backs being competent, intelligent and educated, I don’t know the answer but absolutely hate men.

  2. I agree with some of what Sarah Dee has to say. We have made a rod for our own backs mainly because many jobs are still low paid womens work and therefore women are trapped in a cycle of poverty, unable to escape through Jack of funds. I remember a few years back a woman coming to view my friends rented accommodation. She heldxoen and paper in hand a wrote down all responsible costs, gas, water, electric, rates etc. I could visibly see her face change as she said, I can afford it if I don't eat or live other than pay the bills. My heart went out to her. Childcare is still a womens domain even if there is a helpful husband. She still has to organise for cover on days when neither parent is available.

  3. My mother got married at 18 and I think it was a disappointment for her, she started suffering with her nerves so the Dr suggested she had a baby, me, within three months of my birth her nerves were even worse so the Dr suggested she got a job. This was in 1951.

  4. My ex gained my pay cheque to spend down at the cruddy bar he spent most of his time in. I would have given anything to be able to stay at home with my kids when they were little but as I was the one with the expat benefits (working in Switzerland) I had to stay at work. Thank god I did in the end because that salary allowed me to divorce him when he slithered off with his barroom whore. I think he got quite a shock when he actually had to do some work around the house when he ended up living on his own after Schmoopie left him. Wasn't quite the same as getting out of bed at mid-day waiting to be waited on hand and foot. (If you hadn't guess, I am extremely happily divorced). He is now back in the States on a massive pension but I just found out last week that he is training to be a school bus driver because he can't make it on his pension! Ha bloody ha. Sadly, I agree with Sarah that there are many many women trapped in unhappy marriages with men of dubious personal hygiene who spend their lives sitting on the sofa scratching their balls! To those in happy marriages (and there are some) I'm really happy for you but sadly I think those happy marriages are few and far between.

  5. I don't think it is just us women who pay the price with regards to stress and mental illness as a result of women being forced to work to cover the high cost of modern living. I was talking with my Mum the other day and she said that she is convinced that the high level of stress and depression amongst the young is partly due to either nobody being at home to discuss their problems with them when they arrive home from school or Mum being there, but rushing around to sort out the evening meal after a long day at work and so not having time to sit down and listen. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Too much sense for anyone 'higher up' to ever consider it as part of the problem!

  6. I used to work full time, come home from work and cook tea... make everyone's packed lunches for the next day and then go out and teach an evening class three nights each week. Guess who did all the laundry , ironing and housework..... not himself. I got to the point where I couldn't cope with it all so quit my job and went on strike for a week at home... I occasionally go on strike to remind himself how the house would look without my care and attention.