Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Countryside Pursuits

Is there anybody out there?  the fog this morning is really thick and lingering  after a couple of days of glorious sunshine its back to normal its been so nice ive strimmered a big chunk of the front garden , grass hasnt stopped growing at all this year but its been under water a lot of the time , so ive had to reseed a big chunk thats died and strimmer the rest , the grounds still waterlogged so you cant mow , sad fact the grass is pathering into the house but its better than tripping over lumps in the dark.
Im busy tring to keep two irate cats from wrecking the place , theyre syndicate shooting on the fields behind us , the locals are responsible gun owners the rich tossers who come up from London for the syndicates arent choosy and will shoot anything that moves. on a bright point it may be each other the fogs so thick. But its yet another fact that farmland has to be made to pay and it brings income in . Thursdays is fox hunting day we only get them a couple of times a year around here , last year they managed to get the hound pack into a Happy chicken farm enclosure but best of all the pack buggered off and ended up imprisoned in the local school playground  . Shall we just say our local hunt is small, caught bugger all before the ban and catches bugger all now .  In fact the hounds just seem to do as they please with a bloke with a red coat riding round swearing at them and a couple of blokes on quad bikes chasing them . Weird pastime but the horses seem to enjoy it .
We have had planning notices put up on the field next to us , it seems they want to take the disused grain dryer down and put two houses on the site , once again its a big site and no doubt the houses are yet more country palaces . Doesnt mean a lot , planning permission just puts the land price up and the cost of demolishing the grain dryer means it wont happen anytime soon , the farmer who is applying for all the planning permissions around the village is retiring , we arent farm land here these are all grazing fields on the huge clay old riverbank its not crop land so it doesnt have a great deal of value. Little point in anyone objecting on the grounds of their being no infrastructure if the local council object they just appeal to central government who rubber stamp it .....ho hum


  1. I'm decluttering my crafts . Following your recent comment on my blog about stuff in CS shops, I'd love to post you a parcel of stuff. Please email me! [details on my blog]

    1. Thanks Angela , i have faced the fact that i have more craft stuff than a dodgy permatanned TV presenter. Never the stuff that i actually need or want but that just makes you more inventive. ...Currently looking at how to weave a coffin , I have a willow tree in the garden . Please donate craft stuff to CSs they always sell and they kept me sane when things were grim

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