Thursday 30 January 2020


Im trying to make an effort to clear the munchkins bedroom out ready for the school holidays , so this morning ive donated his old school stuff back to his old school , just cut the name tags out and dropped them off . Then on the local facebook they were asking for egg boxes at the former post office so ive dropped a small mountain off .  Huge bag of rags to the local charity shop , lots more stuff to get rid of this will keep me busy for the next few days .  Ive mountains need taking to the skip once the weather picks up .  Lots of boxes broken down to fill the new clean cardboard bin theyve given us , its a full size bin they empty once a month and ours is always full . sometimes it seems that recycling can be a full time chore . Must sort out a bag of books to go to Tescos while im at it .
I would like to get on with the decorating but its just not warm enough to dry paint yet .
Got my seeds from lidl this week im concentrating on lots of beans this year , mainly bush beans its so windy here , but im off to cut some hazel uprights for my runner row as well , saves buying bamboo canes and they last longer , ive some more hazel bushes waiting to go in at the back it just seems to be such a useful hedging plant plus the bonus of nuts .
We had a visit from a little man the other day from Western Powers sub contractor for branch removal , theyre off to drop all their wood chippings here that they generate round the village , always worth asking as its so useful as weed suppressant and it stops the top soil blowing away .  Plus as the bloke said it saves them money on dragging it away , next door is having all the logs im having the chippings .  Sometimes it pays being the first house in the village .
I gather we Brexit tomorrow , wouldnt think it will make a jot of difference out here in the wilderness unless we have the usual idiots launching fireworks to upset everybodys animals , havent seen a hint of a party advertised rather odd when this area is a true blue leave area , though maybe January isnt the best time for street parties .
Another little job i need to do , price a chainsaw !  i need an old biddy sized one  im getting bored and apart from a gammy leg that it looks like im stuck with , i see no reason to give up doing stuff myself when i can !!!

Monday 27 January 2020

Toss a coin

Well I found a decent cat jumble sale Saturday , 4 books , 4 items of clothing a sunflower tapestry kit and a pair of 60s curtains latter . i had managed to spend a whole £3.00 . 2 mint Kath Kidston Stitch and Sew , never used still with the template packs in cellophane , rather glad i never got these gifted , they are visually beautiful but the projects are a bit too basic. Read them and pass them on in some way.   The other books were a Hairy Bikers i havent read and a glorious 70s craft book , im looking at starting a new shelf for vintage craft books , but this will mean clearing a shelf and theyre all full , no matter how i try and i take a shopper full of books to Tesco every fortnight my shelves are still full.
 My complete summer wardrobe in 4 one shirt needs a button not that im ever short of those and another 3 tops . The curtains are rather gorgeous screen printed floral that will do as summer curtains in the dining room . The Tapestry sunflower kit is a stare at and ponder, its a cushion front , i keep promising myself that i wont start anything else and that i wont die till i finish all the stuff i already have started  , that however would probably need me to be

Im also having a WTF is wrong with men week , a friend has had a horrific xmas , her husband decided to do a runner because she was in hospital with pneumonia and complications and wasnt expected to live , he abandoned her mentally handicapped adult son , told no one and just did a bunk . To say shes bitter twisted and planning his demise is an understatement to be honest i think its all thats kept her going , but we do get to talk a bit more now so thats a small plus .

On the other side of the coin we had a visit from one of Mr Bah Humbugs mates , who we havent seen for a while and hes usually a regular visitor . His partner and I have always been a bit on gritted teeth , we just had nothing in common other than our partners brotherly love affair . He announced that he and his partner are no longer a couple but are sharing a house because they cant afford to get seperate houses or buy the other partner out .  His partner has been seriously ill for over a year and its been grim at times  Shes just gone back to work but they came to a parting because shes been getting him in debt ? By now i was biting my tongue , this man is 50 and he spends most weekends going to concerts all over Europe or out with his mates he thinks hes still a teenager .  Hes bragging how hes seeing a much younger woman and popping the little blue pills like theyre going out of fashion. Out with his mates doing loads of coke and alcohol every weekend , lifes one big party .
When hed gone Mr Bah Humbug looked at me and said sometimes he doesnt realise how damned lucky he is that ive stayed around . I did point out that mens terror of mortality is what causes the problems and his mate will crash and burn at which point if hees lucky his ex will pick up the pieces , if hes not lucky he will end up with no one once the party ends .

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Countryside Pursuits

Is there anybody out there?  the fog this morning is really thick and lingering  after a couple of days of glorious sunshine its back to normal its been so nice ive strimmered a big chunk of the front garden , grass hasnt stopped growing at all this year but its been under water a lot of the time , so ive had to reseed a big chunk thats died and strimmer the rest , the grounds still waterlogged so you cant mow , sad fact the grass is pathering into the house but its better than tripping over lumps in the dark.
Im busy tring to keep two irate cats from wrecking the place , theyre syndicate shooting on the fields behind us , the locals are responsible gun owners the rich tossers who come up from London for the syndicates arent choosy and will shoot anything that moves. on a bright point it may be each other the fogs so thick. But its yet another fact that farmland has to be made to pay and it brings income in . Thursdays is fox hunting day we only get them a couple of times a year around here , last year they managed to get the hound pack into a Happy chicken farm enclosure but best of all the pack buggered off and ended up imprisoned in the local school playground  . Shall we just say our local hunt is small, caught bugger all before the ban and catches bugger all now .  In fact the hounds just seem to do as they please with a bloke with a red coat riding round swearing at them and a couple of blokes on quad bikes chasing them . Weird pastime but the horses seem to enjoy it .
We have had planning notices put up on the field next to us , it seems they want to take the disused grain dryer down and put two houses on the site , once again its a big site and no doubt the houses are yet more country palaces . Doesnt mean a lot , planning permission just puts the land price up and the cost of demolishing the grain dryer means it wont happen anytime soon , the farmer who is applying for all the planning permissions around the village is retiring , we arent farm land here these are all grazing fields on the huge clay old riverbank its not crop land so it doesnt have a great deal of value. Little point in anyone objecting on the grounds of their being no infrastructure if the local council object they just appeal to central government who rubber stamp it .....ho hum

Saturday 18 January 2020

Be Glad When Its Done

January is just dragging its feet endlessly , though it looks like it may be fit to go outside today if i can escape from Mr Bah Humbug , ive lost the days of the week altogether and the diary hasnt a single thing in it,  unusual for there to be no appointments for Drs and hospitals for himself .
Im drawing up the spring list for budget stuff i need to find secondhand , theres some large stuff this time we need a new bed or beds if i have my way , our bedroom is quite wide and we could get a double and single bed in their easily which would make life so much easier , but getting him to listen is hard work plus my £60 a week doesnt go far .
This is a bleak time of year financially , the car needs an MOT and its insurance is due , we have to pay this as one lump sum as we have learned the hard way not to pay monthly due to the DWP wars in 2017 . The penalties you incur on defaulting on a monthly direct debit are horrendous and our income isnt secure, if your disabled on the new system it never is, but because we live in the wilderness we have to have transport , theres no bus service no taxis no anything here. Ambulance transport for himself is notoriously bad in this area .  Its made very clear by our GPS that they dont do any home visits these days , last time he broke some ribs i did ask and they said he must use call connect the little buses you must order weeks in advance but he cant get on and off them . I ended up with a nurse call which was great she  showed me how to listen to his chest to see if the ribs popping had done any lung damage and explained at what point to just call an ambulance . But then told me the ambulance would probably be between 2 hours and 5 hours because broken bones are not an emergency. Theres been a bit of scandal locally about this as theres been a lot of elderly who have fallen and had to wait hours , they do get a paramedic out to them quite fast but getting them to hospital is a problem as all the ambulances are parked outside A&E  unable to drop their patients off because its full to capacity . We have a 500 bed general hospital that covers a vast area and a tiny A&E they are constantly throwing up more and more houses here but they never increase the bed capacity of the hospital . Nothing new from a UK government point of view

Sunday 12 January 2020

Glorious Sunday

Looking out the window at glorious sunshine with a big black cloud to the left , gorgeous contrast , so much prettier than the endless grey murk we have seemed to have for weeks . The cats playing peek a boo from the outside windowsill just to add more muddy footprints to the window .  Overslept this morning so im in the dog house , Mr Grumpy is sat there with a face like hes chewed a wasp , he had managed to get himself to the throne and ended up stuck there shouting for assistance and i didnt hear him "for hours"  the cat did eventually come and wake me  I hardly think hed been there for hours .
He wanted to go to sand racing at Mablethorpe today but due to the tides it was starting at 5am so ive ruined his day , im such a failure as a carer . Its going to be a long sour Sunday im sure , in fact he may sulk for days .  Theres a table top sale in the next town that we would have called in on the way back , so that has gone out of the window as well . so if it stays nice and sunny i may have a potter in the garden out of the way . If its bleedin freezing out their , i may retreat upstairs to sort through a huge pile of stuff daughter dropped off yesterday for me to sort through . Clothes etc , im turning into the family recycling center , bras to the bra charity . Stuff thats fit to car boot in the Spring pile anything that can be repurposed in another pile , things that need just a button or a stitch to the mending pile . Ive a big pile of single sheets that can be turned into king size i remember how to do flat seams from school an awful lot of years ago , plus other half tears sheets beyond repair when he nightmares. So im sure i can manage to be productive somehow .

I will apologise to those whose comments have been lost , while trying to remove a spam robot that was going to make me millions from various perversions it eradicated months if not years of comments on posts , fortunately not those from the last couple of days and it seems to be fine now . Blogger has done this once before annoying but not the end of the world .   In an update the comments have returned after 2 days minus mr pervert !

Thursday 9 January 2020

Royally P O

So whats all the fuss and drama over Harry and Meghan not wanting to be members of the Firm ? In all honesty would anyone want to join in with that lot ?  The Queen is the spider in the center of the web , probably with good intentions she houses and feeds her adult children keeping them dutifully royal , you only have to look at Edward and andrew to see that theyre stuck in permanent reverse , imaginary jobs to make them seem useful, a few worthy charity jobs , its a tradition dating to Victorian times and sadly the Royals have never moved beyond that . Minor royals have always been traditionally a bit thick and dutiful, grateful for the queen keeping them on the Firm .
Once they were huge celebrities but celebrity has moved on, its all Instagram and Twitter and marketing . The only reason people recognise the queen these days is from her picture on banknotes theres more excitement over some sucker lipped influencer dating a reality show nobody .
So along comes Meghan , self made very media savvy and steals our prince , hes never been happier , hes an adoring Labrador husband trotting one step behind his exotic missus , wondering how the gangly ginger baldy pulled this bit of  stuff , long may this last .
  William has produced 3 kids so theirs no need for a spare heir , wouldnt be surprised if he pops out another this year before Kates ovarys shrivel and die , bit of positive publicity and all that .
There was all the squealing about Harry and Meghan not spending Xmas with granny but in the great modern compromise they went to her mothers this year , better than spending time with dodgy Uncle Andy , freezing and huddled over a 2 bar electric fire in Norfolk , then exterminating the local wildlife on boxing day.
So i expect theres been a bit of a showdown ,  they arent needed by the Firm so off to somewhere warm and with good plumbing and internet they are going , yes they will be an endless embarrassment as members of modern celebrity culture . But good luck to them

Monday 6 January 2020

Kettle of Fish

Everytime we think all the drama in life is over for a while something happens
Which Idiot gave Trump a drone for Xmas?  While most of his minders were still on their xmas holidays hes done a stunner  , hopefully they took the nuke codes with them or put them in a safe knowing he couldnt remember the combination .
As a friend in America pointed out , he thinks hes safe in America surrounded by his yes men , but theres a rumour that Iraq have posted an 80 million contract on his life . now all his bodyguards are looking at each other and wandering who might cash in . But personally i figure there are an awful lot of people ordering land mines on Amazon and eying his golf courses with interest .

Meanwhile our esteemed leader is missing in action , theorys include major heart attack while mounting a dumb blond . I prefer that hes had to be sent for reprogramming due to a major software problem , he cant stop shouting Get Brexit Done at inopportune moments .  Theyve found he has insufficient memory to store a complete speech ? or they cant stop him flinging his arms around while mumbling in Greek .
Cummings meanwhile is running the show while they 3d print a new leader. With Raab as his current puppet , never has a bloke looked so worried that hes going to say something wrong .

Meanwhile in the real world that actually matters to us , wasnt xmas TV shocking ? Endless repeats into infinity and beyond . Dr Who has turned into a bad Scooby Doo !! We started watching Dracula and gave up , to mumbly , dire accents and where did all the nuns spring from ?  In the event the boys let me loose on their Netflix accounts , thousands of programmes but again dire TV is universal .  Im quite liking a lot of Korean stuff and some rather good historical Chinese epics of an afternoon while getting on with yet more of the neverending patchwork quilt that has been going on for a couple of winters . Mr BH doesnt notice, ive found his headphones so he can sit and shout into his radios quite happily for hours

Wednesday 1 January 2020

To Infinity And Beyond

So welcome to a new decade , has much changed ? Its been a funny old Xmas season , we had a surprise death in the extended family , one of the boys aunties who lived a couple of villages away . She was disabled and had major health issues anyway, but she was killed by a sore throat that turned into pneumonia and sepsis in the space of a few hours . There seems to be a lot of this locally and people are dropping like flies . It being xmas , everybody in the close family was far to busy stuffing the turkey so it fell to nice son to be with her at the end and cope with her alcoholic partner who was in shock . Not great when he had some viral throat bug that was leaving him like the walking dead that he had kindly brought to our house for Xmas .
My mother decided to do her best to ruin xmas by spewing her own special brand of venom at me , she informed me that she was spending xmas with the Tory working classes and wouldnt it be better if i killed myself and my partner , we are just a burden on the likes of her and our children and the state . And a Merry Xmas To You Mother .  I think her booze delivery hadnt arrived on time . So once again shes changing her will to the cousins who had invited her for xmas , I think theyd seen the advert on the telly with the nice lonely little old lady that you invite over , hope they had a good xmas once she started on the wine .
So ive not been around much on line , i now have nursy duties for Mr Bah Humbug as he now has the throat bug , which he is convinced is about to kill him .  Dont think so , we have the sepsis leaflet on the fridge theyre popping them in your perscription bags at the moment .  He has a bit of a temperature , swollen glands and a big dose off im doomed topped off with galloping hypochondria . Ive got him gargling on anything vile i can mix up and im not to gently stuffing a thermometer in his ear everytime he whinges . 
Cant wait till he passes it on to me ....ho hum goes on .