Monday, 27 January 2020

Toss a coin

Well I found a decent cat jumble sale Saturday , 4 books , 4 items of clothing a sunflower tapestry kit and a pair of 60s curtains latter . i had managed to spend a whole £3.00 . 2 mint Kath Kidston Stitch and Sew , never used still with the template packs in cellophane , rather glad i never got these gifted , they are visually beautiful but the projects are a bit too basic. Read them and pass them on in some way.   The other books were a Hairy Bikers i havent read and a glorious 70s craft book , im looking at starting a new shelf for vintage craft books , but this will mean clearing a shelf and theyre all full , no matter how i try and i take a shopper full of books to Tesco every fortnight my shelves are still full.
 My complete summer wardrobe in 4 one shirt needs a button not that im ever short of those and another 3 tops . The curtains are rather gorgeous screen printed floral that will do as summer curtains in the dining room . The Tapestry sunflower kit is a stare at and ponder, its a cushion front , i keep promising myself that i wont start anything else and that i wont die till i finish all the stuff i already have started  , that however would probably need me to be

Im also having a WTF is wrong with men week , a friend has had a horrific xmas , her husband decided to do a runner because she was in hospital with pneumonia and complications and wasnt expected to live , he abandoned her mentally handicapped adult son , told no one and just did a bunk . To say shes bitter twisted and planning his demise is an understatement to be honest i think its all thats kept her going , but we do get to talk a bit more now so thats a small plus .

On the other side of the coin we had a visit from one of Mr Bah Humbugs mates , who we havent seen for a while and hes usually a regular visitor . His partner and I have always been a bit on gritted teeth , we just had nothing in common other than our partners brotherly love affair . He announced that he and his partner are no longer a couple but are sharing a house because they cant afford to get seperate houses or buy the other partner out .  His partner has been seriously ill for over a year and its been grim at times  Shes just gone back to work but they came to a parting because shes been getting him in debt ? By now i was biting my tongue , this man is 50 and he spends most weekends going to concerts all over Europe or out with his mates he thinks hes still a teenager .  Hes bragging how hes seeing a much younger woman and popping the little blue pills like theyre going out of fashion. Out with his mates doing loads of coke and alcohol every weekend , lifes one big party .
When hed gone Mr Bah Humbug looked at me and said sometimes he doesnt realise how damned lucky he is that ive stayed around . I did point out that mens terror of mortality is what causes the problems and his mate will crash and burn at which point if hees lucky his ex will pick up the pieces , if hes not lucky he will end up with no one once the party ends .


  1. Words fail to do those two 'men' justice....

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