Thursday, 18 July 2019

Fish 2

Mr Bah Humbug is in mourning , the fishing pit hes used since he was a kid is closing except for residents , the owners have had a lot of trouble with strangers turning up without a fishing license then starting arguments over the matter , it had great disabled access and toilet facilities . So now hes having to trial other sites , which is proving fun .  Many advertise disabled facilities , but really havent put much thought into there provisions .  He does need to be able to get his vehicle right up to the fishing point .  Solid ground at the point he sits is a must and toilet facilities that dont have stairs or a blue bucket bog are also requirements .  Minor niggles like the pegs being knee deep in goose crap, dont help if your not that steady on your feet . His weirdest problem is that the fish musnt be to big or he cant land them and he says im
I do think hes probably at the worst end of the disabled spectrum that can be expected to go to these places , but we actually fished one yesterday that wasnt to bad , apart from the toilets being non accessible for him .
On the wildlife front Big Doris has let her breakfast escape in the hallway , the three furry virgins are all sat around the huge chest of drawers at the bottom of the stairs awaiting the demise of the tiny vole that escaped her ,you have to be a cat person to put up with this bunch you really do

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